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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Object, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Object

    Since this is the most useful tip for engineers I decided to make a short youtube vid on it.

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  2. tonster

    Since we are not your personal army, try marketing your channel elsewhere with some actual content.
  3. Druncan

    If only more people knew about this.

    People are starting to earn more certs now and I see people in chat talking about how it's not worth getting mines because they will lose the ability to drop ammo.

    The more that know about this the more diverse the battlefield will get.

    A few mines in the right spot can stop or slow up a push pretty quick.
  4. helloworldy

    Do mines work on aircraft? I mean claymore or proximity mine or w/e could work. C4 should work like charm. Just place it on the launching pad, wait for enemies to come reload/repair and boom!

    It should be especially effective against damaged ESF. Mmm...mines.
  5. Elrobochanco

    Yes AT mines will go off on a landed ESF. I don't know how many it takes since I wanted to be certain and used 2 to kill a reaver. Not sure the total needed to kill a gal or lib.
  6. Ganjis

    Is this about using B with the turret equipped switching to ammo pack when you have mines in the 4 slot? If so, I have a question.
    Did they fix it so that ammo pack cert upgrades apply to this ammo pack? In late beta, your upgrades only applied to the ammo pack if you equipped it with 4 (ie had no mines). If this is unfixed/WAI, then there is still a good reason not to carry mines if you are supporting a large infantry push.
  7. Chrysalis

    Currently it's even stranger. The turretbox acts like a level 3 ammo box in every respect. Lasts for 3 minutes, has the increased radius, etc.
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  8. Ganjis

    Must be a bug, thank you for pointing it out. I will be careful not to exploit that.
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  9. Ghostfox

    Doubt it is a bug. Seems like a good median between the certable box and the turret box. It doesnt make sense for certs to work on the turret box because there would be little reason to use the stand alone over the turret box outside of having two boxes.
  10. Dhart

    Another thread discussed this... seems the 'Ammo Crate' is one step down in duration/area than the regular ammo pack. That's at Rank 3/4~ not clear on progression yet.
  11. emc2

    Here is another helpful tidbit.

    You can deploy AI AV Ammo and a turret all at the same time consecutively.

    At the warp gate just as a trial/example.

    1. Switch to tank mines at the resupply
    2. Deploy all 3 tank mines.
    3. Change loadout for anti infantry mines at the resupply
    4. Deploy 2 anti infantry mines next to the tank mines.
    5. Either switch the turret to an Ammo supply or resupply with the ammo slot.
    6. Drop the ammo next to the 3 tank mines, 2 anti infantry mines.
    7. Deploy turret
    8. You have now successfully deployed 7 items (8 using the ammo trick above)

    As someone else mentioned, all of these will all stay persistent during the session (with the exception of the ammo timer which you can max out).

    In Beta I used to setup mines at strategic locations outside large bases. Then I would run in and deploy IA mines indoors also at strategic places. For instance, Enemy spawn room door... Shield generator door opening from enemy spanw point etc.... Jump landing pads... etc etc...

    Also, I recommend every VS engineer get the SF rifle and attach the smoke under-barrel with the Night scope attachment. You pop smoke, scope and drop'em. Most of them can't see you, but u can see them.

    In the tech and bio-lab fights, there is no reason why your cert rate will not dominate. If you add an AMS sundie to boot, there is no comparison.

    Kills, Reps, Respawns = crazy cert gain
  12. Object

    As much as you may think I uploaded this video and posted on these forums for views you are completely wrong. I could care less if any of you watch any of my other videos. I did this to help out my fellow engineers and I find it absolutely disgusting that because of all the view ****** on youtube now people automatically think that if you post vids you are attempting to gain some sort of following, most likely because you have no friends and use those views/subscribers as affirmation that your life is actually meaningful.

    Just for you, I'll edit my original post to make it blatantly clear.

    Well...scratch that, I can't edit my original post. So for all of you who have watched my video please understand that it was in no way an attempt to get more subscribers, my youtube channel is barely used other then for viewing videos and it will never be actively used.

    I can record vids from Planetside without dropping my fps, and I do have a top of the line video editing and conversion suite but I personally don't think I am good enough at Planetside to justify showing you guys how I play, the only thing you guys will learn is that I'm a terrible shot.

    I will never upload videos of cats in ceilings or squirrels with lightsabres, nor will I post montages of idiots hitting themselves in the balls with random blunt objects. I will never upload videos of me trolling people in CoD or making parody songs in my favourite game of Gangnam Style. So there is absolutely no reason to subscribe to me.
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  13. Mafarett

    Having two is currently the only reason to having the stand alone box, so how would having the ammo certs affect the turret box not make sense? An ammo box is an ammo box, shouldn't matter where I pull it from. Honestly the current implementation feels like they couldn't get it to work right and left it as a temporary fix while they leave it on the back burner.
  14. Sassanos

    I learned that the hard way. But watch out with the turret on the launching pads and landing pads...
  15. Gearlock

    Well maybe if your channel DID have more cats on ceilings or squirrels with lightsabers I would subscribe!

    BAAAAAAH im just breakin your balls.

    I still wouldn't subscribe.

    (all in good fun. Not trolling. Do your own thing meng, do eeeet)
  16. Object

    What is this youtube thing you speak of.
  17. Brutus

    Best post ever.

    But please do a vid of Gangnam style... That would be p!mp..... really that's blocked?
  18. Goats

    Aw man, I love that. I think I accidentally killed a friendly or two this way the other day though. :oops:

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