TR MAX is crap

Discussion in 'MAX' started by NightShift, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. NightShift

    let me say the only good thing is the 2x blasters anything else sucks

    The mini gun it weak inaccurate and slow firing
    The anti tank grenades are Crap They have no AOE and do little to no damage to tanks it take 100+ nades to kill a lighting.

    The TR max compared to the NC MAX with its Scatter gun and Hacksaws and Raptors seem to be garbage.
  2. Binkus

    the mini guns are poor but i still get a reasonable amount of kills with my mercys, they could do with an accuracy tweak all through

    its like a elderly lady shooting a mini gun spraying all over the place, hardly a big guy with massive armour
  3. Undeath

    I do well with the tr max. Just the engies should use their repair tool on me instead of the repeater
  4. NightShift

    There is a weird glitch when an engies drops ammo and pulls out his repair tool it auto switches to the gun
  5. DeadlyShoe

    The Mercy so outshines the Heavy Cycler it's sad.
  6. JoCool

    The Dual Heavy Cycler could become a bit stronger at close range and become more similar to the NC Scattermaxes (with same inaccuracy at anywhere beyond 10-15m), but at the moment it is not worth it at any range. The Mercys introduced a specialty (medium range accuracy), the others have a 100 round clip, but the Heavy Cycler lacks any real edge it does well in.
  7. Ghoste

    Try running dual Mercys then reassess the TR max. Back away from the NC scatter max at medium range and then shred him down.
  8. MaxDamage

    Relatively happy with dual mercy

    The AV weapons are more or less the same as Planetside 1 but without the ability to lock down and really pump serious damage out. I've slapped a few lightnings around with AV. No chance of killing a Sundie with one if it has even one rank 1 engineer repairing it though.

    Bursters are hit and miss. I say hit, I mean miss.
  9. Patooie

    I use dual cyclers anti infantry and LOVE it. Some of the most fun I've had in the game was facility defense with a good engine at my back. Covering a gen room in one instance I racked up a 52 kill streak. I haven't had any trouble facing down enemy max units in this combo. Effective use of charge to cover, taking the hits for your engie and timing reloads properly and in my experience I more often come out on top even against multiple enemy maxes or an enemy max/engie combo. The AV role seems pretty poor damage wise considering the parabolic arc so I can't say I've had as much fun in the AV config. As to AA I haven't unlocked/tried that configuration yet so I cannot say how well they work. I do seem to see a lot of burster maxes running around more than most others so there must be something there.
  10. Ormazd

    I have tried dual mutilators and one with AV it works in confined spaces well, but my general battlefield experience with the MAX is disappointing. Initially I shrugged it off as something certs would improve drastically until I saw the weapon certs are only for ammo. However, I will still prefer the MAX for base defense because of my previously mentioned combo I can maintain suppressive fire and act as a shield for the squad.
  11. Jakko

    I've been running the Heavy Cycler + Mercy combo and its been working well. The Heavy Cycler works well up close and the Mercy gives you some teeth at medium range. Just dont get into a close range fight with NC shotgun max or you'll be looking at the spawn screen.
  12. Eric Smith

    Same setup here (I tend to call it dual cycler, but it's actually the default Cycler plus a Mercy). Quasars are nasty too. Back away from Maxes and aim for the head no matter the target. I've gotten better murder sprees with my Dual AI Max than with any other Ground Pounder Class/Weapon combo.
  13. AxelDi

    Duel cycler / Mercy combo here too. The Mercy's fire rate difference is small (about 4%) and is only a bit more accurate, but it's just enough to make a difference.

    I've found very little use for the pounder.

    I enjoy dual bursters.

    When loading up in a transport I run with a Burster with an extended mag (42 rounds instead of 28), and a Mercy. I'm always shooting at something with this setup!

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