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    Are you sick of running with a mindless zerg? Are you tired of vets crying ''We're underpopulated so we might as well just farm''? Do you want to be in an outfit that works as a team, and plays the game using tactics? Do you want that outfit to also actually be social with each other?
    If you answered Yes to those questions, the Vipers are for you! Brush off your spandex, admire your beauty, and become the Venom Of Auraxis

    ''But Reaver, all the teamplay outfits on VS are dead?''
    Well random voice in my head, that's where you are wrong
    The VAVR was originally the TRVR(An older Ceres teamplay outfit on TR) until I disbanded it to go on a long break at TR High Command, during my time there, I was enlightened by Vanus fine booty, and the rest, is history

    Before joining the Vipers, there is some basic requirements you must meet, they are:
    1. You must be at least 16 years of age, very rare exceptions are made for people who have played with us in game for a long time before joining
    2. You must be mature; The Vipers have a lot of banter and jokes within chat and when not in a contested base, however, there needs to be an understanding that when we are at a contested base, callouts and calmness are needed
    3. You Must have a mic, communication is vital to the Vipers, and typing orders is cumbersome, having a mic allows quick communication (if your mic breaks while you are in the Vipers, we are understanding, and make exceptions for that, as long as you still join party)
    1. You must NOT be in any other outfit on any other faction. VAVR has an outfit on each faction, and if you do play on TR or NC at times, we ask you join our sister outfits, being in multiple outfits can cause various problems we would like to avoid
    2. You must be able to speak English, we accept people from all nationalities, but English is the official language the Vipers use, and we ask that all communication in our chats is done in English, as well as speaking in English in party chat
    3. Understand what the outfit is about, we are NOT farmers, teamplay is our main goal, we run trainings to improve teamplay, and you must try to join them

    If your interest has been sparked, if you are competitive, live on teamplay, and can enjoy banter, then message either here, or on PSN
    Outfit leader PSN: Rever-ATL (IGN: Crow)
    Senior Officer PSN The-Gaming-Fish (IGN Feiss)
    (Terms and Conditions may apply, all booty is property of the Vipers)
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