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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Wroth, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Wroth

    Hi guys, this will be my first loadout posted on the forums, so I hope you like it!
    So I really enjoy the Light Assault at medium/long range for nice, accurate kills.This loadout will allow you to do just that.

    Primary: Pulsar C, HC1 Cougar or Razor GD-23
    Attachments: 2x Reflex, Compensator, Advanced Forward Grip
    Secondary: NS-44 Commisioner w/ 1x Reflex and Laser Sight
    Jetpack: Drifter Jump Jets, especially now they've been buffed to allow you to get into awesome farming locations!
    Suit Slot: Ammunition Belt so you can go on the LONGEST KILLSTREAKS EVER!
    Grenade: Standard Frag
    Utility: Medkits/Restokits to keep you health up and survive longer ranged engagements when attacking infils.

    How to use effectively:

    Try to always be at a vantage point from your enemy, as most players don't think to look up when being attacked.Furthermore, being behind and above enemy lines means that when you shoot at someone and they retreat, all they do is get closer to you and don't stop you from killing them.Occasionly your foes will run into buildings however, so use your frag to finish them off as they tend to just stand by one side of the door.

    This loadout will not make you some sort of close range pinyada, but won't be particulary effective either, as you are going against shotguns, SMGs, close quarters carbines and the like. Keep your distance, keep your aim and this loadout will pay off in huge killstreaks.

    Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed this loadout and I hope to see some of you using it on the field!

    -YouDontWannaKnow (VS connery)
  2. Skiptrace

    I would argue that the AC-11X would be a better option for Mid/Long range killing.
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  3. Iridar51

    Perching is one of the easier ways to play Light Assault, same as tower stomping. I don't consider perching to be an optimal playstyle, as there are many points against it.

    Carbines are less effective at range, they're gonna require more bullets to kill. The longer the target spends under fire, the higher the chance it will react, run away, survive, then come find you. Not to mention generally lower killing potential = less kills overall. And you're not even using HVA, that makes carbines oh so much better at range.

    Only works against bad players. You're gonna get nailed by an ESF that happened to be passing by, or sniped or flanked by another LA, as soon as you're discovered, which brings us to the next point.

    Very easy to get discovered. With compensator, you're gonna appear on the minimap of all enemies within 80m. Multiple tracers and muzzle flashes and firing sounds will also give you away, as well as death screen map.

    One dot on the minimap among many other similar dots doesn't attract attention. But if you're in a position deep behind enemy lines, and you're gonna be the only dot on that particular roof or a piece of rock - you're gonna be a priority target.

    To survive, you have to be mobile, run around, trick enemies. Grabbing a few long range kills when you happen to be in a good position - is fine and optimal. But staying in one place for too long is a sure way back to spawn tubes.

    And your loadout doesn't leave much of a contingency plan for when you do get discovered.
    No nanoweave - harder to survive an unexpected attack. Unlike sniping infiltrators, we can't use radar detection to protect our flanks, so when an attack comes, it will most likely be unexpected.
    For the love of me I don't see the point of using Drifters here. You can't even make plays around vertical cover with them when you get attacked.
    Commissioner is a fine sidearm, but usually sidearm choice is left to the player's preference. It's not like in this case Commissioner can do something that another sidearm wouldn't be able to.

    Same as tower stomping, has an issue of being useless to your team, for the most part. You're not contesting points, you're not killing vehicles or MAXes. Just farming bads.

    To summarize, in my opinion, using a precision carbine to grab kills while in a good position = good. Basing whole playstyle on finding a position and sitting there until you run out of ammo or get killed = bad.

    P.S. FYI, Razor and Cougar don't have access to advanced forward grip.
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