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  1. Rune

    Some tips that helped me a lot during beta when playing close combat infiltrator for any new players considering this playstyle. If I miss anything or you feel I am wrong on certan things feel free to add / correct me.

    - If you rely to much on cloak you will be killed. Use it as a supplement to staying out of line of sight as an added insurance.
    - Unless you are sniping you need to stay mobile. If you are constantly moving no one can sneak up on you, and you have a higher chance to sneak up on others.
    - The faster you move the more easy you are to spot. if you crouch while being immobile you are almost invisible.
    - Move from hiding spot to hiding spot if you can. Bushes for instance are excellent places to recharge your cloak even if there are enemies all around you.
    - If your enemy is standing still and oblivious to you approaching then stab him with your knife, no need to waste precious ammo when you don't have to. And nothing beats a knife kill.
    - Do not cloak if you don't have to, the sound of the cloak activating / deactivating will alert any experienced opponents to your presence.
    - Always try and hack a nearby terminal before you run out of ammo.
    - Hack turrets if you feel safe, they can be used against the enemy.
    - Consider picking up the Advanced Mobile Station cert for the sunderer if there are no hackable terminals in the base you are assaulting.

    I didn't like to snipe much so if you are like me then you want to get Scout Rifles as your primary weapon asap.

    - Artemis automatic Scout Rifle is deadly in medium and close range, together with cloaking makes it great for hit and run strategies inside enemy bases or along front lines. Limited ammo however makes you rely a lot on either engineers or a nearby hacked terminal to get a decent kill streak. I found a reflex sight with laser and silencer works great on this rifle. If you are going front line fighter with this gun consider picking up the hunter cloak since you will be taking fire. About half the magazine is needed to kill if you hit perfectly. At midrange expect to empty your magazine and finish off enemies with your sidearm.
    - Nyx semi automatic Scout Rifle can also be good in close combat, but you need to be very close for it to be very effective. If you do get close however it rips apart your enemy. It is also great at long range with a 6x scope making it a great all round rifle for a lot of flexibility. It always hits dead center when aiming down sights. Also got a laser attachment for this rifle in case someone would catch me when I was in a bad spot. This rifle behaves a lot like a shotgun with slugs. Not very good in medium range with a 6x scope tho.

    As an infiltrator you will usually be inside enemy territory wo much support so make sure you get regen stims universal certifications and maybe even the ammo belt instead of the nanite armor. This is a toss up tho since the nanite armor WILL save you a lot.

    Hacking upgrade is very handy, standing still with your back to the doorway when hacking is quite dangerous so limit that time by going for this cert line.

    All in all Infiltrator the close combat way makes for exiting and fast paced gameplay. Not for the faint of heart, but the rewards can be great if you pull it off.

    And lastly: Do not linger, and do not be indecisive. And always have fun!
  2. blzbug

    Good info above. I'm still waiting to see about the scout rifles. I loved my shotgun. :(

    Don't forget about mines. The certs are expensive, but being able to carry 2 is a real force multiplier. All those consoles that are upstairs in a small building? Drop a mine on each stairway going up, then start your babysit of the console knowing both stairs are covered. You'll get a kill 90% of the time. If you don't b/c they spotted and killed the mine, you still got the upper hand because you learned which way they were coming from and positioned yourself accordingly. If you are quick, you can even catch them reloading.
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  3. Rune

    Im sorry i meant to say pick up the nanite armor cloak.

    And i never got to try the mines since i loved the stims so much. Its so easy to get addicted hehe.
    But i did get killed by those pesky mines a bit so not a bad consideration, atleast if you have a hacked terminal closeby or a madic to heal you up between fights. Ill defenetly take a look at them.
  4. Hadrian

    cant really play as up close and personal with a scout rifle as you could with a shotgun, really miss it .
  5. Wampa

    The new pistol is a 3 shot, but the hitbox is ****** up and so it missed 3/4s of the time when you're right on, even on a stationary target.
  6. F U P S

    Lets keep this thread going, the more new players can master this, the better off for us Vanu.
  7. Goats

    I'm not an Infil player, but I can tell you that the cloak can sometimes be a VERY powerful tool. If your enemy is playing on low settings, you won't render at all, so you can totally screw with him. It's damn annoying.
  8. Sphinx

    I was told be people using low settings that they see cloaked people in a grey shade making it super easy to spot ... uh

    Anyhow, for those who want to snipe, get 10x scope , bolt action sniper, forward grip and you're in business
  9. siddar

    Be careful if you hack a turret with someone in it. They pop out of turret right behind it once hack is finished. Just now I went from shooting at some planes to shooting infiltrator in the back of the head whohad hacked me out of the turret. No aiming are pushing button to shoot required. I just went from shooting the planes to firing at guy I popped up right behind once I exited turret.
  10. McFace

    forward grip has no use on a Bolt Action as you have to unscope after every shot... so recoil really doesnt matter for you. (Mistake i made in Beta)
  11. Rune

    Lately i have been running alot with the NYX as my primary weapon, and the more i use it the more i love it. 4 bodyshots and enemy is dead. I have been using a reflex sight and a laser dot, switching it out with the 6x scope if im going outside. The laser dot is mandatory if you wanna shoot from the hip tho, else the spread is far to unreliable.

    This gun is an absolute beast. With the reflex sight it turns into a deadly midrange weapon with a decent rate of fire and better ammo management than the artemis that seems to run out of ammo instantly. My playstyle is not exactly like with the shotgun, but it can perform well in many similar situations with the added benefit of being able to engage at longer ranges. If you are not opening the gunfight however you are dead so stay mobile at all cost.

    Its more hit and run tho instead of soloing rooms of enemies, but kills are plenty.
  12. Sphinx

    Weird, I did see a difference when I equipped it. Might be psychological ?
  13. Wobberjockey

    the best use of the cloak for a CQB inf is as a way to get from cover to cover.
    if its an especially long run it's still worth it to cloak before you go.
    most experienced FPS players will focus on the edges of buildings and doorways, as that is where the majority of enemy players appear from. by cloaking, you might be able to get 75-80% of the way to where you want to go before you show up. that little unexpected appearance, combined with a little luck and you shields will greatly cut down on the might of damage you receive otherwise.
  14. CiZerin

    1) Forget about all semi-automatic rifels - they are for nubs with zero skill. U should pick the bolt rifle with best dmg (not dps). Also, dont waste certs for scopes, mb only x7, I'll explaine later why
    2) U, u must to master quick scoping (qs) skill and headshots (hs). Bolt rifles can 1 shot in head, so qs with hs is the best way to kill people in short range. It's the same like in BF3 (but not like in CoD or CS, because u can't instakill in body).
    3) Master dragshot (DS) skill. Basically, it means to shoot not when the crosshair stops on the target, but whent it moves...emmm, idk how it would be in english...through the target. For example, u see the target, scoped, but the crosshair is not on the target, the target is on the left side, for exmple. So u drag (that's why it calls dragshot) your mouse to the target, but not stop it on him, just pull the triger on the right moment, without stoping mouse. It will save seconds and your life.
    4) So, QS, HS and DS are the reason why u should to choose the scope with lowest zoom (default or x7). Because when u watch through the scope objects become "larger", and distance become larger too. But we don't want it, the shorter distance between crosshair and target - the faster we can aim it.
    5) Master your pistol, it's very powerfull weapon. If you missed the target, swap on pistol and take it down in head (it will be very quick). Or, if u hit the target in body and didn't kill him, dont waste your time and life for second shot, just take pistol and finish that bastard.
    6) Knife is damn awsome weapon in close combat. Simple trick - in cloack run to the enemy, shoot him with no scope and quickly finished him with knife, and cloack again. Or if the enemy surprised u jumping or running from the corner, just nozoom him and finish with knife. It will be very cheap frag.


    C'mon, infil without team mates on the enemy base... james bond? No one needs such infil. Run with your squad, support them with your firepower. Run alone only to hack and disable stuff, and then run back as fast as u can. Alone dude on enemy base is free frag.

    Wrong. Infil is the piece of cardboard. If you want to dominate in close/mid combat, u should to raise your survival as much as you can. And you alwayse can rearm in hacked (by you) terminals.

    And I'll repeat once againe:
    1) Don't be forever alone bad luck Brian, you'r useless in that way
    2) Don't be sniper on the top of the highest mountain, no one needs you there
    3) Don't be the all-the-time camper, it will not help your nation, outfit, platoon and squad to dominate the map (PS2 is all about fast maneuver, action, etc)
    4) Find clan and play with them, lonely sniper in random squad in the middle of nowhere - is just a usless frag stealer.
    5) Don't blame me for my english, I'm from russia and i really tried! ;)
  15. OptimalTR_OG

    No. Quick scoping is a last resort, emergency protocol. If you're in close, keep your pistol out. Pistols are devastation in ps2. If you play your inf smart, and get the drop, you should rarely lose versus any class aside from max. If you miss that quick scope headshot, have fun respawning.If you hit it, hey.. Make a youtube montage and become a legend. No one will ever truly know how many times you failed that shot while watching in awe as you 360 dolphin dive no scope teabag trolol.

    I also say your inf has no real purpose being deep behind enemy lines. Unless you're scouting out the enemy ams for a tactical squad willing to shut it down, I'd say you should always be with your squad, spotting, dominating infantry.

    My only real important tip to any inf, never stop moving until you're ready to fire your shot. This doesn't save you from every class, but it greatly increases the odds you won't get picked off by an enemy sniper. I see so many snipers just camped out sitting dead still. I love me easy head shots. Don't be that person.

    Another tip that is either hit or miss for you, but works most of the time for me. Enemy players in packs are easy to run through while invis. I think mentally they don't think any inf is dumb enough to be in that situation. Don't be scared. They''ll probably think you're a friendly.
  16. TheAwesomeDude274

    I have got like 5 nife kills in 1 life coz of inf all i do is cloak with my pistol, run thru them, nife and shoot some guys then run off. It really works and u can also see where everyone is then tell ur team or change class to deal with them. Just sayin that infil is probs my fav class and i use it to get tons of kills. ive actually ran THROUGH an enemy and he didnt no i was there coz i cloaked. Bad thing is that teammates sometimes kill u if u come out of nowhere with a cloak.
  17. Ymaros

    "- Hack turrets if you feel safe, they can be used against the enemy."
    You can't hack turrets anymore ;) this has been changed few weeks ago.

    "- Unless you are sniping you need to stay mobile. If you are constantly moving no one can sneak up on you, and you have a higher chance to sneak up on others."
    Everytime you are spotted while sniping, even long range, even on the top of a mountain, etc, you need to move, change position. If you don't, a LA or another infiltrator will come behind you will you still at the same spot since 30 minutes. But I can't blame you, it's a "tips for CLOSE combat infiltrator" thread ;)

    Also you give good ideas for infiltrating base, I love your way of thinking of the infiltrator, something that need to always move, always stay in the dark side of a wall, something which use only its gun when he can 2 shots in the head someone from behind (if you can get a knife kill it's better): Something sneaky. I think that's why most of people don't like infiltrator as infiltrator and prefer it as a sniper, just because they don't know how to infiltrate well ;)
  18. Bubblewrap2

    Wrong. That sentence does not even make sense.

    During the whole beta you have always been able to hack turrets ever since hacking was released. Beta ended only last week.

    In release, you can hack turrets, just as easily as terminals, unless something has changed today since I have not played yet.

    Last night you could hack turrets. If there is someone in it just be sure to turn around a frag em when they get kicked from it. They won't know wtf is happening for a couple seconds so take advantage of it.
  20. Bubblewrap2

    Turning around is slower than simply stepping straight back quickly and shooting at head height.

    Since turrets also descend a little (some kind of suspension or cushion), you can instantly tell if they dismount during a hack and therefore use the same backwards walking trick to walk through them and shoot them in the back of the head.