[Guide] Thoughts of the new cyclone smg

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by chrollo, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. chrollo

    The stats of the weapon put its dps almost exactly 200 points less than the gd-7f. So, dont think your suddenly getting a new replacement gun for cqc if you already got a gd-7f.

    The closest similarity this gun has is the TR jaguar, so I'm going to compare its stats to the jag.
    The cyclone has a dps of 1814 to the jaguars 1788. The cylcone trades off the faster rof for higher damage per bullet to get the dps advantage.
    The jaguar has about a 65 more bullet velocity and a larger clip size but much worse reload speed.
    The cyclone as better recoil for sustained fire but slightly higher first shot recoil.
    same ads speed and they both have minimal side to side recoil meaning you most have to compensate for vertical recoil.
    The jaguar has better ads cof on every stat while the cyclone has better hip cof on every stat.
    When it comes to attachments though IMO the cyclone has a slight advantage.
    They only differences for attachments are, a 2x scope for the cyclone, a compensator for the cyclone, an extended mag for the cyclone, and the jaguar has the forward grip.

    The jaguar really doesn't need an extended mag or its forward grip. However from what I've read the compensator is suppose to decrease the hip fire accuracy, but equipping a laser sight completely overwrites this disadvantage so you still receive the original benefit of the laser sights hip fire accuracy. I haven't been able to test this out in game, but if so this could be a distinct advantage for the cyclone. Another main advantage for the cyclone is the 2x scope. This scope is pretty much perfect for the cyclone. You should really use the smg for hip firing/ strafing at close range and the 2x scope will let you put some hits on an enemy at pretty much your max range with the gun.

    Overall the jaguar is more advantageous adsing, while the cyclone is slightly better at cqc. With the extended mag you can pray and spray with the cyclone, but the jaguar is going to be far better at that due to the 5 extra bullets and the option of the advanced laser sight. So if you plan to pray and spray with cyclone due a little bit of extra praying.

    My recommended setups with cyclone by priority is
    2x scope
    advanced laser sight
    soft point ammo
    compensator,(if you don't actually lose any hip fire accuracy with advanced laser sight on) or supressor. However, with suppressor and soft point your going to lose a lot of bullet velocity. I'm not sure on the actual numbers, so no clue if its a livable amount.

    Second setup
    1x reflex scope
    Extended mag
    soft point

    and lastly
    2x scope
    extended mag

    You can easily adjust for the lower bullet velocity for 20 to 80 meter engagments with this set up.
    With the compensator and extended mag your basically using the jag that has a suppressor and soft point ammo
    Your first shot recoil should be identical to the jaguar with better recoil for sustained fire.
    You can also reap the benefit of the .75 ads speed of the cyclone.

    For light assault i recommend the first and third setups and for infiltraitor i recommend the second setup. Honestly, if you want a decent rate of fire weapon with high dps and flexibility that similar carbines and ar don't have this is the gun. This gun is not the best at anything and doesn't necessarily have to be cause it can work well with every class.

    For those that like to specialize in one thing such as highest dps, or long range accuracy this is not going to impress. I would wait for the next batch of smgs. However, if you want to play infiltrator up close or NC heavy up close and hate shotguns this is the gun for you(at least until we see the next smgs)

    heres a link to compare the stats of new cyclone smg to the tr smg and the tr jaguar

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AuOojvNLMApVdEtIU1NKenEzNzZOSWNaanFqSUVxLWc&type=view&gid=12&f=true&colid0=36&filterstr0=18 ↓&colid1=35&filterstr1=0.75x&colid2=23&filterstr2=1/1.25&colid3=32&filterstr3=11.25&sortcolid=-1&sortasc=true&rowsperpage=250
  2. Ghoest

    Depending on the person this could be a good replacement for the GD-7F up close.
    -faster movement while ADS
    -smaller accuracy penalty for moving
    -over all amazing hipfire accurracy

    The lower DPS you mentioned is one thing in favor of the GD-7F but probably a bigger problem with the Cyclone is the terrible bump when you land.

    As for attachments this guns is just begging for the NV scope(which is an incredible tool). The excellent hip fire ability means that you wont get burned in the when the lighting doesnt favor night vision.

    If you like to shoot while moving this probably IS the best gun for an NC.
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  3. chrollo

    the only reason I don't consider it a replacement for the gd-7f is cause I think most people use that gun cause they feel the need to specialize in the highest cqc dps rifle. But if you want to hipfire on NC I don't think theres a better alternative on NC other than the gr-22.

    I'm pretty sure last I heard soft point ammo is terrible, I remember seeing a graph that showed that in exchange for gimping your range very badly, it gave you ~3 more damage at 15 m.... (character has 500 health 500 shields stock) giving you the potential to kill with one less bullet at 15 m if they happen to not being using armor. imo not worth it unless they've changed it since then.
  5. chrollo

    its like 20 less bullet velocity, it increase the max damage range of the smg by 7 meters at least i believe which is quite good for a cqc also the cyclone has the highest bullet velocity of all smgs
  6. Ghoest

    The Soft Point ammo seems to make sense on the SMG - unlike almost all other guns.

    Its because with or with out the soft point ammo the Cyclone is mostly worthless beyond 25 yards.
    Inside that range the the SP ammo never hurts you damage wise with this gun.
  7. Reis

    Does the Cyclone stop a bit for anyone else when you land from a jump while ADS?

    The sights seems to stay near the lower right hand corner of the screen for a second.

    Where did that 20 velocity decrease come from? Does anyone know how soft point ammo actually affects velocity? I don't have soft point ammo (yet) so I can't test it myself right now, but the main reason I fear getting it is that I'm afraid it will start to affect me at close-medium range combined with the suppressor I will no doubt be getting for it.
    According to the video in the quote below, it'll actually start making your gun do less damage at 20 m, anyhow, its the velocity that I'm worried about.
    I thought all guns did that?

    Edit*: One thing I'd like to add is that soft point ammo gives no advantage against almost anyone using even the first level of nanoweave armor. (Except for infils and possibly heavies, not sure about that one)
  9. chrollo

    i said its like 20 less bullet velocity, and as far as I know there is no loss or gain of actual damage from soft and high velocity ammo. Soft point extends the range of the max damage by a couple of meters and high velocity increase the bullet velocity. When using soft point the only downside is you have to lead your target more which is quite easy to do.

    To clarify, extending the max damage means you have slightly more damage at 10-20 m than if you weren't using it. Also, it does have the downside that it lowers your minimum damage, meaning that you'll do less damage after a certain range. From what your saying the bullet velocity doesn't sound too bad.

    I guess I'll consider using soft point ammo, but I'll probably figure out at just what ranges I'll be expect to be using the Cyclone once I have the suppressor.

    Edit*: What I mean is, extending the max damage range effectively increases your damage by a small amount at 10-20 m
  11. Ghoest

    Can we stop this silly line of reasoning already? Besides the onvious fact that killing infs and heavies is part of the game its a failed line of thinking for another more obvious reason - not all kills involve you doing 100% of damage.

    More damage is always better untill you get the the point that you can one shot people at full health.
  12. joshua

    To clarify soft point ammo, it doesn't reduce your min damage. The only negative is a reduction in bullet speed. The positive is extended range before it takes one more bullet to kill (also slightly more damage at medium range, but the one less bullet to kill is the main feature). How far it extends that range is going to change based on the weapon.
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  13. vaxx

    Good info. I was under the impression it reduced damaged at range, according to charts I saw a while back.
  14. MurderBunneh

    It doesn't reduce the min damage.BUT does it reduce the distance that damage falloff begins?
  15. chrollo

    it increases the distance before damage fall off

    Interesting, this contradicts what the spreadsheet says about soft point ammo. This basically means we still don't know the approximate true effects of soft point ammo. Guess I'll test it out on the Cyclone after I save up enough certs to get everything I want for it. (Hopefully that'll happen this weekend)

    The real question is whether the decrease in bullet velocity effectively means an increase in damage loss per metre.

    Edit*: Sorry for the double post, wanted to reply to chrollo who apparently posted while I was typing my previous post
  18. chrollo

    nope because the high velocity doesn't decrease damage loss per meter
  19. freeze

    you're saying the guys that extracted that stuff from your game data are wrong?

    are you 100% sure about that? :)
  20. evansra

    What he said was it does not effect you min damage.
    At close ranges you will get full damage for an extra 5m or so but after than the falloff to min damage is much faster than normal.