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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Bape, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Bape

    Well im a semi pro sniper now mostly getting spam of headshots, But when i go up against a vanu with a V10 i mostly win the fight but barely because for some reason they get 2-3 shots before i can get back to scope mode its like they dont have to take off scope mode per shot? What the difference between a V10 and a bolt action rifle from the NC?
  2. gunshooter

    Vanu snipers are incredibly easy to use since they have no drop, and you're fighting someone who probably has a semi auto sniper rifle, every faction has one of those available at least.
  3. Helwyr

    All Bolt Actions Sniper Rifles including the VS ones have bullet drop... and yes you need to re-scope after a shot with a V10 like every other Bolt Action.
  4. Meiu

    I hate being that guy, but this scenario it is warranted. If you are trading shots with an enemy infiltrator you aren't as good as you think you are. Being good results in a shot that has no recourse and no idea where it came from.
  5. Draegnar

    Agreed with the gentleman above, anytime i trade shots i know i screwed up somewhere. Get it right the first time!

    Semi > Bolt for trading
  6. Skurcey

    Bolt and headshot work pretty good. There s is always that "wait my class isnt right" behind a sunderer. And if you fight close a battle, you just pop-up a hit in the chest of the enemy before vanushing in thin air
  7. Ashur

    And as someone from the faction he's complaining, the automatic snipers we have are god awful. You need 2 headshots or 3 bodyshots to drop anyone but the recoil the damn thing has prevents you from doing so against anyone with even the tiniest bit of reflex.
    Unless you miss there is no reason he should ever win medium-long range, you can even tank the first shot then just kill him with a headshot.

    That aside, 90% of snipers use the bolt variant anyway and all of the bolts across the empires are identical.
  8. Dcrd

    Learn to aim.
  9. Ashur

    If you're going to talk perfect aim why not the bolt then? Don't even have to bother compensating for recoil and having people escape, just use your perfect aim and instakill them.
  10. Bape

    Guessing its to late to say that they take the shot first? When i see them first i mostly get a headshot unless they move on that second when i pull that trigger. But it weird it feels like their weapon is faster or something i don't know.
  11. Meiu

    Are you talking about faster firing or faster bullet speed? Their default rifle does fire faster but has higher damage drop off and less dmg over all. The trick is to just not allow them to retaliate, if you miss a shot move to another position if you know you have been identified. You shouldn't be using your bolt driver in a way it isn't designed. It's best to take a shot and either kill or move, then get the surprise advantage again. Let the snipers with semi-auto rifles do their round spamming duels at each other.

    Also, on the issue of your target moving at the last second, I usually refer to them as being "Neo" from the Matrix, how people can specifically randomly move at the exact moment you pull your trigger. I feel your pain on that, since people have no momentum on the ground it's hard to gauge motion.
  12. Meiu

    Actually the general population of the world have a reaction speed of 1 second or slower, and only a small percentage fall under 1 second, so the majority of people you can send 2 head shots at them before it's even biologically possible for a reaction. Then, in the scenario they have super fast reaction just position yourself in a way that their reaction falls into your line of fire. It can be hard at first but after a while you will realize most all people react in the same way to taking fire assuming they have an above normal reaction time.
  13. m44v

    The average reaction time is around 200 milliseconds, please don't pull crap like that. Source
  14. grin

    If i remember correctly, Vanu bolt actions have the lowest time between shots.
  15. Meiu

    That is a poor source, biased, and also inaccurate. It's ok though, don't expect people on a forum to understand a proper source and to look at something objectively. If you won't use it in a dissertation don't link it, good rule of thumb.
  16. Prideful

    only the starter sniper has no drop, all the bolt-actions have drop and only they can one hit headshot.

    So where's a proper source for 1 second? I've never seen that number quoted as far as average human reaction time goes. This is double m44vs number but still half of yours for most of the responses. n=15 which may not be able to be extrapolated out to billions of people in the world but physical tests rarely deal with billions of people as test subjects. I would also argue that gamers aren't your "average" person and have quicker reflexes. Especially FPS players where a few tenths of a second can be the difference between life and death.

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