The New NSO Weapons All Look The Same

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by neyo5611, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. neyo5611

    One of the complaints I've seen regarding current faction weapons over the years has been the fact that it is hard to visually differentiate the different weapons of the individual factions (this has gotten better over the years but the problem still exists in some situations, such as Vanu LMGs). All of these new NSO weapons share this problem. They look like a modified Tengu with the same horizontal slate vertically stacked three times and with a random fly-wheel cage at the end of every gun without context for why it is there.

    On top of looking the same, every single weapon is basically named the same thing with the only difference within their category being the numbers used. This makes it hard to talk about weapon recommendations in an easy to talk about fashion or just in general making knowing which weapon is which easy on the player.

    These models need to be more different among each other and they need to be legitimately named instead of following some "robot's need number names" fad.

    Also the attachment sites are way more bulky than the other factions. The thickness of them needs to be reduced.
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