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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by Desspa, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Desspa


    The Void Guardians is a splinter cell from the old religion.

    We are self sufficient and operate in the battlefields of Auraxis always as a team.
    The play style that we approach is a combination of tactics learned both from scrims and the zerg.
    Our experience in reading the map, terrain and the situation makes our small group very efficient.

    ~VoGu is looking for players that want to improve and be part of an elite team.

    ~The Void Guardians are taking part in the PlanetSide Battles League. www.planetsidebattles.org

    Requirements :
    Teamspeak- channel VoGu
  2. LOBAN4

    How many NC does it take to stop one TR Squad from assaulting a base? 2 Squads of VoGu ^^

    Was a nice little skirmish to finish the evening.
  3. Hantelbank

    sorry mate but we never had two squads. I mean for that we need all from VoGu-Outfit online ;)
  4. Desspa

    Scarred Mesa Capture

    Andvari defense
  5. Arpoks

    VoGu is cool! :)
  6. Desspa

    VoGu cap Scarred Mesa Indar Prime Time Alert Miller

    Saving Andvari with VoGu

    Fun and Frags with VoGu w/ Coms

    Epic escape

    The calm before the storm !

    Connery vs Miller Part 1 CSG POV
    Rogue Vogue
    Emerald's graveyard
    Vanu Akbar - Praise the Void
    Fun Times and Interesting Fights
    Harasser time ! Miller's edition
    Server smash: Miller/Cobalt
    Remember Woodman

    VoGu is love.
  8. VoGuMannii19

    VoGu is especially FUN, EPICNESS and SWAG. Best Outfit! <3
  9. Desspa

  10. ValorousBob

    In response to whining from the TR about VS zerging all the time, Kapernum aka [UBAD] FourthFactioner made this helpful video:

    Desspa lead VoGu and friends in capturing Hvar Northgate while severely outnumbered. Alpha squad was mostly VoGu with one person from INI, IP, VC, IVRI, and UBAD each while bravo was my PUBLIC squad that showed up late. VoGu is a great choice for someone looking for teamplay on Miller, and they're super chill guys too. They're also possibly the best VS outfit on Miller and possibly the second best in Europe.

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