Unorthodox TR MAX build

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Icehole1999, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Icehole1999

    I put together a TR MAX in the VR that seems like it would be a beast against both infantry and armor. I'm not going to be able to test it in actual combat for quite a while due to the 3k certs I need to finish it.

    This is on PS4.

    Right arm Gorgon with extended mag

    Left arm Fracture

    Lockdown 5

    Flak armor 5

    Is anyone running anything close to this? Currently I've got a Mutilator and a Pounder and no armor or ability upgrades.
  2. Icehole1999

    A bit of an update. Change out the flak armor for kinetic, and run emergency repair instead of lockdown. An awesome setup for taking out huge groups of infantry. The incredible range the weapons have allow you to start putting a major hurting on the enemy long before they can do anything about you. By the time you're into CQC range they're all dead.

    The Fracture is almost completely OP. I bought one this afternoon. It goes really well with my Mutilator. I'm almost tempted to try dual Fractures, but am going to get a Gorgon first.
  3. Armcross

    I do only duel punders against infantry and armor sometime air.
  4. 3punkt14159

    The pounder has almost no splash since the CAI update at least on the pc version. But PS is maxbe behind that, but will recive it to in some time.
  5. Armcross

    I thought punders has almost no splash damage from the start. I just compensate it with volume of fire at corners and doorways.
  6. Icehole1999

    What do you use for armor, and what ability are you using? I find myself going to a Pounder over my Fracture when I'm planning on staying indoors. I've thought about a second Pounder, but also wonder if that would be as good an AI loadout as dual Mutilators. The Pounder/Mutilator combo is pretty good but the Mutilator is fairly weak by itself.

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