[Suggestion] Tool for LA: The Thumper from ps1.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Metrack12, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Metrack12


    This,grenade launcher,would work similar to the actual grenade launcher,but instead of shooting HE/Standard grenade harm power. Could shoot other types of grenades. For example:

    Common pool:

    Gas grenade: Similar to Smoke,but enemies and allies will suffer damage over time,the smoke of this grenade would be ES color and spot is still available.

    Scanner grenade (or give this one to Infiltrator): This will work spotting enemies inside a room,but doesn't work with Max units/Vehicles.

    Barrier grenade: Shoot it at a wall it would stick to it and it will create a destructible energy wall,no one can pass this barrier until destroyed and can't be repair by engineer,good for putting extra defenses in chocked points

    ES grenade:
    NC: The explosion shoot Sharpnel in all direcrions,this grenade can kill if too close,but out of range it's not to worry about. But with its own perk,of remote activation. (I still trying to balance this one)

    VS: This one shoot grenade,detonating in plasma,the plasma will stay burning on the ground for about 3 seconds.,killing enemies who walk over it.

    TR: This one detonates in Dakka. .....Nah jk,this one is kinda of special since you shoot it,it would divide in 2 (3 upgraded)grenades. With 1-1.5 seconds (too short?) Fuse time,pretty good to breach rooms

    The grenade launcher would be capable to shoot up to six grenades if they are common pool and 3 if it's ES. It can only resupply at Infantiry terminals

    Any other suggestion about this weapon?