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  1. Ned

    So I am sure that most people on here will have noticed that since the Harasser nerfs (and Vulcan nerfs) The Vulcan has gone out of fashion, and lets face it, the gun was OP for a long time.


    The problem with the Vulcan was simple, when redesigning it the gun should have been a Long Range slow firing Chaingun

    Why? simply put, the Prowler is designed to work at range with deployed mode, the Vulcan is a close to mid range chaingun, the two simply don't work, its like using a stick with a handgun on the end as a sniper rifle.

    When the Vulcan was being redesigned it should have been made into an accurate but slow firing long range chaingun, I know this is counter intuitive to what a chaingun is but this is Planetside 2, we aint exactly going for realism.

    If the Vulcan had been designed with a slower fire rate, but better long range capability, it would have made the gun a more viable option for Prowlers, and more importantly Vulcan Harrassers would not have been OP for all those months.

    After the changes I see very little reason to use the Vulcan over the Halberd, I rarely engage tanks at close range anyway, with magrider strafing and Vanguard shields the Prowler really needs to hang back from the fight to be effective at killing tanks, especially with deployed mode, there is little point in having a close to medium range chaingun on the top when I can have an armour piercing missile.

    TL-DR: Vulcan should have been/should be slow firing but accurate and more long range.
  2. Zorro

    What you are looking for is called a Basilisk.

    A minigun is supposed to be the way it is. In my opinion, the Vulcan would be best balanced if it had a faster firing rate and more ammunition, but could not damage heavy armor.
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  3. BadAsElite

    If the Vulcan was a long range Chain gun, what different would it be to the Basilisk? :p
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  4. Ned

    The Basilisk does not perform well at long range

    What I am talking about is a real slow rate of fire, but extremely fast rounds and a low COF, going perhaps double the effective range of the Basilisk, and with more speed, giving it equal range ability with the Saron/Enforcer
  5. LonelyTerran

    So you want it to be even more useless then?
    Do go on
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  6. deggy

    It's an ESAV secondary...

    If it couldn't damage heavy armor what exactly would it do?
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  7. BadAsElite

    Are you kidding Ned? :eek:
    1st it would not fit the TR faction trait being that the Chain gun should have "slow firing" and "extremely fast bullet velocity"..

    2nd Being that NC (Gauss / Railgun tech = fast bullet speed) and to an extent VS lazer tech lore wise are ment to have faster projectiles speeds to that of the TR. As TR use gas chambered Rounds / Bullets.

    And to give the chain gun a low CoF would not give any realism due to the fact most chain guns have big CoF in real life.
    And I know I use the "In real life" phrase here because lets be honest, a little realism is generally needed to be looked at here for a chain gun.
  8. Zorro

    To replace it, have a fast-firing rocket launcher, like a vehicle-mounted rocklet.
  9. Ned

    You do realise there is no such thing as faction traits don't you? Asymetrical balance means that all factions can do everything

    The game has shoddy and contradicting lore, we can only work out tidbits from it, because of balance it doesn't matter what technology the factions use, almost all faction guns are carbon copies of another factions gun with a few differences.

    The realism argument is pointless, we are playing a FPS game with plasma and WW2 speed aircraft. Its not about realism, its about making effective guns, if this game was about realism then we would have seen that from an early development phase.
  10. DeadlyShoe

    It sounds like you want a different weapon entirely, like a long range autocannon. That would be cool, but no need to wreck the Vulcan.
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  11. Ned

    Pretty much, when they were redesigning the Vulcan that's what I wanted it to be, but they went down the more medium range chaingun route, which caused all sorts of problems.
  12. Maljas23

    Imo, the Vulcan should stay the way it is right now, but with a much larger magazine size.
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  13. BadAsElite

    Not being funny dude but your reply is very stubborn to say the least.

    Can you not realisticly think that a chaingun has none of those trats in real life?

    Just like why the canister does not exceed a few meters with its pellets.
  14. BadAsElite

    Then if thats the case why are you making a topic to totally redesign a weapon, inwhich is ment for close range combat. Other then making a topic about bringing the TR a new Longer range Counter part with ideas?
  15. RogueVindicare

    That I could support, as long as you don't change the total ammunition pool. It's 60 rounds now right? 90 rounds starting might be good.
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  16. Ned

    It is stubborn but also true, were playing a SCI-FI FPS game, why stick to realistic conventions.

    because if such a weapon were to be brought in brand new then I feel there would be very little point in having the Vulcan in the first place, what I don't want is to bring in a new weapon that would make the Vulcan obselete, the Vulcan is a medium range gun that wants to be a long range gun.
  17. BadAsElite

    Then how do you think the NC feel about the Canister dude.
    If SoE bring out the next Gen of AI weapons for Vehicals, then its pretty much guaranteed that the Canister is going to be obsolete in it's current state. More so then the Vulcan.

    And again no matter how many people will say it, there is always an element of realism in this game.
    otherwise people would not take this game too seriously like we do.
    (After all its not unreal tournament.)

    And no the Vulcan is defo not a wanna be long range gun. I can't stress that enough.

    But in terms of SCI-FI
    "Wheres my Cow launcher and Mind control gun"?
  18. DashRendar

    It should be low damage, low accuracy, but shouldn't have to reload, although that's probably a large balancing factor, I'm sure something could be struck. What you are asking for cannot be balanced. Long effective range, near hitscan velocity, astounding accuracy, and good damage. What, friend, is the downside of said weapon? You are not giving suggestions for how you think the weapon should have been designed, you are saying that it should be more powerful, but aren't giving a reason for it that I can detect. If the Vulcan were lower damage (it might be low damage now, I haven't been in game much to check since the changes) and a hair less accurate once it's spooled up, and you can petition for it to support a no-reloads mechanic and that would be fine by me. That would make it a true chaingun. It sounds like you want it to be a machine gun (single barrel/mag fed like the Kobalt) that also does good damage to armor
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  19. EliteEskimo

    The Vulcan is already an extremely situational trash weapon that in it's current state I would NEVER pull if I could pull the Halberd. It's just inferior to the Halberd in almost every single way, and I'd pull a basilisk before I pulled a Vulcan even though I have puts loads of certs into the Vulcan. The Vulcan is already Wrecked for its roll as a MBT AV secondary.:rolleyes:

    I'd prefer if we made a new type of weapon that would suite Ned's want for a ES TR weapon that was long range, rather than make a Vulcan even less of a Gatling Gun than it is already. It would be nice if the Vulcan at least had a range of 200-300 meters so it was good for tank fights and was usuable with Anchor mode to some extent. The Vulcan is a Gatling Gun, it should have the highest Magazine count in the game, it should fire the fastest of any gun which the game can handle which is 1000 RPM (currently NC smg's fire faster than the Vulcan:p ), and it should have as low of DPS as necessary to keep it balanced.

    Lets be real, the Gatling Gun in the following video is awesome and its exactly what the Vulcan needs to be like.

    :cool: Imagine if a Prowler rolled up 150 meters from a target and the car in this video was a Harasser:cool:

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  20. GhostAvatar

    What now :eek: could not damage heavy armor? You do know what the point of a AV weapons is, dont you?