The typical Valkyrie Gunner

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  1. Klabauter8

    - Engie? Why should I use an Engie when riding in a Vehicle?
    - Looking to the front? Focusing on what the pilot focuses? Not with me, I chose my own targets!
    - The Hellion? I know that weapon, a very good sniper rifle for far distance targets!
    - The VLG? Incredibly useful to shoot against ESFs!
    - Helping out from the rumble seats? Naw I just want a quick taxi ride.
    - Stealth? Sneaking up? What is this? I prefer just shooting at everything in sight!
    - Watch me how I got C4 to blow th
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  2. EViLMinD

    Harasser/galaxy gunners are the same. DBG needs to add an ENGINEERS ONLY option for gun seating. Keep dimwits out until they get a frickin' clue. It would save me a f ton of frustration when I harass. Every session I have to deal with some ragey puke who thinks they're justified in c4ing my ride simply because I kicked them. I exterminate traitorous vermin who try that. Right thing to do. That kind of behaviour must be responded to with swift and brutal justice (swapping to the gun and blasting them into oblivion).
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  3. HappyStuffin

    I prefer my gunners to stay in the vehicle and keep watch - shooting as necessary - while I repair.

    I don't need them to be engineers, I just want them to pay attention and not space out shooting at the distant rock and giving our position away.
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  4. adamts01

    I won't gun with randoms, it's too "random" of an experience.
  5. GuhMaster2512

    On a side note related to the valkyrie: Next patch its turret is finally getting 360 degree rotation. Posted originally on Wrel's twitter/reddit.
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  6. Klabauter8

    Meh. That's pretty useless if you ask me. Gunners should focus to the front anyway, so the pilot can see what they are shooting at.
  7. adamts01

    Freakin awesome! The Valk will still only be taken seriously as a fairy factory, but it's a huge improvement.

    The Lib is arguably the most powerful thing in the game, and the pilot can never see what his gunners are shooting. That connection isn't critical at all. The whole entire point of having a separate gunner is so you CAN hit things that aren't directly in front of you. I think this could be a huge positive change for the Valkyrie. It's guns are still ****, but at least now it has something it can do better than an ESF.
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  8. Klabauter8

    A Lib is also a completely different vehicle than a Valkyrie. A Lib is a tank, while a Valkyrie is more of a stealth assassin. When the gunner shoots at stuff which I can't see as the pilot, then I have to turn and get the hell away, because Valks can die very fast. They are stealthy precision vehicles, not raw power vehicles like Libs.

    You already can hit things that aren't directly in front of you with a Valk... Sounds to me like you never even used this vehicle. But being able to basically shoot behind you is just redundant. If my gunner starts shooting behind us, I would just quickly fly away, and he couldn't hit anything anyway.

    There are much more useful improvements you could make on this vehicle, like giving it an afterburner, not letting C4 stick so easily to the vehicle when throwing it from rumble seats, or actually improving the vehicle teamplay in this game.
    Spotted the scrub pilot.
  9. Klabauter8

    For a tank or similar thats understandable, but for Valkyrie or Harasser it is very important to have someone who can repair from the rumble seats on the fly.
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  10. HappyStuffin

    Agreed. You make a good point.
  11. adamts01

    Haha. I'm not one to talk **** online, especially when it comes to silly games. but I'll just reply to this with another one of your gems right here.

    Call me a scrub all day if it makes you feel better, you won't hurt my feelings.
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  12. Newlife1025

    When gunning in a harasser, i jump to the back seat and repair on the fly. It's saved my driver and i so many times.
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  13. Klabauter8

    Like I said, if you wasn't a scrub pilot, you would know that playing with pad is actually better for piloting.
  14. BurntMyWater

    All I can suggest is that you try to get a dedicated gunner who knows what he's doing. Maybe get a friend to gun for you regularly. Although with your habit of calling everyone a scrub I can see why that might be a problem.
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  15. Klabauter8

    I already searched for gunners, but people are not interested in Valkyries it seems. I find the Valkyrie very good, though, so people who say the vehicle sucks are scrub pilots in my eyes. Perhaps people should rather stop saying something is ****, just because they can't handle it?

    It's really weird to me when I see all this constant hate for this vehicle here, when in reality it is actually on par with the Harrasser when used correctly, if not even better. The problem is just that the people are too stupid to use it correctly, or don't take their time to learn it.
  16. adamts01

    You mentioned you don't even fly anything else. The reason the entire community says the Valk sucks as a combat platform is because it does, especially compared to every other aircraft in the game. Stop calling people scubs, learn to use a mouse and fly an ESF and Lib, and you'll change your mind. Those two vehicles are so vastly superior, you're going to wish your magic Valkyrie could go back in time so you could undo this post. As for me saying the Valk guns suck, it's because they do. They're all decent in their very specific little way, but they're such 1 trick ponies that they're not worth taking. The 20mm is the least crappy option, but it just doesn't hold a candle to any nosegun that any of the other aircraft have. Seriously, stop calling people names like you're a little child, even if you are, are try out the other planes.
  17. Klabauter8

    You make no sense. I already told you that I also drive Harasser, and the Valk is at least just as good as the Harasser to me. It's basically an air-harasser, with even bigger potential. Or is the Harasser now also crap? I have no need to start flying Libs or whatever, because I don't like this vehicle that much. I rather prefer medium sized vehicles, not tanks.

    And that keyboard is better for vehicles is complete bullsh*t. Keyboard/mouse is better for aiming, yes, but for maneuvering, a pad is actually better, but whatever. Also, it's not the entire community which says the Valk sucks, it's merely a very vocal minority. It's just not a popular vehicle, because it's not easy to handle. It's a strategic vehicle, where you actually have to use your brain, that's why it's not very popular.

    With the Valk you actually have to pay attention to what you are doing, you have to play very much with the terrain, while with a Lib, you mostly can just fly above the battelfield, tank hits, and let bombs rain down. That's something anyone can do, that's why it is more popular, and that's why you chose it over the Valkyrie, because you are too stupid to fly Valkyries correctly.

    And btw, it's pretty hillarious how you first write me PMs and ask me to explain how to fly Valkyrie correctly, and now you say it is crap no matter what. If you think the vehicle is crap, then why do you ask me to teach you to fly it? You really make no sense, and only wanted to see me flying it, in hope I get no kills with it, so you have something to laugh about. That's just r*tarded. If you think Valks are crap, then stop pestering me with questions about. You are merely wasting my time.
  18. LaughingDead

    Ik the feel. I have to explain to who ever gets in my car exactly what to shoot at and what the gun is exactly for. I hate having to run into people that actually know what the gun does because it makes me feel like an *** and glad that I have a gunner for once that knows what the gun does and what to shoot.
  19. adamts01

    Calm down kid. I'm not trying to fight with you. I'm trying to have a discussion. I tried talking with you to see what you were doing in your Valk that maybe I wasn't. Know why? Because I have an open mind, and I admit there's plenty that I don't know. Not knowing something isn't what makes you stupid, being unwilling to open your mind to new ideas is what makes you stupid. I'm not arguing that a gamepad doesn't have advantages with control, but the other air vehicles which are far superior at combat are infinitely better with a mouse. You say I don't make sense, so I'll try to explain it again. I understand your Harasser argument, I don't agree with it, but I understand what you're going at. What you're not grasping is that the best pilots don't fly the Lib like a tank, they fly it like your Valk. You were complaining about the Tankbuster in that other thread. You don't 1-clip MBTs by charging in there and soaking up hits, you do it by flying exactly how you're proposing one should fly the Valk. You can fly ESFs in the same manor, and have at least twice the firepower as the Valk, all with only a single pilot. So like I said before, do yourself a favor and learn to fly the other air vehicles with a mouse so you can make an honest comparison. Look at it this way. The Valk only sucks because there are options which are leagues better. If we didn't have those options, then the Valk wouldn't seem so bad. If you have zero experience with those options, then you'll never know. I was really curious why you thought the Valk was so good, so I PMd you, but now it makes sense, you just don't know any better. Nothing wrong with that. Admit you don't know better, and go try out those other planes.
  20. Klabauter8

    Listen r*****, I also already told you I also flew Scythe a lot, and the Valk is better to me. Stop acting as if you could tell me something.

    And you can not fly Libs nor ESFs like Valks at all. That's complete bullsh*t and only shows you have no idea what you are talking about. Libs are huge and have bad maneuverability compared to Valks. And ESFs can not point their guns in any direction, apart from the straight front, that's why you have to fly them completely different. With a Valkyrie I can basically stick to the ground the whole time, or even just camp somewhere the whole time, while with an ESF you have to go up to hit something and constantly be on the run. And when you go up, the whole field can shoot at you.

    That's why Valks are better than ESFs in my opinion, because you can fly much more stealthy with them, get much closer to the target, and attack much more precisely, than with any other aircraft. They can make use of good positioning much better than other aircrafts. However, doing this actually requires some skills, so I can understand why you would think the vehicles sucks.