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  1. Exonis

    Welcome to my first thread, Forumsiders, here I will be discussing Vehicle Objectives (and a hypothetical combat scenario). First I will discuss Heavy-Generators.

    Heavy-Generators are large armored generators about the size of a Sunderer, they are located at facilities (Techplants, Ampstations, and Biolabs) and some large and medium bases. Heavy-Generators cannot be overloaded or repaired by infantry, however, they can be damaged and destroyed by Vehicle Weapons, and are repairable by Proximity-Repair Sunderers.

    Heavy-Generators could power things such as Dome-Shields, Phalanx Turrets, Terminals, Ammo Towers and Landing Pads. They could also be shielded by a normal generator, requiring infantry to overload a generator inside a facility to bring down the Heavy-Generator's shield, so that their vehicle's can destroy the Heavy-Generator. Additionally, Vehicle-Operators can be assigned missions to Destroy, Defend or Repair Heavy-Generators.

    Because Heavy-Generators are vital to certain functions of a facility, they are heavily armored, (Hence their name)
    With a base health of 35,000, or 5x the health of a galaxy, they are incredibly resilient, if not immune, to almost all forms of damage.
    Heavy-Generators have an armor type superior to that of Tanks, Sunderers, Liberators, and Galaxies, this special armor, called Colossus Armor, is immune to all types of damage except Liberator belly-guns, The CAS-30 Tankbuster, Tank Cannons (Lightning and MB), and ESF Rocketpods.

    (A Dome-Shield, was only picture I could find, sorry for low quality)
    Certain facilities could have a Dome-Shield covering the base, these would be powered by (an) Heavy-Generator(s) set externally outside of that facility.

    Heavy-Generator Housing types
    • Type 1, exposed with no cover.
    • Type 2, on the ground with a roof held up by 4 pillars, may have a wall on one side, no more than 2.
    • Type 3, Surrounded by 4 walls with no roof and inaccessible to land vehicles.
    • Type 4, housed in a roomy underground parking space and inaccessible to aircraft.
    • Tier-II, any of the above, except Shielded by a nearby Generator.
    Heavy-Generator Power Supply Designations:
    • Dome-Shield
    • Phalanx
    • Terminal
    • Munitions, Pad
    • Munitions, Tower
    [Unofficial End of Thread]

    In this part I will be creating a hypothetical combat scenario around Zurvan ampstation involving Heavy-Generators. So if you don't wanna read it just skip to the comments section.
    Continent: Indar, Facility: Zurvan, Time: Night, Alert Status: Half-way Into Global Ampstation Alert.

    • (1) Heavy-Generator 1 Tier-I, Designated: Dome-Shield, Housing Type: 4
    • (2) Heavy-Generator 2 Tier-II, Designated: Terminal, Housing Type: 1
    • (3) Heavy-Generator 3 Tier I, Designated: Phalanx, Housing Type: 2
    • (cc) Control Console
    • [x] Generator
    Act 1
    Terran Republic forces move down towards The New Conglomerate owned Zurvan Ampstation, being tied with the NC, it is the only facility standing between them and victory in the alert.
    The NC have finished the last of the Vanu Sovereignty at Wokuk, but fail to notice TR movements on Crimson Bluff and Ti Alloys while they capture Wokuk Watchtower and Torremar Storage Yard.

    A small Squad and a half defending The Crown comes under fire from one of the TR Platoons, reinforcements are requested and orders are given to prepare the defense of Zurvan Ampstation.
    NC Forces start to gather at the ampstation, unfortunately only a platoon's worth has arrived, lacking manpower for an offense, a decision is made and the platoon gathers to defend Heavy-Generator 1, which powers the Dome-Shield covering Zurvan. One squad takes flashes with wraith cloaking and engineers, they lay a total of 20 mines along the roads to Zurvan Pump Station and Zurvan Storage yard without being spotted.
    Act 2
    Crimson Bluff and The Crown fall to the TR Platoons, more NC reinforcements arrive from Esamir, but they have already been pushed into the spawn-rooms. All NC Squads and Platoons are now aware of the Terran move, Vehicles begin to build up at Zurvan Ampstation as more troops arrive.

    As TR Forces move down from Crimson Bluff to take Zurvan Storage Yard, they hit the first set of mines, losing 4 MBTs and a Sunderer holding a squad. They slow down their approach as they become more cautious of the mines. The NC Armor column heads out to battle with the Terran forces, a fatal decision, as they get torn to shreds by a seemingly endless barrage from a group of lock-down prowlers. The surviving armor retreats back to the defending squad at Heavy-Generator 1.

    The TR forces proceed near The Storage Yard, sensing an easy victory against the NC, they head to the T-junction in an attempt to finish off the remaining armor. The first wave of vehicles goes in unknowingly and is crippled by the remaining mines. A squad of NC Heavy Assaults and MAX's pop out of the caverns and ambush the desperate Tanks, destroying all but a few.

    The lock-down prowlers spot the NC Squad and fire as they retreat back to the safety of the cave, but TR Infantry come in from the west entrance, and intense Close Quarters Combat breaks out in the dark cavern.
    A new wave of TR armor attempts to break through and the area quickly becomes a stalemate as Phalanx Spear turrets lined along the Zurvan wall suppress the TR.
    Act 3
    An NC outfit launches a large A2G Air-force they had built up at the Warpgate, but Terran Reconnaissance had been watching them from the Cliff-side, and ambush The NC Air-force with AA and a squad of A2A Mosquitoes. The NC pull a straining victory, suffering heavy losses, defeating the Mossies and barely managing to escape from the AA.
    The Lock-down prowlers at the back of the TR Armor Column are hit by the Remaining NC A2G Air-force, destroying some. Looking for a way to victory The TR send out liberators to destroy Heavy-Generator 3, but are forced off by Aspis Phalanx Turrets before they can hover low enough to fire at the Heavy-Generator.

    A Terran squad successfully destroys Heavy-Generator 2's shield generator in Cave 2, not longer after NC forces on the western wall are exhausted, With 3 TR Lightnings firing uncontested, Heavy-Generator 2 succumbs to damage and explodes. NC inside Zurvan are no longer able to spawn new vehicles.

    Act 4
    Part of the third wave of TR Armor breaks off into the eastern field, but they don't get by unnoticed, A Prowler and a Lightning move into a gap to the west and flank the NC Armor. 4 NC Tanks and 2 Spear Turrets are lost in the commotion as the third wave of TR Armor pushes toward the gate. The NC manage to quell the push, The TR lose 2 tanks and the stalemate resumes.

    The 3 prowlers that successfully snuck by in the eastern field reach Zurvan Network Complex, with Heavy-Generator 3 in their Line of Sight, they open fire, it eventually succumbs to the damage and explodes, Zurvan's Phalanx Turret Network goes offline, and the NC are no longer able to suppress the Remaining TR Armor.

    TR Armor and Infantry roll into the underground garage-like structure that houses Heavy-Generator 1, All NC forces inside are slaughtered. Terran Vehicles destroy Heavy-Generator 1, and Zurvan's Dome-Shield turns off.

    TR Libs move in and start shelling the Ampstation, lacking Vehicles and Phalanx Turrets , NC are unable to resist Terrain Forces, and Zurvan Ampstation is falls into TR hands.

    TR celebrate for the about-to-come win, The Alert ends with Vanu Sovereignty taking the lead by 1, resulting in their victory. Everyone sighs in disappointment and or curses out Vanu because they stole all the ampstations when no one was looking.

    TLDR; VS Steals win from TR & NC because everyone was having so much fun at Zurvan that nobody bothered to check any of the other 6 ampstations. And I've spent more than 24+ Hours Straight without sleep making this thread, story and pictures.
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  2. JKomm

    I actually quite like this idea, it adds a little more depth to facility defense and capture. However I do not feel it should only be repaired by Proximity-Repair Sunderers as that is a very niche thing that players have. I'm sure players will get very annoyed when they have to pull their resources to fix something... and even more annoyed when they find out they forgot to change utilities. It should be maintained like any other piece of equipment on Auraxius, with the reliable repair tool.

    When something becomes too elaborate, players decide its not worth it. They'll determine they can live without the turrets and the terminals and just pull tanks from other places. Maybe bump the health of the generator down to 30,000... there really is no need for it to be excessively resilient.
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  3. Pelojian

    If these generators are outside an amp station and power base defenses and the shield how does this exactly prevent air from farming outnumbered defenders when they can destroy the generators without having to send forces inside the enemy base? all that seems to do is nerf the defenders. only the dome shield should be based on a new generator not pre-existing defenses.

    turrets are useless if no-one is manning them or there isn't enough defenders to make good use of them without compromising defense elsewhere in the base.

    Major facilities should have generators for the dome shield in rooms fortified and defensible to equally matched forces, the generators health should be dynamic and based on the ratio of attackers to defenders in order to prevent easy wins by zergs.

    Any indoor based generators should be shielded from air attack and the building designed so tanks cant lock defenders out by shelling every doorway with HEAT rounds.

    during an normal alert there should be support alerts with the winner being decided by which faction gets the most kills or points of a type (Air to Air) (Skyguard/infantry AA to Air) (Aircraft to ground vehicle kills/points) (ground vehicle to ground vehicle kills/points)
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  4. Kayth

    I want to have this much fun too.

    This actually sounds like a great idea to me. So many of the larger bases are lacking depth. I can understand small outposts being "run to the one control point, now camp the spawn for 4 minutes" to some extent....but large bases should never feel that way.

    This also seems like a great way to really get that teamwork feel between infantry, tanks, and air all at once.

    Only concern is that they might be a bit to hard to destroy, but only testing could tell.
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  5. Exonis

    Well I guess it could be repaired by infantry, but these objectives are really meant for vehicles, they can't capture control points, only deny them
    Since the combat scenario is set in the future, let's just say that by then you can put a Proximity repair or Ammo dispenser in place of the harasser's Rumble seat.
    I also forgot to mention that by this time Vehicle-Rearmament Terminals have come out (A thing from Planetside 1 that let you change your vehicles load-out after you spawned it.)

    I did some math, 35K Health isn't really that much against an incoming armor column, and wouldn't stand long before being destroyed if let undefended. I had originally set it at 28K, but after some calculations I found this a little too low for such an object.

    If something is too easy it lacks a sense of value, but if something is very difficult to achieve then achieving that difficult task gives you a sense of accomplishment, a sense of accomplishment is something that I find lacking in this game.

    Well, I guess they don't have to be outside the base, if it's a Tier-II Generator you could keep the normal generator that shields it inside the facility. but really, right now, if you're outnumbered as defenders, that base is already lost.
    All this all just a suggestion, anything can be subject to change.

    I forgot to mention it, but the hypothetical battle takes place in the future, where by that time, new objects, such as Automated unmanned Phalanx Turrets (Turret AI), Vehicle-Rearmament Terminals, and the Zurvan caverns, have been added into the game.

    When Heavy-Generator 3 was destroyed, The Phalanx Turret AI Network went offline, I was really tired by the time, I forgot to add that part, players could still manually hop in them and control them like it is currently.

    Again, This all just a suggestion, anything can be subject to change, The more ideas from everyone the better.
    I kind of like your support alert suggestion.

    I did some math, originally I put them at 28K health, which at Heavy-Generator 3, took the 3 prowlers a total of 26 shots (Assuming the source isn't outdated, each round deals 1100 damage) or 6 volleys+2 rounds. (I use the term volley to describe each time all 3 prowlers fire before having to reload.)

    The main thing about them is that they're hard to destroy, else defending them would be very difficult if they could easily be blown up, also, they aren't meant to attacked solo, but I guess they if you wanted it they could be, but for that an ideal health pool would be at a number which VS/TR/NC stock MBTs could destroy them using all their ammo.
  6. RubiksCubix

    This is a great idea, but I disagree that repair sunderers should ONLY be able to repair it. They definitely SHOULD be able to though.

    Also, I would like this shield to have a definite ANTI-liberator and air zurg purpose. It could concentrate air away from the spawn room so players would have more mobility under this shield.
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  7. PWGuy93

    I pretty much support anything that has "Vehicle Objectives".
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  8. Exalted Exile

    You have some great ideas. I support all of this. Including your other future ideas (the harasser rumble seat replacement options was an awesome idea)