Thoughts on Auraxium infused glows

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  1. Bullborn

    While there are a lot of interesting new things coming - the auraxium infused glows on weapons and armor are fairly disappointing to me. Would have hoped for something more interesting (i.e. like the Planetside 1 CR5 backpacks or other form of addition to make you stand out a bit).

    Right now they appear to just make you more of a target, which makes me wonder why you would ever use them.

    Is it just me? Anyone happy with them?
    I think they can do better.

    They are at 4 minutes in:
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  2. Cinnamon

    It's just a skin for composite armour apparently and TR have complained before that they like their composite armour the least. Not sure if I would use it myself.
  3. LT_Latency

    It looks sort of cool. The TRs is too pinkish though. Especially the gun. A deeper red would be nice.

    The NC glow is a deep solid blue.
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  4. Prudentia

    who doesn't want to look fabulous?
  5. Saviorself

    TR auraxium armor glows red like a christmas tree while the VS gets the color that human eyes have the least sensitivity to, that color being purple.


    SOE has absolutely no intention of balancing the camo schemes. It doesn't matter to them that VS disappear in Hossin and at night on all continents, something that the other factions cannot match even with money.

    MLG, what a joke.
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  6. Prudentia

    At night, all soldiers look the same in HS/NV
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  7. Saviorself

    Nobody should be using IRNV unless they are smoking the place. Reflex sights ADS quicker from the hip and retain more peripheral vision. I shouldn't have to handicap myself to deal with a free faction wide camo. I could even talk about the wide open frameless VS reflex sights, versus our clunky trash.

    Human eye cones have the least sensitivity to purple colors, and extremely dark red, approaching black. NC have happy blue-yellow IKEA colors, and TR have contrasting red white uniforms. VS of course, have their skill spandex, which are full purple, with no contrasts, in the color of which human eyes have the least sensitivity to.
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  8. DJPenguin

    not a fan myself. looks like smeared jelly.
  9. Prudentia

    wait what? White? TR? where? Tr are just dark red and Black while NC are just Blue and dirt. at night there is no difference in coloring, everyone is just greyish.
  10. Saviorself


    The VS on the left is how it is by default currently. There is a world of difference, between the VS camo and the TR/NC camo.

    EDIT: Just for some laughs, some NC camo.
  11. sindz

    I dont get why TR's flash orange? And VS gets to flash pink. GG.
  12. HadesR

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  13. Iridar51

    Striker heavies will be useful in those rumble seats.
  14. kadney

    Wouldn't be the first time NC get's proper faction specific colors and the TR get's some pink candy color..:rolleyes:
  15. Cinnamon

    Not sure if that is the topic but do you really think that an air unit could hover in such a way to give a striker a good lock for so long and not get hit by a dalton or decimator for his trouble?
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  16. Ribero

    So, did he say you need to complete the Auraxium Tier Directives for a class, to unlock the armour? (Heavy Assault Directives to get Heavy Assault Armour, Medic for Medic etc etc)
  17. Bindlestiff

    What happens if you have already previously completed a directive? Does it count, and therefore unlock straight away, or do you have to do it all again?
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  18. JesusVoxel

    I don't like that effect one bit, like most of the "artistic camos", hockey masks, pink camos, silly horns, etc. stuff that dilutes the immersion of this game slowly to more something like team fortress. Unfortunately it's the effect of F2P games. Lot's of kids who like "cool" stuff, until they get bored and move to other games that have even more silly stuff.

    Now the cool stuff that I would like, like solid camos (white, grey, tan, red and black) are then probably being awarded after auraxiuming all the platinum weapons (that most of people will never get their hands on). I don't know what others think as cool, but in my books 100 players with solid black camos > 100 players with color shifting camos.
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  19. Kunavi

    Not that the others are OK but they are MORE OK than TR. If I use any of the new stuff it will be because of... Well I won't use them. They could at least give us a buffed Striker or buffed MCG for Directive Rewards. Like a non maintain Lock Striker or a double spin up speed MCG. Or a 400 ammo MCG. Or.. A HEAT MECHANIC MCG. You know. I wonder if we get any new Vulcans.

    Most of all I want the Black Ops camo for TR, though I expect it will be available to all Factions otherwise VS will lose approximately 0.001% Awesomesauce and that can't happen- Look at all the QQ about the non existent mag reduction for the ManFarmer*I mean the PPA, sorry *Cough*
  20. Cinnamon

    They say that anything they already track contributes to your directives and that it is on test. I'm not sure what directive stats they do not track. Maybe things like as a medic kill x numbers of medics.