US login and EU login?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Sherlock161, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Sherlock161

    So I played beta, logged in on us pages, now I am using same profile, but I cant login in the game downloaded on EU pages, I can login only in the game downloaded from US pages, is it normal?
  2. shota

    You must uninstall the beta client before installing the new client
  3. Sherlock161

    I have new client from EU pages, but I cant login in, I cant even login on but is ok and login in to game downloaded from US pages is ok too, but on other computer, which has downloaded game from EU pages cant login, its pretty stupid.
  4. Lunati

    If you have a SOE account, you can't use the EU client/login.
    You need to download the US or Steam client (don't worry, you can still play on EU servers).
  5. Sherlock161

    Why the hell this game cant have one official pages with one possible login like other MMOs? why and its so confused.
  6. Sherlock161

    Yea I play on EU server but I dont undarstand why I cant login in to game downloaded from its so stupid.
  7. Sherlock161

    Now my friend has to have instaled game twice, one from EU for him and one from US for me. lol
  8. shota

    there are two clients for ProSieben users and others, you should download yours
  9. Sherlock161

    yes prosieben is the EU client dont know why there have to be two clients