[Suggestion] Vanu is overpowered - pls degrade them !

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by K4N4K, Jan 31, 2015.

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  1. K4N4K

    ahahaha xDDDD you really mean Vanu is good ??? Never !
    It's true NC has many noobs but Vanu much more and I know they have better wpns and stats then we ;)
    But ok - if this will be useless as well, I leave too and sometime you can play against youself ^^ !
    Against the big pros - oh sorry to much sarcasm for one post !
    I think you are the noobs if you not can't see it !
  2. Ballto21

    Let me say this.

    I have been fighting nc for the past 5 hours, have 243 kills at the moment, and i pay close attention to the BR of everyone i kill because if theyre newer, i try not to go after them as much, but higher BR i camp the hell out of.

    Out of the 243 kills today, i saw
    3 BR 95-100
    10 BR 80-95
    17 BR 65-80
    The rest were under BR 40.

    The NC have a higher concentration of new players for some reason. My theory is since its the closest thing to redneck gunsblazing rambo faction (in appearance and soundtrack) more players aged about 10-17 join them as a starter faction because of this. And while age in no way means skill, or lack thereof, in general younger players are at a lower skillset especially in a class based game like this where its do or die with a long climb to decency because its a pain in the *** to learn when youre outmatched by better players. Also they seem to always forget that their bullethoses damage teammates too, never want to play support classes in favor of the seemingly rambo HA, sniper, or LA. Or the giant tin can of MAX units.

    With TR, from what ive seen at least, its the opposite. They have a lot of high BR tryhards, a lot of mid-high not tryhards but pretty good players and generally nice people, and the VS just have a lot of medium-high skill tryhards.
  3. Veph

    Heh... it's never people who tried Vanu outside of VR before.
    I dunno, maybe stop shooting people in the leg, wondering where your damage went? Cause boy, do some NC weapons have ridiculous stats. Still, if you can't land headshots, you can't win. Just pick up a shotgun and stop whining about 3(!) headshots killing you. Cause you can do it in one.

    Flippin shotgun with burst fire mode.
  4. Ballto21

    the vanu dont have better weapons, you also dont have better weapons, neither does the tr, you may just be bad, and since a lot of people share the "NYEH DONT FIGHT VS OP NYEH" and then complain when they win because we have very little resistance generally.
  5. TheShrapnelKing

    The only nerf the VS need is to finally have the lancers range put at the render distance. Other than that they actually need some buffs, though the TR need more.

    Stop nerfing ****.
  6. Hatesphere

    if you stand by the statement that it takes you up to two mags to kill a VS, then I think we can safely ignore you.
  7. Towie

    Oooo - haven't seen one of these threads in literally minutes...

    ANYWAY - if the VS are so super-awesome, just create a VS alt and check it out for yourself. Seriously.

    BUT - if you are expecting a nice easy ride, expecting to last forever while killing those poor (NC/TR/VS!) afraid you're in for a bit of a shock.

    I created an NC alt back way back when the Vanguard Super shield was, well, Super. It was great. It was nerfed - but - I now play all factions and that is something I seriously recommend you do. With a very few exceptions, the actual weapon and vehicle balance is pretty good - and ironically, the VS are currently without something that is seriously OP.
  8. Ballto21

    The NC MEGA SUPER OP THINGS: Jackhammers, canisters, and ravens. Number one is fine as is, but annoying, canisters need a nerf more than the PPA. Ravens are getting one.
    TR OP FUNSIES: Prowlers in general, vulcan-H,repeater is the best ES pistol, and the damn auto pistol. The first one is fun and i love fighting i nand against them, second needs nerf, <3 repeater, **** the AMP. God damn extended magazine for their SMGs with a 0.2 second time for an extra 21 bullets and a stalker compatable SMG.
    Maybe the LPPA.
  9. Cz4rMike

    I think you are a bad player.
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  10. Ragnarox

    well show me that stats better than nc. or just give me number of your dealer i want that same mushrooms.
  11. Ballto21

    NO! HE IS PRO PLAYER! After doing testing i learned VS OP EVEN IN VR NC UP recoil was so bad and their spandex coated with alien bulletacide gave them the same protection that Trojan brand would. NERF VS PLOX
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  12. ReconTeemo

    Well they do have Tiw, bax, recon team six, and a few strong mid sized outfit to make up for it.
  13. cheesepuffs324

    I hate how the factions are not more equal. Sure the weapons and vehicles should look different and have slight inequalities, but when vanu snipers have 0 bullet drop and their tanks are ridiculously better then all the other factions, that is just cheap. I was just playing and 2 vanu tanks were completely screwing me and 20 other TR. How can there be such a distinct inequality? Although I do love playing PlanetSide2, this makes me very angry.
  14. Hatesphere

    only the semi auto snipers have no bullet drop and are still rarely used, (well that and the crappy phaze shift) all bolt actions are carbon copies across empires.

    the jury is still out on how "OP" the magrider is. but its strafe has already been nerfed more then once, and it has the weakest main cannon of the three MBTs.
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  15. cheesepuffs324

    All I am saying is that Vanu is over powered and their equipment is a hell of a lot easier to use then the other factions gear. I mean no bullet drop? I don't care what you say about "no one uses the bolt action snipers" because that's complete crap. They are constantly used and are ridiculously easy to kill with, its a joke.
  16. Rogueghost

    For the love of Higby people, stop posting if you don't even know what you're talking about.

    Vanu bolt action sniper rifles have bullet drop, all sniper rifles are just reskins of each other across factions. So much misinformation being passed on as fact.
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  17. Dyckman

    I really hate fighting against Vanu, it's like slamming your head on a brick wall repeatedly.

    Can't say they're OP though, they do have a lot of cheese though when it comes to infantry. It's always fun to get ***** by their lazer shooting air flying b.s. :D
  18. Ac3s

    Actually the VS are overpowered in one regard, almost completely invisible at night time with their dark purple camo and that is the only thing I would like to have changed on them.
    TR get red and white, NC gets blue and yellow...nice flashy colors that everyone sees.
    VS get dark purple with black...

    Srsly though, if its night time I never fight the VS because its too annoying.
  19. Denton416

    As an NC medic on emerald I agree with this post.
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  20. FnkyTwn

    See, this is where a lot of the Vanu "hate" comes from. It's just ignorance. Vanu sniper rifles DO have bullet drop. Their bullet drop is EXACTLY the same as the other factions for sniper rifles. The only VS sniper rifles without bullet drop are the Spectre, Phantom and the PhaseShift, but those weapons have their damage capped at 260 @ 200m.

    The Parallax, RAMS 50 and Longshot have identical stats. Ghost, TSAR-42, and SAS-R have identical stats.

    If you actually want a no-bullet-drop bolt action rifle, i'd recommend the RailJack. Sure, NC complain about it's .2 second firing delay, but when compared to the PhaseShifts 1 second charge mechanic, the RailJack is a dream, and due to it's velocity, it might as we be no-bullet-drop.
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