[Suggestion] Time Bombs

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by ZeroErrorz, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. ZeroErrorz

    so since c4 takes time to equip,drop and detonate by pressing button, i proupose LA getting TIME BOMBS, work like c4 just half damage and have 2 at lvl 1, the reason being c4 could instagib but the attacker need to stay alive and detonate the c4 manually, but time bombs doesnt need the bomber to stay alive ,to counter this the damage of the time bomb is reduced so a single bomb wont kill the target and giving the target a chance to kill the attacker before the second bomb come in,making it a sidegrade to c4,but with the advantage of quicker time for effect and guaranted damage if hit the target while having the downside of lower damage and the need to hit both bomb to have the same effect as c4, as for the time i think it should be changed on the fly like firemode starting from 1-5 second to allow some versatility when used for diferent task.
  2. TheGreatMahoo

    Some punctuation would go a hell of a long way.....

    I'd like the option for some timed bombs, and I think your idea of lower damage makes it so suicide rushes aren't too overpowered. I'd probably say 3 second minimum on fuses, maybe even 5. I don't think we need LA raining down insta-explosions from the rooftops.
  3. starlinvf

    There is a major flaw in the concept..... the Devs and the community are looking for methods that "DON'T" encourage suicide bombings.
  4. ZeroErrorz

    strapping c4 count as one of it, and time bombs is just another version of it which doesnt make too much of a diference, also coupled with the fact that you CANT use timebomb as a effective human bomb i think this contradict the theory of it encouraging suicide bombs, just letting you know the reason using c4 is mostly considered a suicide run is because the effective range of it puts you in a high risk situation while giving you high reward for it so i dont think anyone that use a c4 have a suicidial mentality, but the weapon it self ask you to do so in order to be effective with it.
  5. starlinvf

    Ok, think about this situation. How would this be different then dropping AP mines in the middle of a group, sans taking 2 of them to kill (unless you're suggesting a longer toss delay then C4).
  6. Eyeklops

    When it goes off we should be transported back to PS1. :D
  7. ZeroErrorz

    longer than the c4 would make it downstraight worst since its weaker and have an arm time, btw whats so bad about being suicidal weapon anyway all explosive require it to be used in close range to be effective, its better than having the c4 or mines being able to be thrown like grenades at long range.
  8. Malcmodnar

    First of all, and I mean this in the best way possible, please take a bit more time to edit your posts. A little proper spelling and punctuation go a long way to making your post easier to understand and, by extension, longer-lived.

    Now then, on topic, I'd be against a timed detonation device. Starlinvf was right in pointing out that this would encourage suicide bombing. While I'm all for ceaselessly throwing oneself at a target in the hopes of killing it, the detonator system requires that we take several seconds in doing so, providing a more effective countermeasure. If an enemy is just suicide charging you endlessly in the hopes of killing something, and there's nothing you can do to stop them once they're close, that's not fun. You'ven't been outmaneuvered, the enemy just one-man zerged you.

    I could see this working for a wide-area, nonlethal suppression device of some kind, but even then balancing would be tricky. Altogether, I'd much rather see the detonation time for explosives scaled back (by no more than a second) than see this implemented. Enemy players need a reaction window to counter bombing, and a timed bomb would effectively mean the enemy team lost the moment that LA clicked their kill button.

    To repeat my eternal mantra, Light Assaults do not need more explosives. We need more disruption tools.
  9. starlinvf

    Suicide tactics is a low input, high output method of "scoring" kills or objectives. Political connotations aside, any system that lacks long term or insufficient short term consequences for death, but gives players access to a high yield AOE weapons, they will undoubtedly abuse the crap out of it. In fact, the less required by them to detonate it, the more likely it'll be used regularly. C4 usage was significantly higher in this game when C4 packs didn't despawn on player death..... back then, you just had to toss as many you could before dying, then detonate it after respawn. And there was nothing the receiving end could do to mitigate or counter it. Tanks mines were pretty much the same way until they gave us the ability to disarm them safely.

    Its that low input, high output that draws people to the concept, and its the difficulty in countering that makes it so effective.