[Suggestion] TR Lockdown => Armor Lock

Discussion in 'MAX' started by OldYetNewNoob, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. OldYetNewNoob

    When the MAX is immobile, if for some reason they place themselves in an open area (where enemies can shoot them while they place themselves), would it be beneficial/interesting to add some form of Damage reduction while in lockdown? (you already sacrifice some effective firing range, due to the 180deg turn restriction).

    Otherwise, using lockdown while in sight of the enemy is only a detriment (even with the increased fire-rate). Whereas any other active is a benefit.
  2. Khaernakov

    Its a bit complicated to use it at its best, but the DPS increase you get can make for some very funny "sit and kill" situations but, to pull it is where i would say just grab yourself the implant that brought back max charge and use repairs, its vastly superior to lockdown because(in AI scenario) it is fairly complicated to not die with it
    For me was trial and error, sometimes you can sit right in front of a ZOE max and kill it, other times doing it in front of a engi is a mistake and so on, its really good for AA and AV max loadouts, vastly increase their potential, is for AI where it becomes highly debatable if you should use it or not, even though you can score some monster kills with it, i still recommend repairs, i wish they reworked TR max same way they did prowler
  3. Dargadon

    Narrow up the turning angle in lockdown, replace rate of fire bonus with accuracy bonus (because current ROF increase doesn`t make any sense. You should gain platform stability with lockdown, not MAGIC ROF) and slap some frontal % armor or hardlight shields.
  4. FIN Faravid

    Altough i like the idea of lockdown, it is bit silly to give it to TR max or tank. Heavily armored heavy hitters should be given lockdown, not glass cannon TR... Though as mentioned, it definetly works well in AA maxes. Still, it is NC's vanguard where lockdown would make a lot of sense. Though due to faction charasteristics, it should give them more accuracy and perhaps more armor instead of higher reload speed. It would make so much sense. At the moment Vanguard's with shields are mostly better at locking down and holding position than Prowlers with lockdown...

    Altough i like the idea of TR being "no retreat", it just works terribly when TR is also supposed to be glass cannons. In strategy games it would work well to have glass cannons that lock down in place and cannot retreat and once killed/destroyed, you just use your superior numbers to replace them. In Planetside though, it is bit weird.

    I have no idea what should be done with them. Not sure if i want to see them removed either. But how about alternative ability for TR maxes and Prowlers: water cooling jackets. As long as there is water left, you can shoot much faster. Due to nanites water would eventually recharge. It would be bit gimmicky to say that while ability is activated maxes and prowlers would move much slower, but it would be good for balance. And i am sure you can find some excuse for it, like it could take cooling liquids from engine and max suit's hydraylics and repurpose it as water cooling. Basically same effect as lockdown, just mobile (and different explanation) and thus should not have quite as much offensive power.

    EDIT: i just remembered Prowler already has something like it
  5. TRspy007

    Considering the point of a MAX is to push choke points, the fact that this ability encourages the creation of choke points is odd. Definitely needs a rework.

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