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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Nehlis, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Nehlis

    The heavy assault has a unique empire weapon, why not the MAX? The weapons for each factions MAXs are either common weapons or re-skins with slightly different stats allocated to the faction. I think that a heavy unique to empire weapon should be made for each empire's max. The Terran Republic could have a Vulcan Heavy machine gun, Vanu Sovereignty could have a laser weapon that shoots a continuous beam, and the NC could have a high powered railgun. thoughts?
  2. Blackfire1

    We've been asking for about 9 months now.
    Good luck getting heard. "Max's are in a good place" or thats what they think.
    Personally. I wish Vanu would get the origonal Lasher animation for this game (Beam) Yea... the lasher was a beam weapon. Not a disco ball of doom weapon.
  3. Nehlis

    Weren't we also supposed to get flamethrowers?
  4. Blackfire1

    Everyone was suppose to get flamethrower. But there was a hit detection issue about two months ago. It caused lag.
    The graphic was fine though.
  5. Nehlis

    No offense, but I hate the vanu for multiple reasons, one being that I hate advent in SoSE (you don't need to know), but if they include a beam weapon at all to the vanu, then i'll join.
  6. StrangerDanger

    whatever just change the animation on the chainguns to lasers, color the gun purple with sparkles, put a goofy "its aerodynamic for no reason" casing on it and call it a VS unique for all i care.

    While i love the idea of flamethrowers...i get enough TK's as it is...flamethrowers would be out of control. Few people realize little things like the guy standing by the doorway shooting is a bad guy to stand in front of to peek out and see whos hes shooting..games full of these people....i see many awesome flamethrower opportunities ruined by some derp that get in the way blocks the flames and allows the guys i should be roasting to line up their head shots on me.

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