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    Downtime Start: 6am

    Adversarial Alerts
    [Note: these are not final resolutions, they are intended to tweak things a bit to help us get more data and make the alerts function a bit better as we get longer term fixes in]
    • Launch criteria - Min Faction %: 51% (down from 75%)
    • Attacker dominating win%: 65% (down from 85%)
    • Defender win %: 50% (up from 35%)

    • Nanite cost of MAX units has increased from 350 to 450

    • Fixed the missing directives for the Crow, Nemesis, Hades, and Hawk launchers in the Tier 4 Launchers directive tree.
    • Changed the string for the Objectives Directives "Facility Captures" to "Contested Facility Captures" to better reflect that several enemies must be present for the capture to count towards the directive.
    • Fixed the Sidearms Tier 2 NS-38 Underboss to require the Silver medal instead of the Gold medal.
    • Added a requirement to the Squad Spawn support ribbon to require the player to be inside a Sunderer or Galaxy in order to receive credit towards the ribbon. This is already a requirement of squad spawning; the ribbon now reflects that.
    • UI: Multiple unlock display issues resolved
    • Better notification audio added for ribbons and medals
    • Removed faction specific callout in Directives help page

    • Adjusted shields in tutorial to face the proper direction
    • Updated the first shield to disappear completely when deactivated

    • Fixed multiple stuck bugs on Indar (special thanks to KleenexTissues for the compiled list)
    • Base shields will now render out to 1000 meters (same as they used to)

    • Lock on missiles should be back to their previous functionality
    • Squad Beacon timer set back to intended refresh
    • No more Sunderer ejection seat
    • Deployed Sunderers should no longer move when Cruise Control is used
    • Eclipse VE3A now has underbarrel shotgun attachment
    • Map legend should now have icons

    Known Issues
    • VChat still being looked into, has a potential fix in this update but we'll continue to monitor
    • There is a text/string error on the login page
    • Tutorial still disabled for new players
    • Up x 9
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