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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by rawritsme, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. rawritsme

    anyone know is the pulsar C is worth it for 250 cert?
  2. Goats

    Try it out. There's a free 30 minute trial available for all guns. I like it myself, but you should see if you do.
  3. Slim Mat

    When I first started playing I put a few certs into cheap things like armor or whatever for the LA, but I was consistently coming up short on weapon performance. The base carbine wasn't very good for my aiming ability and I found I needed to do more damage per shot than spew out rounds. I made the effort to grind up the certs almost straight away after having a go with the trial Pulsar C.

    I now find that I use a decent amount less ammo making me more sustainable in the field, which is great for forward playing and recon. I can also get 2 kills per mag now instead of getting caught having to reload after starting a fight with unsuspecting dudes. I use a 4x scope (V3 HOLO) so that I am not so limited in my engagement ranges and for better spotting ability, however, at mid range where this scope is useful the recoil of the Pulsar C is slightly higher and harder to manage than the base carbine.

    Overall I found it a worthy investment and the increased ability to go toe-to-toe with others is a welcome relief since you generally come out of it with higher health, sometimes even only shield damage, which again, increases survive-ability and sustainability.

    Pulsar C
    -NS/HV Scope
    -Adv. Grip
    -High Velocity Rounds

    Got my Auraxian Medal with the gun today. It is an absolute beast.
  5. kassemeddyr

    I'm having trouble with aiming in this game. The shots don't even go through the center of my sights, they go randomly around it. Even when i'm shooting just one shot. Seems it's the same with Pulsar C and Solstice.
    It feels really bad tbh.
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  6. DCWarHound

    It's called spread but you shouldn't get any spread in single fire mode if the developers did it right.
  7. Phob8s

    I agree on everything except Foregrip, i havent tried it, but this weapon has almost no horizontal recoil, why do you need a adv foregrip then?

    The pulsar c is great at mid range, but in close fights i almost always lose to the AF19 or TRAC5 users, even though i got the lvl3 HP cert.
  8. Ripshaft

    It'd be worth 1k certs, it's my favorite gun, and ideal for light assault. High damage per shot, low rof, low recoil/spread. You use less ammo, have less shots to give away your position, more shots on target, more done. Solid in skirmish situations too, few headshots thrown in for good measure and you'll make a heavy with shields up look silly.
  9. Undead Clown

    Its a good gun, it feels a lot like the stock carbine for the NC (which I loved in beta). It has the most recoil out of the carbines, but higher bullet damage and a little slower firerate then most Vanu weapons.

    I prefer to go with a suppressor, reflex x2 sight, and laser sight. I feel stealth and being able to hipfire at close range to be more important then ADS accuracy. As a LA you should be using your jumpjets to confuse enemies during firefights and its much easier to just hipfire spray while strafing and jumpjetting around your target.
  10. Winterspawn

    It's defenitly a LOT better than the Solstice, on long, medium and even a bit on short range. I noticed that this weapons higher recoil isn't really noticable so that negative factor is neglectible which just makes it worth every cert of it's low price. My K/D immedeatly got better after getting this (without upgrades) compared to what it was before (with a slightly upgraded Solstice). I immedeatly noticed that this weapon does a lot of damage even on long range so if you're the kind of guy like me who wants to find a good, and outrageously well hidden position to shoot and spot people on medium to long range this is the Vanu LA weapon for you.

    I haven't really tried anything else. I got the grips and stuck with it. I have enough certs to unlock everything on the gun so I guess I can go test other attachments and report back.
  12. InducedApathy

  13. Tekat

    VX67 = awesome weapon.... I got 3.4x scope, laser sight, the amo upgrade and loving it BUT BUT BUT BUT it sucks at long to mid range.... Tonight ... i'll get the pulsar C with the above upgrade ... Reason... 2 load out... 1 for close to mid... 1 mid to long... and both can servive as well as close and long range but lacking a bit... i think dual load out of those weapon are the best combo to get !!
  14. Scrangos

    I did feel the difference with the grip and pulsar c. The spread felt tighter for long ranges in ADS, with the base gun I had some trouble with the bloom to keep hitting body shots in full auto. Once the bloom spread they tended to go off the side too much. The vertical bloom isnt that problematic since enemies are considerably taller than wide.

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