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  1. Redwave

    GD-7F: User Guide


    The GD-7F is a carbine that trades effectiveness at range for raw firepower in close quarters.

    Damage model: 143 @ 10m - 100 @ 60m
    Fire Rate: 845 RPM
    Ammunition: 30 / 180
    Reload: 2.7 seconds / 3 seconds
    Muzzle velocity: 500 m/s
    ADS Movement Speed: 0.5x
    First shot recoil multiplier: 2x

    Time-to-kill with 100% accuracy:
    Body shots: 0.43 secs
    Headshots: 0.21

    Tips on using GD-7F

    To be effective with this carbine it is recommended to engage targets only in close quarters distance: 15 meters or less. GD-7F is not as versatile as some other carbines, so you should engage targets at 20m+ range only when target is unaware of you or if you can easily retreat if the need arises. That said, it's still much better at range than any SMG.

    GD-7F's raw DPS can win fights for you even if you can't effectively flank, or failed while trying to. Always fight one person at a time and reload as soon as possible. 30 round magazine means you can kill only 1 or 2 people before reloading.

    The gun fires very fast, and each shot has average vertical recoil and strong, inconsistent horizontal recoil, so it is hard to control. To compensate for the recoil, pull your mouse down and to the right.

    GD-7F is very sensitive to user's accuracy. If you miss, high RoF means you will waste your already small mag, and high bloom means that by the time you get your aim back on target the CoF will be so big it will not matter anymore.

    To hip fire or not to hip fire depends on the situation, if the enemy isn't aware of you, and you're not in a particular rush to kill him; i.e. you're not afraid somebody will sneak up on you from behind, there is no reason to hip fire over ADS.

    Because of the low damage per mag and high RoF, it is recommended to stop firing immediately if you see your aim has veered off from the target. When you're forced to engage a target that's a bit out of your comfort zone, burst firing is recommended.

    The recoil and strong damage degradation make this gun a bad competitor for other carbines at mid-long range. For example, the TR's T5 AMC and HC1 Cougar and VS's Pulsar C can easily beat you at 25m+. So with GD-7F you have to make sure to get close to the target before trying to engage it.

    GD-7F is a bullet hose gun. You aim at a target, and shower it with bullets. In long range fights that would mean that you will probably run out of a magazine before you kill the enemy, at closer range this will guarantee that at least some of your bullets are hitting.

    • Shortest TTK of all NC Carbines
    • High rate of fire (ROF). Whenever you need an extra bullet to kill, a high RoF weapon will fire that additional bullet very fast.
    • Good hip-fire
    • Strong, hard to compensate recoil
    • Strong damage degradation
    • Burns through ammunition
    • Low damage per magazine
    • Long reload
    • High cone of fire (COF) bloom

    Use 1x reflex, HS/NV or plain iron sights at your preference. It is not recommended to use a 2x reflex scope or stronger, because the weapon has very short effective range, and you won't need strong magnification, which
    would also make the recoil appear stronger.

    Because GD-7F has 0.5x ADS movespeed multiplier, it is recommended you use it with Advanced Laser Sight. It will give you an option to freely hip fire in close quarters and dodge enemy fire, as well as remain mobile, not slow yourself down with aiming down sights.
    While Forward Grip would mitigate some of the horizontal recoil and make the weapon a bit easier to control, the gun will still be much less accurate than other weapons, and strong damage degradation will mean you will need a lot of hits to kill a target at range.

    Soft Point Ammo should always be taken on GD-7F. Sacrificing only 25 m/s projectile speed is well worth gaining 5m to max damage range.

    Because of weapon's high rate of fire, and hence, high CoF bloom per second, it's not recommended using Flash Suppressor, as that would increase CoF bloom by 20% and make the gun even less accurate than it already is.

    Suppressor is viable on GD-7F, as it has higher projectile velocity than CQC carbines normally do, and some of the Suppressor's penalties are compensated by SPA. In terms of time to kill, within 25m distance, there is little to no difference between using GD-7F with or without a suppressor. However, hitting moving targets will become much harder due to lower velocity.

    Redwave's loadout:
    • GD-7F
      • 1x reflex sight
      • advanced laser sight
      • soft point ammunition
    • NS-44 Commissioner
      • laser sight
    • Ammunition Belt
    • Jump Jets
      • Frag Grenades
    • Medical Kits
    • Marker Implant
    I prefer to use NS-44 Commissioner as my sidearm, because its hard hitting bullets mean I can often finish off a target in just one shot if I missed some shots with GD-7F.

    Nanoweave armor is not so mandatory when using GD-7F, because its super high DPS means you will have easier time winning 1v1s. So I prefer to use Ammunition Belt; this takes care of running out of ammo, so I can stay in battle, and not abandon it to find an engineer to resupply. Up to you.

    Final Thoughts

    The GD-7F is high in my list of favorite carbines, along with the AC-X11, NS-11C and the Solstice VE3.
    Would I recommend the GD-7F? Yes and no.
    Yes, if you are looking for a CQC weapon that can shred infantry, and if you can control the recoil of the GD-7F, and don't mind being strictly in close quarter fights.
    No, if you cannot aim very well, you will lose 9/10 of your engagements. Then the AF-4A Bandit could be for you, as it's much easier to control.
    And here's the video to demonstrate: I've asked Iridar to create a video highlighting GD-7F's abilities

    SPECIAL THANKS: I wanna thank someone who is very well known as a good Light Assault player, Iridar52. I wanna thank him for helping me make this guide. I sent him the info, he fixed it and edited it. He also made this amazing video and made it possible to post this guide.
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  2. Agiond

    Nice guide!!!

    BTW I see many people going with the Comissioner, but is that really the best sidearm for NC?
  3. Redwave

    That depends on the person really... There is the Commissioner, Underboss, Rebel and Desperado.
    Commissioner is a hard hitting, slow firing revolver with 6 bullets in the mag (common pool)
    Underboss is less hard hitting, fast firing revolver with also bullets in the mag (common pool)
    Rebel is an NC pistol that is the hardest hitting of them all with a slow RoF
    Desperado is an NC pistol with 2x burst, hits less harder but has a high RoF
    So if you want you could go test all these in the VR training room and see which one is your favorite.
  4. Agiond

    I asked because i tested all of them and couldn't decide.

    I see that you also like the AC-X11. Do you plan on doing a guide for that weapon? Because that would be cool.
  5. Redwave

    Well then if you want, start of with the LA8 Rebel it's only 250 certs, 350 if you add a laser sight. Also, sure I can take request on writing guides. I enjoyed the AC-X11 while I was using and I was thinking of making a guide.It would be a weapon spotlight though not a weapon guide.
  6. Corezer

    I prefer the starting mag shot to the rebel. Less oversampling issues and more ammo.

    The underboss feels similar to the desperado to me, in that I find them to meet the same uses, desperado just has an extra shot. The range just isn't better enough on the underboss to justify losing that extra shot and spammy trigger up close. I do find it better at range than the repeater, and it has clear uses on VS who don't have a good burst gun (spiker is not good imo)

    The Commissioner is the best for backup uses, when you run out of ammo on that 3rd of 4th guy and need to finish them, the commissioner has the best chance of ending the fight outright.
  7. Agiond

    So the Comissioner is the most reliable weapon to end the job, right? Well, guess it's time to save some certs to get it. So bad the black one is only available by SC
  8. Redwave

    I agree with everything but I honestly do not enjoy using the Mag-Shot at all , just not my type of sidearm
  9. Redwave

    The Commissioner is the right one, what do you mean the black one is the one available or SC? There is also the NS-44 Commissioner that goes for 1000 certs and 700SC
  10. Corezer

    yeah but he wants the black one.

    get the regular one and autumn weapon camo, it's basically black.
  11. Agiond

    That... that is just being a genious. Thx for the tip dude!
  12. Redwave

    Does anyone have anything new to add to the GD-7F carbine?
  13. Crayv

    Personally I don't like the super high RoF weapons as they seem a bit uncontrollable. Though this mostly comes from my use of the AR versions (TRV and the GR-22). I have used the VS equivalent (Serpent) and while it feels okay, the short range on the guns makes you suffer at range fights but you will still get blasted if you round a corner and meet a shotgun.
  14. Redwave

    I agree with the high RoF being a bit uncontrollable as I still have a little trouble controlling it but it is a very rewarding weapon if you are accurate, in fact, I've gone head to head with Heavy Assaults shooting at me with their shields on and I won.
    The Serpent is another great carbine with a little uncontrollable recoil just like the GD-7F but it feels less erratic to me. The RoF is the same but to me feels like the clip run out slower. I personally like the GD-7F more though.
  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    The Serpent has a more stable horizontal recoil, on average it's the same, and the tolerance is lower, but it's a bit less jumpy, with a variation of 0.025 as opposed to 0.075.
    Less vertical, too, but with a higher FSRM.
  16. Redwave

    I think everything you said it's true, Serpent is more controllable and it is much easier to use and to handle, the GD-7F is just crazy,but got some reason, I like the 7F more.