The PS2 launcher won't download the hotfix and crashes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Asiltair, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Asiltair

    Hey all,

    I read there was a hotfix yesterday after I logged off and today when I try to launch the game I get stuck at the update screen. There are multiple variants of things that happen there to me. The most frequently crash is that the launcher just stays at 0kb of 34.000kb (something around there) and doesn't do anything and after a while just closes. I managed to do some validation there and it says it has to remove or update the uninstaller.exe, but doesn't do that and just shuts the program down after a while. Sometimes also for some reason it breaks my internet, but this can also be a steam error when things aren't going smooth (according to the steam forums), so won't blame that on PS2. Another error I have it that is just launches, loads and I can see a short blink of the update screen for like 1 second or even less and I am at desktop again (which I have alot at the moment). I tried everything: all files are accepted by my firewall, turned Anti virus off, reinstalled game, restarted comp, waited for a few hours, started from steam but also without using steam. All result in the same. I can't get the hotfix and the launcher keeps crashing.

    so please if anyone had the same problems and know a fix or if any dev can look into this, that would be very much appreciated.

    yours sincerely,

  2. Asiltair

    Guess I missed this thread:
    but still there isn't a good answer for this problem either.

    Edit: Also lose connection now without using steam and using the direct download from the site. Seems like a launcher problem. And yes I have good internet: glassfiber. Internet works fine for everything else and only stops and forces me to restart the modem when I open the launcher for a half a minute or longer.

    this is what I had first as message when clicking the wrench:
    Checking game installation...
    Found 2 file(s) to update.
    Replacing Uninstaller.exe

    and this is what I get now after completly removing the game and all files again and doing a new download from the site:
    Checking game installation...
    Found 4,839 file(s) to update.
    Creating CommonData/Collision/2StoryRoomTemp.cdt
    Creating CommonData/Collision/Allatum_Rocks_SE_3A.cdt
    Creating CommonData/Collision/Allatum_Rocks_N_4.cdt
    Replacing Uninstaller.exe
  3. Asiltair

    [FIXED] Apparently unplugging my USB headset and USB mouse stopped the internet connection lose during the update and after that was done I could just plug them back in and play without breaking them. Also new launcher launches didn't break the internet again, so something is wrong with the launcher during updates in combination with any USB devices. It patched a bit by just unplugging my headset but to complete it I had to unplug my mouse aswell.
  4. TSR-SeanF Customer Service

    That sounds very odd, but I am very happy that you were able to find the cause of this issue and resolve it.

    Thank you for letting us know what you did to get this fixed. The information is greatly appreciated!
  5. Asiltair

    Now we have a new patch and it got stuck at 98,6% and broke down my internet connection again. Every time now for the last 136kb it remains at 0kb and breaks my internet. Again it says replacing the uninstaller.exe. Removing the uninstaller.exe from the game folder didn't work and unplugging all USB items didn't work is the same problem I had before. All is added to firewall and it has something to do with the launcher, because that is the only thing that breaks my internet. Maybe an idea to also offer a manual patching offer to be able to bypass the launcher with its bugs. I know I am not the only one with problems with the launcher.
  6. Asiltair

    [FIXED] Renamed the assets folder and then did validate assets in launcher. Then it re downloaded the assets and didn't break internet anymore. Could play after that again.

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