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    Hey guys,
    I know this is what every person does but it is one of the only ways to get my content out there. I made a video reviewing all the classes in planet side 2 and factions(Beginner's Guide). I hope you guys want to check it out the link to my channel and the video are below! have a good day!


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  3. Rikkit

    not bat, and thanks for the work,
    Layout: your letters often seem to pixel out, try to use a bigger font, to minimize the "stair-effekt"

    For the havy assault you have underlined the "must have"/ outstanding perks,
    would be great to have this service for other classes as well. And to tell the user about it.

    You have spread some wrong information about the infiltrator. (Stalker) cloak is only almost invisible.
    Nanoarmor cloaking is as visible as hunter cloak, or stalker cloak.
    You forget to mention the scout-rifles

    About the MAX:
    NC Max can't shoot wwhile aegis is up, it's only possible to finish the reload prozess, while aegis is up.

    Else: As your Video is aimed at new players, delete the crossbow from the sidearm tab, this isn't a weapon for new players. (verry situational and quite expensive)

    Have fun and keep going, for one of your first videos it's verry good