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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by cheetum, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. cheetum

    In the first Planetside, Infiltrators had a hack tool that could not only be used on terminals, but vehicles as well. I propose that we bring this back, but with slightly different and added functionality. Terminals are still hacked in the same way and don't require the tool. In addition, allow an Infiltrator to cert a vehicle hacking tool that replaces both tool and utility slots (you sacrifice the both the RDD tool and Bouncy Betty for balance). It would have 3 modes swappable with alt-fire key:

    Reprogram: Like hacking a terminal, it would require you to be nearby and take a set amount of time to complete. When completed, it allows a friendly to use the vehicle (ejects the enemy if they are inside). This is the same as how it could be used in the first game.
    Inject Code: Quick hack (1 second) which injects a malicious code that disables the enemy vehicle for up to 10 seconds making it a sitting duck for the duration.
    Logic Bomb: Takes the longest, but booby traps the vehicle making the vehicle self destruct if an enemy tries to use it. If used on an occupied vehicle, sounds a subtle "beep" alarm, and activates 3 seconds after completion giving the infiltrator (and occupants that are paying attention and quick to react) time to sprint to safety.

    • Hacking tool requires a recharge after each use.
    • Sunderers cannot be reprogrammed when deployed (but can be disabled or booby trapped. see below)
    • The hack tool can be used on a friendly vehicle to detect and disable a Logic Bomb.
    • Optional: Vehicles can cert a Firewall on the defense slot, which provides Reprogram immunity and increases the time required to Inject Code or Logic Bomb the vehicle.

    Gameplay example: Two infiltrators sneak up to an enemy sunderer, first one uses his tool to inject code, which prevents enemies from spawning on it, then helps cover the second infiltrator, who uses his tool to Logic Bomb / booby trap the sunderer while it is disabled. The next time an enemy spawns on it or interacts with it.... BOOOM. If enemies spot the infiltrators but fail to stop them in time, they can warn teammates not to spawn/use the vehicle, and request a friendly infiltrator to come detect / disable the logic bomb.

    Additional comments: The biggest drawback to playing an infiltrator is the inability whatsoever to combat enemy vehicles. They don't even get C4. I greatly miss the hack vehicle ability from the first Planetside game. Adding this makes the class more interesting and gives them greater gameplay flexibility.

    The tool might look something like this
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  2. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Interesting, well described.

    I'll let someone who actually has the game weigh in on balance though. :p
  3. cheetum

    what are you waiting for, its free! :) (and yes I realize not everyone has the hardware to run it. Are you asking Santa for new hardware this Xmas?)
  4. Tenebrae Aeterna

    No Santa, but maybe sell a kidney.

    I'm going to try to get myself an Alienware, even if I have to slave away down in GA for another month or two.
  5. cheetum

    oh gawd no! You are much better off building it yourself, or going to CyberPowerPC or iBuyPower to have a custom one built. Either option is cheaper and you will end up with a better computer.

    Getting back on topic, just the simple addition of allowing Infiltrators to hack vehicles like the first game would be a wonderful addition. It doesn't have to be quite as complex as my suggestion, I just feel my idea adds some interesting gameplay elements, and encourages a more "sneaky" style of play. Afterall the class is called "infiltrator" not "sniper"
  6. Tenebrae Aeterna


    Even the original capability to hack vehicles would be a nice addition, and from the looks of things so's greatly missed. I think they removed it in order to maintain Faction diversity. However, your concept has, at least, two alternatives to that...if such is truly the case. I think some more chaos causing hacking would do well for the class.

    As for my problem, I haven't any experience in building a computer...but from what others who do have told me, the costs would be about the same. There's an Alienware for about $700ish that has everything needed to run the game.
  7. Marinealver


    I want the jacking and looting system back.
  8. Fallout10mm

    hmm how about when you hack an enemy vehicle spawner, you can spawn thier faction specific vehicles in addition to your own (but on the same timers)
  9. cheetum

    I forgot to add: While hacking an enemy vehicle, you appear on radar of nearby enemies. This is also for balance. Basically any careless driver that isn't paying attention and sitting still for long enough to allow an infiltrator to hack his vehicle while he is in it, deserves his fate.
  10. cheetum

    interesting idea, I assume the intent is to disguise yourself by using enemy vehicles (or perhaps even booby trap them). when a crosshair is hovered over your vehicle or you are "Q" spotted you would still appear as an enemy, but since many vehicles look different it would definitely add to the fun. I think however, it should be challenging (and therefore more rewarding) to get ahold of an enemy vehicle so I don't totally support this idea. Good input though.
  11. cheetum

    also, since I can't edit I would like to add the following change, the vehicle hacker would use the utility slot only (not the tool slot, the RDD has limitted usefulness anyway, and I think giving up BB/claymore/prox mine is a fair trade off). In addition, would also be nice to have C4 option too. So basically you pick between the proximity mine (bb/claymore), C4, or vehicle hacker. you obviously can't have all of them or that would be unbalanced :)
  12. 888GRM

    Putting the vehicle hacking tool on the utility slot would deem mines/c4 to oblivion.
    No one would choose mines/c4 instead of a vehicle hacking tool. Especially one that can disable deployed sunderers.
    I think the tool should go on the tool slot but with the condition that it cant be used if c4 is equiped.
    Or perhaps we wouldnt even need c4 if we had such a thing.

    Mines are the other only usefull thing we have now, so i dont think mines + vehicle hacking is unbalanced.
    The best u can do is lay a mine or two around while you are hacking a vehicle as some form of extra protection, not at all game breaking.

    The description of the tool + the crazy risk are enough balance already.
    Sure im considering the inf the way it is now (way too nerfed), if it gets improved (i.e receive a little love at least) then its another story...
  13. blzbug

    Craigslist. You can get a decent asus g73 for $500. Not a monster, but does ok with ps2.

    On topic: I'm all for anything that adds more utility and restores the cqc ability we lost with the shotgun.

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