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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Mwilo81, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Mwilo81

    hey guys just been reading heaps and heaps on weapons

    now the question i have for a Heavy Assault class for the Vanu what weapons are the best to go too im sooo confused with what everyone is saying

    any help would be great :D
  2. WetPatch

    I went for the Flare

    Forward Grip
    1.5 Holo Sight - NV sight
    Soft Point Ammo

    Then Hades(?) Launcher (Anti Tank)

    The Anti Air Launcher in my opinion is complete crap, you will rarely get a kill with it and big whoop if it scares Air away, you can stand still waiting for a lock while you get shot in the head.
  3. Mwilo81

    thank u for ur help :) i will try it tomorrow night when im home :D
  4. MartianDiscoFish

    Pulsar LSW + reflex + forward grip and standard S1 launcher.
  5. VoidMagic

    The HA AA (Nemisis) is hands down the most important weapon you will ever cert as HA.
    It will defend you from air in almost any situation, and if you learn how to use it,
    it will net you tons of air kills, let alone tons of xp in assists.

    In addition it does almost as much damage to tanks as any other rocket and fires in a straight line,
    with a super high speed, making hittng ground targets super easy. Every Vanu that has a Nemisis
    increases our chances of victory immesurably.

    If you need a lock on rocket to hit a ground based target, you need more help then weapons
    purchases will ever aford you. Also... the lock on warning to tanks makes them run, and you don't
    want them to run, you want the tasty sweet sweet xp from their death.

    The Orion is provably the best weapon in game by stats and by
    expert user testimonial. I don't even bother with a scope or sights
    iron is just fine. The grip the compensator etc... not really necessary.

    There are rumors the Flair is very good, however the ingame file
    stats say Orion, Orion, Orion... as does my personal experience.

    It's actually a little sad the Orion wasn't an unlock, so we could look
    forward to it...

    Spend your certs on Nanoweave and
    make sure to get your med injector.

  6. Johari

    V3 3.4x scope
    Greyscale Camo
    Nemesis G2A launcher

    >REMEMBER< you can trial weapons every 8 hours. Do that before you spend any cert/smedbucks. I'm pretty sure im going to switch to the Flare Precision. Just gotta check the attachments first. I used the LSW heavily in beta but the removal of the compensator made me move to the SVA. Still have outfitmates that swear by the LSW but its all personal choice. The default Orion is a beast of a gun as long as you're mindful of the 50 round limitation.
  7. DeltaGun

    High-Velocity Ammunition
    V3 HOLO (3.4x) scope

    The weapon is a mid to long range beast with this setup.

    For close combat, I switch to the Pandora automatic shotgun with extended magazines.
  8. Supercakers

    Just a bit worth mentioning, Orions and such are better at short to long bursts, but not full-run-the-clip-dry-auto. No foregrip will help you unload a whole clip accurately. Wish I had certed laser sights for better hipfire aim with Orion than the foregrip, from what I can tell the grip does *nothing* to help the Orion at all :-/
  9. Erendil

    Another vote here for the Nemesis AA rocket launcher. Probably your best weapon purchase for HA. It's the only launcher that's any good vs aircraft and it has a faster missile velocity and smaller arc than the other 2 launchers so it's decent against ground targets even tho it does slightly less damage to them.

    For short range AI, go with the default Orion + Laser Sight. It has the highest damage output (thus shortest TTK) and fastest reload time of the LMGs.

    Anything past 50m or so you'll probably want to switch to an LMG that's more controllable during aimed fire. I prefer the SVA88 + foregrip + compensator. They lowered its RoF at launch so AFAI can tell its stats are basically identical to the LSW except that its recoil doesn't pull to the right and its shot group is a tiny bit larger during aimed fire (foregrip corrects this). Plus it has more attachments available than the LSW.

    Some ppl like the Flare for long range because of its slightly higher damage per shot (1 less bullet needed to kill) and its lower RoF makes it a little easier to control (although IMO the SVA88 is just as easy). Its damage output suffers a little as a result tho making it slightly weaker at close range so I don't like using it.

    Oh, and a note on scopes. Don't let anybody else dictate to you which scope magnification to use. :cool: It's a very personal thing that depends greatly on your playstyle. Your best bet is to try them out. That said, the 2x reflex is quite popular.

    I personally hate the iron sights and don't think reflex sights aren't high enough magnification given the accuracy of the weapons in PS2 so I use the OG-4 (SP?) 4x scope on all of my weapons whenever possible since its the highest magnification available that still gives you peripheral vision and it has an ever-so-slighty larger lens than the other 4x and obstructs your view slightly less. The only exception is if I plan on doing exclusively long range shooting in which case I'll slap a 6x on my SVA88 or Eidolon battle rifle.
  10. Mwilo81

    thanks for all ur help people but one other question how do u trial weapons ????
  11. DankFist

    You'd be right. Orion has a vertical recoil with a very small pinch of horizontal. Foregrip does practically nothing that you can't manually adjust to yourself. Not worth the Certs.
  12. Winterspawn

    You go to the page where you buy a weapon and click the trial button. I think you either see it right away or else when you click the buy button.
  13. mareign

    I tried the flare and didn't care for it. The SVA-88 seems to be the best all rounder with the stock gun being the best close range choice. The nemesis will be your best buy for a first weapon though. The differences between the LMGs aren't that big but the differences between the rocket launchers are.
  14. Supercakers

    Just to revisit, although I wish I had got laser sights instead of foregrip, my first priority is going to be getting the Nemesis certed. I have seen that even having 3-4 AA capable units in an area is huge, whether bursters or base AA guns or (rarely still) the HA lock on AA gun makes a world of difference. Just ONE HA constantly locking pilots scares off a huge majority, let alone working in tandem with another HA and/or Burster maxes. When more folks spring the $ for it, or do the long slog to 1000 certs for the second burster or the AA launcher, you will see lots and lots more enemy air going down in flames. I am almost to 600 certs so far, but man getting 2nd and 3rd rank of combat chassis for mag would be so sweet >.>

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