[Video] Feeling Lucky Punk? (Commissioner Gameplay)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by freeze, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. freeze

    enjoy guys :)
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  2. Singed

    Don't know which one to get. The Underdog seems like a better CQC pistol, but the Commissioner is the full deal, plus it has a name that gives me the right to execute anyone on sight. Blam! Blam! Blam!
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  3. RX530SS

    Loving the commissioner so far!
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  4. Sledgecrushr

    What an amazing gun.
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  5. freeze

    I don't think there's a compromise to be had when picking pistols... you either take the fastets firing or the hardest hitting.
    and nothing beats the joy of 1-shotting those pesky hill-sitting campers :)

    ya, certainly is a nice gun.
    I'm not sure if it's for the fact that it actually is, or for the fact that using the beamer for months now, has left me scarred ;)
  6. Prince Planet

    Great skills and video as always Freeze. What LMG do you use? I couldn't pick the model from watching.

    Actually as an improvement to your videos could you mention the weapons / certs you're using or at least put in the description?
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  7. freeze

    ah ya... thx for reminding me
    I've put the loadout in the description of the video :)
  8. vastaitku

    Looks like infiltrators got their shotgun after all. Does it make the giggling noise for all factions or is that specific to VS?
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  9. Jessy

    Thats the coolest reload animation i've seen for a long time :cool:

    Tried it in VR, loved it, bought it :D
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  10. AltF4Fun

    WASP,so youre from Miller I assume?Great video by the way,especially that evil giggle.Makes every kill a 100% better:)
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  11. EnviousCipher

    I went with the 'Boss, i tend to hip fire my pistols so this was the better option for me.

    An analogy. The Commish is like the .44 Magnum in BF3 whereas the Underboss is like the REX.
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  12. NovaAustralis

    The SFX are beastly for that hand cannon!
    (*sigh* I'll add it to my shopping list...)
    Also the giggles after each good kill = :)
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  13. freeze

    that's VS specific ;)

    I didn't even test it tbh, hehe
    as I said, the beamer is such a POS, no matter how ****** the commissioner might've been, it would've still been better than what I had, hehe

    ya I'm from Miller :)

    concerning the giggle... I didn't even realize until I watched it again just now and paid attention, hehe

    they're both surprisingly accurate when firing from the hip.
    it's also the first pistol I bought a laser sight for.

    ya, the sound guys really did a nice job with those revolvers. actually feels like they pack a punch :)

    and ya... the giggle... I didn't realize it, while recording/editing, hehe
  14. Zakuak

    Love that gun, it is wicked, big and packs a punch. Have not put it to work like you did though, nice runs!
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  15. Atlien77

    nice video again :)

    have you tried the Underboss already?
  16. Kite Carling

    Is that what people are talking about when they say that people on low settings can see cloakers?

    Holy crap that's broken :eek: - they look like smog-monsters or something. Surely they need to just make them invisible if the graphics level can't handle it?

    Revolver looks cool though
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  17. freeze

    nah not yet, and don't plan to tbh.
    unless you can convince me? ;)

    they already nerfed it a couple of times.
    they were way more visible a few patches ago.
    don't know how this can be considered broken though... nobody stops you from using low settings but yourself.
    if you want eyecandy then you have to live with it.
    but it's not like infiltrators are invisible on higher settings.
  18. Kite Carling

    Infils are really hard to see on medium I can tell you that.

    Why can't they just make them fully invisible to people whose settings are low? Better to change the cloak concept from practically invisible to invisible than from practically invisible to 'smokey camo' surely?

    btw, infil is my least played class - this isn't a request for myself - but that's just broken if infils look like they do in your vid
  19. freeze

    well, hey ninja-patched something today

    when an infil is standing still, he's completely invisible...
  20. Kinmaul

    Not a dig against you or anyone that plays on low settings, but it seems extremely broken from a developer standpoint when lower settings make a major component of the game (i.e. killing people) easier. Not that this is a new trend, I can remember watching quake death matches at LANs ~12-13 years ago and all the serious guys played the game on the lowest possible settings. It looked horrible, but it gave them an edge so they used it.

    Personally I know I'm screwing myself when I turn things up, but given the money I've spent on my computer I'm not going to run the game on low even if it means handicapping myself.