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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by St3yN012, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. St3yN012

    Hey, I'm not really that familiar with Heavy Assault since I mostly play Combat Medic. But anyways, what's the best LMG available for the Terran Republic?

    T9 CARV, probably. Easy to use, completely free. Put a reflex sight on there, add a forward grip, and you're a killing machine.
  3. Trollcifer

  4. Mahakar

    If you want to buy one get the Carv-S

    You get the compensator and the option to switch to semi-auto which makes it a straight upgrade compared to the Carv, not a sidegrade.
  5. gunshooter

    It has a lower ROF though and you shouldn't be using a compensator... hipfire is extremely important especially since the hipfire cone on the Carv is already pretty huge.

    Carv-S really isn't worth the certs or SC UNLESS you really want a 2x reflex. Then it's pretty good.
  6. Sikab

    that lower RoF is literally 0 or close to unnoticeable.

    Carv-S has every unlock at it's disposal...

    Hipfire is important for those with bad ADS in CQC.

    I roll with: CARV-S - High Velocity Ammo, Forward Grip, Compensator, Red Dot sight. = Beast.
  7. gunshooter

    Infantry combat in this game is incredibly easy and takes no skill at all, so hipfiring allows you to actually move while firing which throws many people off. If you want every single fight to be "press f, ads, hope I do more damage" then be my guest.
  8. Sikab


    there's no luck factor if you can actually aim. 3 shot at the Head, dead in a milisec.
  9. gunshooter

    Yes, hope. Doing the same thing that absolutely every player in the game does and hoping that you do more damage. Like any ironsights based game with <1 sec ttk there's no depth in the infantry combat in this game at all. You are literally rolling the dice against anyone competent if you're not moving in cqc.
  10. Chopptimus

    I have tried the carv and the carv-s (with fgrip and compensator) and i find the standard carv to be more accurate (i dont know why but it just is in my experience) and it kills faster. The compensator hits your hipfire as well which is really important for CQC
  11. Conq

    This guy is right, movement is everything. If you want to be an ADS champion, go Light Assault and pick up a Lynx, it allows you to strafe around at normal speed while aiming.
  12. St3yN012

    Sorry, I must have missed this otherwise I wouldn't have started a new thread.

    @Conq I don't really like light assault that much since it doesn't really give me a big advantage, when playing heavy assault you might be slower, but you also have more armour and the ability to take out tanks and MAX suits.

    I think I'll just stick with the T9 CARV. I find hipfire to be important, even if you ads because you can start firing before you ads which gives you a big advantage.
  13. RedOak

    Loving the TMG-50 with compensator/forward grip/High velocity for medium to long distance fights.
  14. Lobo13

    I use the TMG-50 for base assaults then switch to the chain gun for room to room fighting when in the base.

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