[Suggestion] Tip: Communicate With Everyone

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  1. Scroffel5

    Yesterday, I rolled with an armor squad for the first time. We were Harassers, Sunderers, and Lightnings, with like 1 MBT. Lots of communication helped us deal with targets. To me, we felt effective, because we had no problems dealing with threats, other than air. There was nothing we could do to air. We told each other where the enemies were, which enemies to focus on, where we were going, and when to attack and retreat. The thing is, we were an armor squad, so we didn't really help take the base. I'd get out and cover a door every now and then, but when it was time to leave, it was time to leave. We didn't have good communicate with other squads to tell them when to attack and what the issue was.

    Contrast that with the experience I had with a single squadmate and a random Infiltrator in my own squad. We weren't nearly as effective as a squad dedicated to blowing stuff up, but we did have our moments. For instance, we were at a base where TR had the slightly higher ground, and they were destroying our defense sunderers with tanks and launchers. I told 2 (the squadmate) that we are going to go blow up those sundies. So what did we do? We ran down the valley, flew up the other side, flanked left, and checked the area. I heard an Infiltrator sniping from one of those base towers, and I already knew the sundies were to my right. So what did we do? We went up there, smoked the Infiltrator and Engineer (there was an Engineer up there too, and he didn't notice me until I got the Infil), then we went for the sundy. We ran over the top of that shield gate, but 2 said he got spotted and I started to get shot at by someone behind me. Then everyone at the sundy turned around, and it was game over for us. So what did we do the next time we got over there? Died. I died to a Stalker Infiltrator with the Amaterasu. Twice.

    But 2 mentioned there was a spawn behind enemy lines, so I spawned on the cloaked sundy and looked at my surroundings. I noticed someone in a hacked AA turret and I noticed that all of the base turrets on our side could hit the sundy, so I asked the guy if he was an Infiltrator. He wasn't that smart, because he was shooting a Prowler with an AA turret, or maybe he was just smarter than all of us idk. Well, he didn't answer. He never answered. He never talked. All he did was V-1, I think. All I know was that he could hear. I told him to come to us and hack this turret. Then I said I was behind him. He came down the tower thing and then went back up, thinking we were behind him up there. Then he came back down and hacked it. As he was doing so, I told him to hack every one of them, and we'll protect him. So 2 and I protected him while he hacked the turrets. I would shoot at the next turret, 1 shot (even if it could potentially give off our position) to show him the next one I wanted him to hack. When we got to the turret where we had a visual of their sundies that were spawning people, I told him to get in that turret and start firing at the sundies. Then I told 2 to help me attack the sundies, but he thought I was telling him to get into the turret, so he delayed. I knew we could get both of the sundies because our team wasn't making a whole lot of killings, so people weren't really spawning. We blew up both of those sundies, then went to go to the last one. Got it smoking, but I hadn't told the other dude to fire at it, so he got out of the turret and probably left us or something. We took their support and shattered their defense, and our team was able to approach. They only had that one sundy left, and I know this because people spawned in hordes off of it.

    This isn't an isolated experience at all. The point of this post is that we need to work together, especially one on one with players who need you. They are like arrows without direction or a target. We need to take our bows and point them where they are needed, even if that means recruiting them to the squad or just proxy-chatting them and helping them out. We can even whisper them that we have their back! Doing this, we can build better players and get stuff done.