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Discussion in 'Miller (EU)' started by 101uk, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. 101uk

    [CLF] are recruiting for veterans and newbies alike. We are a European gaming clan that have been around since 1997 and have a friendly easy going attitude. We have many years of experience in FPS games and have been winners of European ladder tournements in the past. If your interested or just want to join us for a game to see what you think you can find details at our web site. To join you must be over 18, speak English and based in Europe. For more details please visit www.clfclan.net
  2. lads

    We had some good fights today. still recruiting all classes. thanks
  3. VSMars

    I had a lot of fun against your team yesterday at Galaxy Solar. A solid, small team vs. team fight. Too bad most of our valiant Vanu defenders left before you made your last push so it was me alone in the end, but alas, war is hell and you seldom get a fair fight. :D

    A small tip though: Next time, don't drop one by one on your spawn beacon. It was well hidden, I give you that, but it still meant you couldn't combine your forces for a long time. We had like five people at most defending there ... and we were spread thin as hell.
  4. 101uk

    Since PS2 was launched we have been a founding member of Terran Republic Alliance Miller (TRAM) which is a group of outfits that regularly work together on Miller. CLF's role in these operations is usually spec ops where we work as a small team hitting the smaller facilities before the main force of TRAM arrive. We conduct a dedicated play night every Wednesday where we discuss tactics and generally just get together for a game.

    We are easy going, no real strict rules, all we ask is you turn up a couple nights a week to play. If you interested in joining visit www.clfclan.net

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