The Hex system really needs to go.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slannmage, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. slannmage

    The problem with it is you just get one zerg that dominates everything while the give up and go zerg somewhere else, on Indar it even happens on the same map. All you see is the TR zerging directly down the middle and then the enemies zerging up the sides. Once the TR decide to make a come back the enemies go zerg on another island until the TR go up the middle again and then their zergs come right back to take the sides again.

    We need the Planetside system of base to base so we're constantly having even battles.
  2. DrMcCleod

    Yeah, because there was never any zerging in PS1 :rolleyes:.

    What is required are the command tools to make sure that the zergs all meet somewhere for a massive fight.
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  3. Hodo

    I really dont like the term Zerg.... Most people are using it wrong. I was there when it was first used in Starcraft beta. It wasnt because you had numbers of good stuff, it was HIGH numbers of low end junk.

    The hex system is fine, it just needs to be refined.
  4. Shadestrike

    Terms change and take on new meaning. The zerg is any unorganised mindless mass now. As for removing the Hex System, no. Just no.
  5. JonboyX

    The problem I have with the hex system is that it is only ever captured by the night shift. Continent benefits therefore will just simply favour the empire with the biggest population.

    I play at peak. This involves all of the maps being in a state of flux over 3 hours, ultimately ending up exactly as it started. We take and lose the same bases five times in a night because you can never capture anything behind the front line - so it is just a meat grinder with the easier to capture bases flipping back and forth.

    What is rubbish though is that I can see that the <NC> <TR> <VS> own the continent I'm fighting on, but I know full well that it's the night shift playing at 2am that have conquered it with a population of > 60%. I fully never expect to be part of a continent capture until the server merges start.
  6. Hodo

    The problem I have is all of these snot nosed kids using it when they are out numbered by a few people.

    3 on 1, OMG ZERG!!!!

    5 on 3 OMG ZERG!!!!

    40 on 35 OMG ZERG!!!!

    Last night sitting on Jaeger at the Stronghold NC came with a couple of tanks, like 6 MBTs and 2 Lightnings, there were 3 Liberators and about 10 Reavers. Someone said its a "ZERG", when we had 25 people IN the base trying to camp with INFs, ENG, and MED instead of spawning HA and destroying those tanks with rockets.