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    **Note: this update has been postponed until Thursday, 7/24 at 6am**

    Downtime Start: 6am PST

    Please note that the patch notes have been reduced to the following:

    As previously messaged by RadarX, in appreciation of your patience during our DNS issues we are granting all paying customers 200 certs. This is a separate grant from the membership. Thanks for your support, we appreciate it.
    • The Rusty Bent Glaive no longer has bad collision allowing players to get underneath the buildings.
    • Resolved an issue where some players were having loadouts reset due to not re-equipping certain attachments.

    The below are no longer included in this update; these will be included in the end of July update:

    Claymores will no longer do damage in a 360 degree arc, it will now be the intended 180 degrees. See the movie Edge of Tomorrow to realize why this is important.
    Players can no longer move claymores by running into them.
    Placing claymores on objects no longer causes reduced damage.
    Improved placement of claymores when near doors and walls.

    SCU shields at The Crown and Crossroads Watchtower fixed.
    No deploy zones at Tech Plants will no longer apply to base owners.

    Fixed an issue where experience buffs were counted in base capture score.
    Addressed bad out of bounds layout on Hossin map screen.
    Continent Locking calculations changed to fix an issue which caused incorrect locks.
    Prowler lockdown mode recoil issue resolved.
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    We had an issue with the promotion process on the players moving claymores bug. That will have to wait until next week.
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