[VIDEO] TSAR 42 Mini Montage

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by SinMachine, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. SinMachine

    My first edited video, try to enjoy
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  2. Baccano

    Which scope is that? I like the t bar in the middle
  3. Get2dachoppa

    Makes me want to break out my Ghost...but I gotta finish getting the auraxium on the V10 first.
  4. RockPlanetSide2

    Well worth a watch – good shots, song and editing.
  5. vulkkan

    It's the 3.4x DMO.
  6. SinMachine

    3.4 DMO indeed

    I am thinking of making a Ghost montage next, I love the reload animation on it

    Thank you ;)
  7. Rigsta

    Really? I hate it lol. "Oh I'll just hold my sniper rifle lengthways across my entire field of vision while I punch it"

    Not a bad vid :) Suppressor?
  8. SinMachine

    I like punching stuff to make it work, I am Russian :p
    Heavens no!
    I hate suppressors because of bullet drop
  9. Rigsta

    I have no problem with the punching. It's loss of vision during the animation I'm not a fan of.

    On the PTS the animation is actually bugged so you hold the rifle perfectly steady while the battery pops back in by itself, and it's actually pretty cool-looking.
  10. SinMachine

    I noticed that.
    Seems like all BA rifles have broken animation there right now
  11. Mustarde

    Yeah, I enjoyed watching this. Great use of the TSAR, and good editing too! Keep the videos coming :)
  12. Rigsta

    Oh, one other thing I noticed.

    If you're fighting someone at super-close range, remember that the knife does 625 instantly - ie. at the beginning of the animation, before the knife has visibly moved - followed by a delay before you can do anything else. So a couple of repeater bursts followed by a knife swing results in a super-fast TTK and leaves more rounds in the magazine for the next target.

    In fact, I think Wrel mentioned in one of his videos that if you fire a burst-fire weapon and immediately hit your melee button, the knife deals damage before the burst is actually finished.

    I rebound my knife to one of my mouse's thumb buttons - it's worked very well for me.

    Example TTKs in my sig :)