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  1. EViLMinD

    Wraith cloaking utility, for the Flash, is one of the best abilities in the game. Yet, there are so few infiltrators using it.

    Not that I'm complaining. I'm glad my enemies don't use it, and I like being the only NC in the area that is.

    I've spent a lot of time on my Flash. Gotten to know it's strength, weaknesses and quirks. Maxed out all the guns, utilities, performance upgrades and defenses.

    Turbo and scout radar are great to have, but wraith cloaking is what makes the Flash a killing machine.

    Here are my tips to anyone who wishes to become a wraith warrior.

    - Fury is the best gun to have. It can damage armor and mutilate infantry. Learn the arch and you will be a huge threat to your rivals.
    - Renegade is a very close second. No... I'd say get both. The Renegade shotgun will let you drop enemies at close range much faster. This matters when you are making quick runs at enemies in an open field (the area between Indar Excavation and Quartz ridge is ideal renegade hunting territory)
    - Kobalt is good to have, too. It's TTK is low, but it's range and mag size are potent. dakka-dakka
    - Basilisk is challenging to use. A weak vehicle, like the Flash, needs to keep moving. It needs to hit and run. The bassie is just too inaccurate for infantry and it doesn't do enough damage against armor. Still fun to use, though.
    - Thermal optics for every gun. When zipping around, seeing highlighted targets is invaluable. Zoom is nice on the bassie and kobalt, but not as beneficial to a little flash on the move.
    - Upgrade mag size for Fury. Reload speed for Renegade. As for Bassie and Kobalt, I'd say either works. Normally, I always go for mag size. But, I don't want to stay in one spot for long enough to unload a maxed out mag. Too risky. I want to fire a few bursts and go. That's why I prefer reload speed.
    - Get lots of ammo reserve for the Fury. The thing is a pig.
    - All performance upgrades are worth having. I like Surger with Fury so I can drive up to high places and bomb baddies. Scapper with Renegade so I can make adjustments in tight spots. Racer is great for traveling distances. I use racer with kobalt/bassie. Helps me run from perusing enemy vehicles and reposition myself to those cherry kill spots.
    - Auto-repair for defense is a must. Can't rely on friendly engineers out there.
    - Full wraith cloaking is a must. 40secs vs 20secs. Nuff said.
    - The 400cert level of cooldown is all that's needed to have a Flash ready to go whenever you want. Only if I get blown up immediately after spawning will I have a to wait. And, it's not a long wait.
    - Get a spooky horn for when you want to terrorize/taunt enemies. I use the Ghoul horn. Sometimes, I also strobe my lumifiber and ground lights. Hey, if you're not gonna have fun... what's the point?
    - Don't be hurt by the rage tells you'll undoubtedly receive from your victims. Just remember that only losers need to resort to such behavior. Winners just find a way to kill ya back (if they can find ya!)
    - A super awesome tactic is to transport an engineer with +2 C4 or tank mines to an enemy vehicle: roll up cloaked, engi hops out, drops explosives, gets back on the flash and triggers the bombs/shoots 'em. Sometimes, this tactic is the only way to take out an enemy bus that's flooding bad guys into your base.
    - I don't plant C4 onto my flash for suicide attacks. That's not a tactic I like to use. So, I get annoyed when allies attach C4 to my Flash without my permission. It's very rude. I'll kill the jerk who tries it.

    Questions? Input?

    Happy wraithing out there!
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  2. EViLMinD

    As of my Wraith rider loadout:

    - ASC suit so I can be ready for strikes sooner.
    - medical syringes
    - maxed recon tool for dart spam into enemy populated areas that I intend to roll through.
    - sniper rifle or semi-auto scout rifle w/ flash suppressor (helps at night). I often drive to spots that I can survey/snipe from.
  3. Rift23

    I'd let them put C4 on it, leave a nice booby trap for those geniuses that run into knife range to shoot unmanned ATVs.
  4. Astraka

    I really wish they hadn't gone ahead with the recent nerf to the Fury. That thing literally made me cry in laughter before, now it doesn't feel as capable.
  5. Hiding in VR

    I still remember the first time I got mown down by a cloaked flash. My first thought was, "WTF! They have cloaked vehicles!!!" My second thought was, "I am getting some of that action!" ;)
  6. KoS-1

    I understand the need for nano-repair. Unless one has a ride along engineer.

    I prefer stealth in that slot. For the most part, I can leave the little guy and setup shop without giving myself away. Or even those times wraith is recharging, keeps one off the mini-map.
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  7. Akeita

    Go watch Paqu, he had been hunting lightning and MBT with his partner as a fury cloaked flash, there's bunch of videoson youtube
  8. TheBlindFreak

    Honestly, I can't aim worth a damn with the Fury while moving. xD So I just use it to flank and get good vantage points for sniping.

    Great breakdown of the Flash. No better way to load it out for Wraith duties.
  9. EViLMinD

    Scout radar and stealth is a good combo.

    Never found much need for stealth with wraith. The majority of my deaths are due to my blunders - not because enemies were tracking me. Happens. But, it's not frequent enough for me to sacrifice the ability to self-repair.

    Magriders, esfs and harassers are the hardest to shake when they've got scout radar. Still, I can lose them no sweat depending on the environment and how I utilize it.

    Also, killing a few infantry in an area always sets a few players off on a vendetta to a hunt me. Which can be a good thing. This can distract them; lure them into a better kill position.

    I can only have a long run if I can keep the Flash going. Having to constantly respawn is tedious. That's why auto-repair is a must. Lessens my pit stops.
  10. KoS-1

    Good points. Didn't think about the baiting, use it as a salt lick. :)

    I thought max-stealth negated scout radar? I only use max stealth on my vehicles, won't use it until maxed.

    I like stealth with wraith, again when those times it's recharging and running for your life from people. I really like to stay off the mini-map as much as possible. To each it's own playing style.

    If it blows up, I get another one. I've not had issues with timers or resources, outside of the rare times I do.

    I know this isn't a flash story. But a stealth harasser, I can't count the number of times I've driven along side or behind an enemy tank with out them seeing me. Just amazes me people don't look around more. Guess they assume if it's not on the mini-map, it's not there. :)
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  11. Rohxer

    Mags and Harassers have Proximity Radar. ESFs have Scout Radar.

    Neither of those options reveals vehicles, only infantry and MAXes. Turrets (both base and engineer) count as vehicles, so they won't detect engineers on their turrets. (Or us on our flashes.)

    I've actually been able to evade scout radar ESFs with my wraith flash. When you see the telltale sign that they've spotted you (they make a sharp U-turn after a flyby), jump on the flash and cloak and that will stymie them. Although on high settings, an ESF can still see your shimmer if they are close to you and know what to look for.
  12. Mageever

    Way cool info. Thanks for sharing.

    So does the Surger upgrade work better now? I've gradually starting setting mine up but got distracted with getting swatted out of the sky in an ESF.
  13. EViLMinD

    That's right. ESFs and Flashes use 'scout' radar. I've maxed it on my vehicles, but I don't use it that often. It's on niche loadouts that I use for helping zergs I happen to roll with sometimes.

    Ya, stealth with wraith makes sense for the sniper requiring a covert transporter. I just don't find that anyone really pays attention to me regardless. So, auto-repair has no real downside. I can surprise my enemies just as often, and run away without being followed. I can slip right through the middle of their tank column or infantry cluster. No one notices me until it's too late: I'm a safe distance away. Even then, it's just blind spay in my general direction. My shield and auto-repair can recover form that.

    Comp armor on the Flash is nice, too. Yet, not needed. Should my flash ever take that much extra damage, my little infiltrator driving it will surely be killed. Comp is what I use with engineer or LA/HA on specific attack runs.

    Surger chassis feels more stable than Racer or Scrapper. It's the chassis I use when I'm going off-road. Climbes better, feels less tipsy on bumpy roads and even steadies my gun a little. Surger just feels easiest to handle.

    Scrapper is the most useful, I've found. I'd recommend certing it up first. It's the chassis to have for the fighting wraith. Enhanced turning control and reversing is very helpful.

    Racer is pretty nice too. I like to match it with turbo. With wraith, I can move around the map much faster. It's bonus speed has saved my bacon more than once.