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  1. Flashtirade

    Table of scores that I'm using (I'll update this maybe once a day)

    Just interpreting pure numbers isn't a pleasant undertaking. Pictures are easier to look at and to understand.
    In this thread, I'll be making graphs of the WDS scores. I'll take a few requests, with some limitations:
    1. I do not have access to scores from Week 1 or Week 2. I'm using numbers from the official display here, so I can't visualize anything that it doesn't show:!/wds
    2. I HAVE ACCESS TO NOTHING BUT SCORES. I cannot tell you how many alerts were won, or how many territories or capped. In fact, I don't know SOE's scoring algorithm either. Do not ask me for this information, because I don't have it.
    3. I'm not doing daily scores. Way too much fluctuation per day, plus they'd be a total pain to make graphs of constantly.

    Examples using scores from earlier today (click for full size):[IMG]

    The average and standard deviations are for comparison purposes. I will leave the interpretations up to you forumsiders.
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  2. Van Dax

  3. Aegie

    The Cuil Theory makes my hamburger want to dance while I fall up an escalator shaft. Makes my day. I give you a hamburger.
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  4. Flashtirade

    A library in Phoenix disapproves.

    Scores have been updated.
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  5. Scudmungus

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  6. Flashtirade

    Scores have been updated.
    Here are a few graphs. I am still taking requests.
    Also I just realized that the first two charts above have the wrong date on them, it should be October (10) not September (09).

    E: added graphs
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  7. Flashtirade

    Once again, average and standard deviations are for comparison purposes.
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  8. Flashtirade

    Scores have been updated.

    Still taking requests.

    A special note: I'm going to be taking a special sampling today to measure the growth in scores on Saturday, a day that generally has more activity than the weekdays. From last night's update to this morning's, each faction saw an increase of about 2000-3000 points. I would like to see how big the increases are over more active periods.
    This new data will be added to the google doc as a new sheet once the sampling is complete.
  9. Flashtirade

    Scores have been updated. Final Week 3 results were calculated by adding the change in total scores to the most recent sample I took last night.

    The special sampling period is over, results will be shown sometime soon.

    Still taking requests.
  10. Flashtirade

    Okay I got this finished way later than I thought.
    A few things to note:
    1. I didn't get the sample I wanted at 1200 minutes because that would have been 4AM for me.
    2. I also didn't get the sample at 0 minutes because I accidentally overwrote the scores before taking them into account.
    3. These numbers are additions to numbers taken from the previous period. I will release a graph showing the cumulative gains if requested.

    E: ***************** it should say October 5, not 4
  11. Nintyuk

    Ohh cool, If I'm reading this right Woodman NC is the second highest scoring NC behind Ceres.
  12. Flashtirade

    This is true over the week, but not true for yesterday. I think you have some weekday warriors to thank.
  13. Nintyuk

    Well I was playing all week except Friday and Saturday, I think on Monday was when I helped lead a platoon past the TR warpgate.
  14. Flashtirade

    Scores have been updated.
    Week 4 has been added as a new sheet.
    I'm going to take an almost-weekly sample from Monday to Saturday (well really Sunday morning) this week to get a snapshot on score growth rates on each server.
    And I'm surprised about the lack of requests.

    Week 3 contributions to WDS coming soon.
  15. Flashtirade


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  16. Flashtirade

    Scores have been updated.
    Second sample has been taken. *It should have been "week-long" instead of "weekly" two posts before.
  17. Flashtirade

    Scores have been updated.
    At the midway point of the week now, and TR are ahead by a significant margin yet again.
  18. GeneralPeragorn

    Looks cool. Well done!
  19. Flashtirade

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  20. Goretzu

    Interesting stuff, keep it up! :)