The Gauss Burst, useless?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by urida, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. urida

    Seriously what is the deal with this gun. Look I know im not the best player, but for the life of me i cannot figure how to use this goram gun effectively. Thoughts?
  2. CMDante

    Shoot for the head, if you get both shots on target it's 334 damage. 3 bursts and it's game over.

    For best results and longer range though you'll want to aim for the sternum/neck and just expect a few more pulls of the trigger to get the job done. Avoid cqc if you can. Burst weapons can serve there if you can spam the trigger correctly but you'll be at a disadvantage. Don't use HVA unless you're working at truly LONG range, the hit to close in power is brutal.
  3. Iridar51

    The "burst" variants of the game all share the same quality - their bursts are too short and too frequent to be used as actual burst weapons. Your best bet with Gauss Burst is to just click spam to make the weapon fire as close to maximum rate of fire as possible, and pretend it's an automatic weapon.
  4. AtckAtck

    I have to disagree, the burst variants are hands on the best carbines in the game. They have superior accuracy and even bigger ammo clips. (42 shots for the the trac-5 burst.) It just takes some time to get used to it.
    You will certainly kill more with less ammo and better accuracy than with any full auto carbine in comparison.
    Burst carbines prevent you from going noob style and empty your clip with a button press.
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  5. urida

    *shrug* i guess ill have to take your word for it, ill try following CMDante's post advice and see where that gets me.
  6. Corezer

    gauss burst sucks, it has the biggest variance between first shot and others with its deeper (-) multiplier, and because you only get 2 shots in a burst you see that inconsistency more often than with any other weapon.
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  7. Deffington

    Use it like a battlerifle, it has similar effective range. Headshots are nice and the weapon itself is very, very accurate. I'm using it on NC character, a longer range oriented medic.
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  8. LegendarySalmonSnake

    I absolutely love SABR and would use Gauss Burst on my NC even though it's pretty much a downgrade from the former. Too bad that Yumi is the most NC AR available for NC. :>