Vanus Revenge (Ger)

Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by ShockATC, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Surt

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  3. SirIBON

    and we killed 50.000 TRs more than NCs :)
    And we have no bulletdrop on insignificant weapons.
    And your small clips does make it necessary to aim better.
    And we often shoot your enemies straight in the face.

    And we do some more things. Join us and participate in hard fights.
    Yesterday we had some nice fights with DEIM.

    Come to the dark side, we have cookies and more than enough enemies.
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  4. MajorZbug

    Thumbs up for one of our few official providers of good fights these days.
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  5. Surt

  6. MajorZbug

    Your screenshots are ridiculously sexy. May be the spandex.
  7. Surt

    It is.
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  10. Surt

    Because size always matters.

  11. Surt

    Miller needs more Vanu.

    Come and join us.

  12. Surt

    Unser NC-Outfit auf Woodman.

  13. ValorousBob

    Bump, these guys are legit. DasAnfall recently added Miller to their stats website and Vanu's Revenge is one of the top VS outfits in the world (number 5 or 6 I think?).
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  14. ValorousBob

    Another bump because I stumbled across some ~Vanu Science~ in my screenshots folder. Gornn of Vanu's Revenge drove a Sunderer on top of my Galaxy and we deployed it at 950 meters above Indar. These guys can drive.

  15. Surt

  16. Ryion

    we have the best bugs
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  18. Notiz

    he, interested in a DIGT & IVRI Joint Operation on next sunday? (01.12.13)

    I try to catch some of ya tonight, when I am online - otherwise contact me if you like.
  19. Zloj

    Hi Jungs...
    Up für euch und würde mich freuen wenn Ihr irgendwann für einen Fun-Scrim da seid.

    Zloj [RUSL]
    Russian Legion Offizier
  20. Surt

    Alright, we will see you Sunday DIGT. :)