[Suggestion] Unlocking vehicles for public use

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by reydelchicken, May 15, 2014.

  1. reydelchicken

    I think there should be an option to unlock the vehicle for anyone in your faction to drive.

    There are a few situations where I think this would be useful:
    • When you spawn a harasser and need a driver, or a sunderer and need a driver.
    • When you redeploy to another continent, so your vehicle doesn't go to waste and a teammate can take it.
    • So you can trade vehicles with people, to get around the lack of ability to swap vehicle loadouts.
    • To buy someone a vehicle if they don't have theirs certed up.
    • To apologize to a teammate for an ESF ram (giving them yours).
    • To spawn a sunderer so someone can drive it to the next base if you don't feel like doing it yourself, or want to spawn another vehicle to escort your sunderer instead.
    Additionally I think that an unlocked vehicle should display the steering wheel icon above it so people know that they can use the vehicle. Also having the Q menu dialog option request for a driver while inside a vehicle would be useful.
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  2. quatin

    Hit page down.
  3. reydelchicken

    You can only share your vehicle with your squad mates...
    What I'm suggesting is faction wide.
  4. Bortasz

    Everything that increase social aspect of this game have my Thump up.
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  5. oberchingus

    Alternatively, if a person stays in your vehicle's driver's seat while you move to another continent / pull a new vehicle, it becomes theirs. They only need to be in the same squad if the intention is to stay in the game.

    Ya there should be

    Locked -Nobody but you can be in
    Unlocked- Any one can rider/gun
    Squad/platoon - an squad/platoon can drive/gun
    Open - Any one can drive and vehicle now belongs to them

    More teamwork.
    Sometimes I have a vehicle that hasn't died yet, but I want to get off. I should be able to just give my vehicle to someone
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  7. Tommyp2006

    I'd love to pull vehicles for others. I'd be handing out skyguards left and right.
  8. SushiCW

    The good news is that you can sort of do this already: when you pull a second vehicle (or any kind), the first becomes open to anyone. It will deconstruct after either 1 or 5 minutes (I don't remember which) but in the meantime is open to whoever grabs it.

    That said, it would be nice if this was more straightforward.
  9. NCDaniel

    Same as I.
  10. MrJengles

    This would be nice.

    I thought they were going to do this at some point for each individual seat.
  11. Ganjis

    That was my main irritation with the cost increase of the flash. If I was logging off, but had a perfectly good vehicle then I would pull a flash and shout out that the vehicle was free before logging off. 25 mechanised was not a lot to miss, but 100 is a bit much to pay to give away something.