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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by NotziMad, Apr 19, 2020.

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  2. Grandizer

    Hey Notz, since it seems we are the only 2 people to reply to our posts...can I offer a suggestion just to see if the connection issue isn't on your end? I did these things initially last year, to find Planetside wasn't the cause of my issue with hit detection and insta deathss...until now it's 100% confirmed PS2 is definielty the issue after I cleared up some latency tests.

    1. Test internet speed to your backbone from your ISP. Comcast has it's own and if clean to the backbone, you'll see a very low ping and consistent ping and download and upload. If your upload is erratic or well below your provisioned agreement, this will cause you the latency.

    2. In Command prompt, run as admin. Clear Winsock in windows in case Windows sockets became corrupted: type "
    netsh winsock reset"

    3. run in command prompt as admin "ping" ( or any other site) using this parameter to check if you have any packet loss. "ping -n 50". You can change end value to 100 if you like, sending packets to google to see if any come back at a loss. If you get any lost packets, the ISP has to look at the issue.

    4. I've been using dslreports website for a long long time and you don't need an account for most tests.This one may have you wait since a free signup account gets in queue but with no account, you have to wait for the queue to free up. It's worth it because it will test your line quality and ping to 3 different locations to check stability. You'll want the Line Quality Test, and don't use the internet while it's running. There is no download or install. It will tell you the hops causing ping or packet loss and the ISP can use it to sort out the issue. There are also others you can Google for line quality.

    These 4 things helped identify an issue with Comcast last year, where an engineer saw issues and used the IP's to resort an issue with ATT DSL, where ATT was leaving ghost connections active on their leased lines from Comcast causing low upload and high pings.

    Hope this helps if you already haven't tried them
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  3. NotziMad

    Hey, thanks for this, I did test my connection many times on different "test my connection" websites, and like you said, I had a very low ping (10ms) pretty much each time.

    I know I've got some packet loss (in other MMOs, support asked me a few times top check that. That is due to the option I selected (my isp provides different router pre-setups, basically, fast and secure, super fast but with packet loss, and slow and super steady. (one favourises download speed while the other favorises ping). So I contacted them (a few times), they tested my line and told me there really wasn't any issue at all.

    What they did tell me, was that they detected what they believed (they couldn't be sure but they said it looked like) DDOS attacks, and gave me instructions on how clear and setup my connection after one.

    But those usually happen with a disconnect, and in a short time. And when I get the connection back, it's fine. What I'm experiencing is pretty much persistent, so unless they are "softly DDOSing" me like all day, but I doubt that lol.

    More importantly, I can "co relate" it to the population; the more people are online, the more it lags. Outside of prime time, I'm fine. (but that doesn't mean it couldn't be related to some other event such local or regional network strain due to Corona Virus that, for example, would effect people with ADSL more than with Fibre (that's what I read in an article, and I got ADSL) and would get worse at peek time and not so bad outside of peek time.


    However !


    --> I will check on the other things you mentioned, you never know, I'll get back to you if there's anything significant.

    --> I solved the issue by using a VPN and routing it to Amsterdam (where the data centers are). Although, just to test, it significantly improves my connection no matter where I route it. However, someone else tried doing the same as me and he or she said that didn't help.

    EDIT --> PS. what I'm reporting in those two videos is very unusual, I've only ever seen it happen once.

    To summarise ;

    Not since Escalation, but since one of the patches (I think 3 patches in the past, I made a report at the time since the lag I was experiencing started as soon as the servers went up). So since that patch, it's been the same thing every day (for weeks now). That is -> Fine in the early morning, lagging a bit later, lagging like hell at prime time and then slowly easing off until 1am or so.

    That's been going on for weeks. What I reported in those two videos happened only once, on one day. They might have fixed it or maybe something else happened, but that specific issue is solved really.
  4. Grandizer

    I take it your not in the U.S as you wouldn't VPN to the Netherlands from the U.S. LOL Preferably, when playing shooters especially, you want zero packet loss as in reliable upload. Download doesn't affect gameplay but upload does. Try switching to the other option where the upload will be with no packet loss.

    Yes, agreed from my other posts, when the servers are full pop all continents, or close to it, the lag / stuuter starts and that's when those API messages are lagging the game and crashing it...But after the 1 day down server day last week, I posted it was fantastic and is 90% better, no more frame skipping except for the lag message CTD. My ping is mid 40's, server ping 50-75ms even with the lag stutter so my connection never gets personal latency.

    Just a thought to test
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  5. NotziMad

    Yeah I'm in France, and I'm pretty sure the data centers are in Amsterdam. (not that it really makes that big a different as I tested it).

    The thing about the packet loss, as it was explained to me by my ISP is that I could focus on having a low ping or having no packet loss (or in between). They told me more than once that for gaming, the most important was to have as low a ping as possible.

    Still, it doesn't change the fact that

    a) lag started literally when servers went up after a patch
    b) I'm good with a VPN, I mean, I'm almost better than before even lol
  6. SpaceCheddar

    I'm in the US and I have been experiencing this since the last update. I play on Emerald and Connery and while I have the problem on bother servers, Emerald seems wore. Probably because I'm closer to Connery, IDK. ANyway, I have been playing this game off and on since rlease a long time ago and I have never experienced this until the last update. The game is basically unplayable. I have tried all of the suggestions I have come across. Not sure what to do at this point.
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  7. Foreboding

    I have very similar issue. I can't even connect to Emerald anymore but Connery runs fine.
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