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  1. oTec

    I have recently started playing planetside 2 (yet) again as the NC.
    Much to my regret, the nc have become even more of a cannon fodder then they used to were.
    I often find myself alone or in very low numbers trying to defend objectives, while the gross players get killed outside of the objective and then decide to camp in the spawnroom.

    I am aware that due popualtion imbalance in the region, players can be forced into the spawnroom and not able to recover from it due to the lower population/armor/air numbers but in a 53-47% fight in favor of the NC, in a NC controlled base, people don't even try to push out. Air gets deterred quite well by the NC i've been playing with from the spawnroom and armor did not have a sight on us, so it was just a simple matter of coming out, under infantry fire and taking the point.
    Yet, they just camp each window with 6 or more guys, tking eachother while trying to shoot the enemy.

    Last night, i was holding an entrance to the obj a the top of the stairs as engineer, alone and i see some nc coming to help, NC max steps infront of my turret and proceeds to get shot by me while i was already firing and just tk's me for it. We get pushed just after and from my deathcam i see the TR pouring in.
    Countless times i get tk'd either on accident, or on purpose.

    Battlefield awareness, also one of the strongpoints of the nc *cough*. People getting farmed by infantry from the roof don't seem to do anything about it. They don't move, they return fire standing in the open. Or from light assaults hiding in trees. They clearly see the red dot on the map, but continue to just dance around under the tree instead of looking up.

    More often then not, when i hold a door to the obj and the nc are on the point for once, they just proceed to get killed by a few players. I have seen 2-3 HA Vanu taking down 12-13 NC players who were camping the point. It feels like they're not paying attention.

    NC have always been an odd bunch due to the lack of teamwork, frequent friendly fire incidents but even with 6% more global pop, we don't seem to be able to leverage it into victory.
    I don't know if the average skill or mindset might be the issue or the lack of organized outfits. NC weapons are great but it isn't worth sitting stuck in a spawnroom, getting killed due to ff or trying to play with large amounts of players who behave like npc's.

    I don't know if joining an outfit might solve this issue, or perhaps a change of faction.
    I like to play PS2, but for me, playing like this sucks the fun out of the game.
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  2. Przemogce

    There is obvious reason for that: Devs hate nc and nerf it all the time. Stupid trac-5 is better than any nc weapon. Simple vulcan on harasser outdps nc vanguard. etc etc. How do we counter tr maxx with 2000+ bullets in his mags with our 40 bullet mags no charge Maxxes ?
  3. CrimsonEclipse5

    There's that great NC mindset the OP was talking about...
  4. oTec

    I don't have much experience in vehicle damage stats nor max suit play but i don't believe the trac5 is better then "any" of the NC weapons.
  5. UberNoob1337101

    This is what playing NC with "teammates" feels like :

    It's almost as if they want to kill you. But the real problem why NC sucks is because people on it simply don't care about winning, and it's not the good case of "I just wanna have fun". Most NC almost never push and aren't as nearly as aggressive as they should because they want to get easy kills. Why? Because to them K/D and SPM is more important than playing the objective, and this mentality kind of ruined NC. While NC has an above average percentage of people who don't know how to drop ammo, how to heal/revive with a medic tool or that a carbine doesn't do damage to tanks, but even those guys play the objective and at least try. I've very rarely saw NC players take risks or charge to get the point, most of the time they're just taking a stroll from cover to cover and being completely oblivious to anything that happens around them, because they don't care.

    I still wonder what creates the NC victim complex though. Most people point out that NC probably has some of the best weapons/vehicles in game (or at least very good) and that NC's real problem are dumb teammates, but somehow the before-mentioned campers/situational awareness gurus are super convinced that DBG/Illuminati/Wrel/Universe hates NC and constantly give them bad gear while TR/VS constantly get OP stuff despite everyone else who's unbiased says otherwise.

    As for the solution, both will fix it, because if NC is in one of those rare moments when it's actually competent, it's a blast to play and a good outfit (not zergfit, it'll only make your life twice as awful if you join one) will probably remove all the issues you have with NC. But if you're so angry about it, switching factions changes a lot and sometimes feels like a completely different game. Anyways, hope you have fun if you do either.
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  6. Rydenan

    Just think of playing NC as "Challenge Mode", that's what I do!
    It's you versus the world, since your teammates are just as likely to shoot you as the enemy!
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  7. Masyaka

    BONUS: even at 96+ battles nobody gonna shoot an AI scythe lolz! :p
  8. oTec

    I have been playing vanu for a couple hours now and it is better. More teamwork and revives, but they somehow still manage to tk me. Blow a friendly sunderer with me inside up with AT mines, shooting me in the back of the head when i'm just standing still, that kind of things.
  9. Newlife1025

    I know that feeling. Me and some other randoms were charging into a point and a large group of Nc were just waiting for anything to come out. Ifbyou can find an active outfit, lr guys who are pretty good. You'll be fine. In genuine, i roll jsoc or just play solo. Nc can be fun, or the absolute worst faction to play on. You just gotta play with the right people
  10. Campagne

    'Outta here with that TR propaganda ****! :p
  11. oTec

    TR is even worse. I played it for the full 15minutes and got run over 3 times by friendlies. I spawn at a sunderer -> driven over.
    I have given up.
  12. \m/SLAYER\m/

    join outfit that captured most base, and play with them, rest of NC just 2 type of players - bots, or solo warriors, who tired of nc stupidity (and yes, they can clear rntire room, and only onother nc will kill them). or just don't play nc.
  13. VhynSeven

    Well, 2 things I can say for sure :
    - the traditional playstyle of any FPS doesn't work well in Planetside 2
    - NC has the highest learning curve of all 3 factions

    Imagine X, he plays CoD, Battlefield, CS, [name another FPS here]. Then he heard about Planetside 2. X wants to know more about this game, so he goes on Youtube to watch some videos. Coincidentally, NC is probably the most represented faction on Youtube. So X decided to try out the game, and since he knows more about NC (he saw videos of NC players after all), he naturally joined NC.
    There, X starts to play like he played in other FPS : looking for kills, not really paying attention to vehicules and objectives. But in Planetside, vehicules and objectives are way more important than in other FPS. For instance, in Battlefield vehicules are limited. Not in Planetside. So despite trying his best to kill as many infantry as he can, X starts to realize he is loosing. But how ? He is a veteran player when it comes to FPS !

    The most common answer someone like X might found, while loosing yet thinking he is good, is : the enemy is OP. And so the NC victim complex was born.

    At least this is what I think.
  14. MrForz

    I love the NCs. A force to be reckoned with! They show as much fervor and relentlessness in killing the enemy as when they kill members of their own faction. It's a shame there isn't a loading screen that shows a NC victim about to be executed by other NCs.
  15. Rhello

    I wanted to try the keklone on my infiltrator, and also wanted to get all the double XP recently on my NC char, I just gave up. TR players are terrible sometimes, but NC takes the cake, they will NEVER cooperate, pull sundies, protect the sundies, defend the points, etc... They'll do NOTHING, appart from grouping up into insane proportions and move around as a zerg of useless players.
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  16. FieldMarshall

    I suggest playing all three factions for a while, up to like BR30+.
    People talk about the same issues as you do on all three empires. I believe the term is called confirmation bias.

    Playing all three factions may also help you to stop that "the grass is always greener" mindset, and make you appreciate your original faction more.
    Or you may even find a faction you like more than what you started with.

    You will also learn more about the enemies weapons/veicles. Only positive things can come from giving all the factions a good try.
  17. oTec

    I have gone with vanu in the end. Bit of autobalance since they have the lowest pop most of the time.

    I have played evry faction quite extensively but kept coming back to the NC because i love the weapons. NC1 Gauss Rifle is my favorite gun, but it is just not worth staying there. For TR, with the gatekeeper and the russian invasion, they have too many players now. Kept spawning me into the vr because of the faction balance. So i went Vanu, they can use more players.
  18. oTec

    Yes, very true. This weekend i switched to vanu due to the high player count on TR and the incompetence of the NC. I actually had to yell in region chat "Get on the point you inbreds" to make them realise A was flipped while they were camping in towers and the spawnroom.
    NC does have good players who know what they're doing but they're often the guys that i die with on the point because all the others just don't care about it.
  19. MrMinistry30

    When i saw the thread i have to say i expected another NC victim complex text wall that blames everything on the oh-so-weak Equipment. The happier i was when i noticed that the OP actually managed to name the real reason why NC often sucks.

    Of course it could not take long until the victim complex kicks in and one NC had to blame the equipment (which is REALLY strong by the way --> i would trade Orion vs Anchor / Betel vs Godsaw / Eridani vs Cyclone / ... ANYTIME!), just look at the second post...
    In fact, with some practice, you can even use the gauss saw with laser sight and without compensator and it is still a beast!

    From what i experienced within the last 3 years of PS2 (main VS on Miller) is that if NC are organized they are much harder to stop than TR or VS thanks to their completely overpowered MAXes (@prgemogce: yes, they are - just do the math considering damage output per second, you will see that even with slugs they are much more than just "competitive"), very strong vehicle weapons and infantry weapons that are amongst the fastest killing in the game so please NC, finally stop blaming your awesome equipment for your lack of competence to use it correctly and start working on teamplay, the ability to chose the right loadout for the right situation and the balls it needs to step outside a camped spawnroom in order to kick some a**!
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  20. JONNY1992UK

    I've been lucky enough to be involved in some amazing fights being NC that we have won going from base to base and taking over Continents fast. This could have been due to there being more NC online than TR and VS when doing so but it proved to me that NC can work together and win even though it might take a population advantage to do so. :p