[Guide] The fastest, most effecient way to take out Sunderers

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Laraso, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Laraso

    Since I literally never see anyone but myself do this to take out Sunderers, I decided to record a short video demonstrating the fastest way to destroy Sunderers as Light Assault, for all of those who didn't already know about it.

  2. Novmiech

    That helmet went from dumb to awesome with the added camo - very nice.

    That said if you ride up on your Flash with the GL (Fury?) you can lob a couple shots into the AMS as you approach and do pretty much the exact same thing but even faster.

    Good video just the same.
  3. Laraso

    Yeah, the camo really makes the helmet. As abstract as this will sound, the helmet gives off a different "feeling" depending on the type of camo you put on it. That probably made no sense, but that's the only way I can describe it.



    Not entirely. The purpose of using the underslung grenade launcher to detonate the C4 is to give the engineers as little time to react as possible, greatly increasing the chances that the Sunderer will die before someone can begin to repair it.

    Using this method, engineers have roughly two and a half seconds to react before the second grenade is launched. If you were to try this with a Flash Fury, they'd have more than six seconds to react in the time it would take to dismount, place the C4, and detonate.

    Not to mention that it is much stealthier to place the C4 before damaging the Sunderer. If you're good, you can get within range of the Sunderer without getting the attention of anyone around it, place the C4, and then by the time you launch the grenade it will already be too late. If you were to shoot the Fury at the Sunderer before placing the C4, you'd likely be killed before you could get the chance to throw the second brick onto the Sunderer.
  4. blzbug

    Hitting C4 with UBGL is fast if you're not taking any fire. If the enemy has noticed you, with the new C4 despawning "feature", you are obliged to spam the C4 trigger as fast as you can to ensure they at least give you some bang for your buck. Taking the time to switch to UBGL could get you killed, which means your C4 resources just went down the toilet and your run to the ams was wasted.
  5. Ghoest

    Hmmm it looks like that helmet offers better hiding with camo than any of the others.

    Is that your impression?
  6. Laraso

    "Fastest and most efficient" doesn't mean "safest and most reliable".
  7. Amouris

    This method won't work too well come this mine change that's in the works. Every sundy will be rolling with Blockade armor.
  8. LibertyRevolution

    I do it something like this...

    I don't do it your way because I don't have a Gauss Compact S.
  9. Vyss

    Can't you just lay down the mines and then force detonation with grenade launcher?
  10. Brainwayne

    Why does it take 2xC4 and a couple of shots to get a sundi down when one single tankmine can almost destroy a sundi even when its not moving? this is so darn unbalanced!

    also, why cant LA use tankmines? even medics can plant C4 and also even infiltrators can plant mines?!?! this is so stupid and takes a lot of fun out of the game...

    it is not logic, it is not balanced and it makes the LA unit almost completly useless (oh yes except of course it can fly a little bit)
    but in terms of "assault" its just a joke
  11. blzbug

    Surely this is a troll post :rolleyes:

    If you don't appreciate the power and flexibility of LA, you simply haven't played enough. Keep at it...you'll get better :D
  12. blzbug

    That remains to be seen. Once SOE starts "fixing" things, there's no telling what will happen. Maybe destroyed mines only explode with 50% power. It will also be harder for an engy to use the UBGL for detonation, due to UBGL's minimum range requirement. LA can jetpack up quickly. Engy is stuck running on the ground back through the spawning infantry trying to guess at the right UBGL range.

    Golden times are ahead for sundy parkers.
  13. NaySayer

    Cool, i never thought of using UBGL with the c4. Thanks!
    Now I should really get the trac5-s.
  14. Brainwayne

    lol, sarcasm - i like
  15. Laraso

    C4 is a multipurpose explosive. It's designed to be versatile and useable in many different applications, unlike AT mines which are specifically designed and exclusively used for destroying enemy vehicles. Obviously, the AT mines will be more effective than C4.

    The only class in the game capable of using AT mines is the engineer. Every class has the ability to use C4, with the exception of the Infiltrator. The Infiltrator gets proximity mines instead, as it suits the job of an Infiltrator more than C4. Infiltrators are not able to place AT mines.

    The Engineer is the "mine" class, anyway. The Engineer is the only class capable of equipping the Utility Pouch, which allows you to carry up to five AT mines, four C4, or three proximity mines.

    I don't understand what you think is illogical about it. It makes perfect sense to me.

    As for the usefulness of Light Assault, it's rather obvious that you are unable to see the full potential the Light Assault class has. When played right, Light Assault is possibly the most versatile and powerful class in the game. Personally, I think towers are where the Light Assault shines the most, which is convenient because towers are the most common type of base in this entire game.

    I used to play Heavy Assault almost exclusively, but once I tried out Light Assault, I never looked back.
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  16. commandoFi

    This is faster and more efficient if you have two LA's. Most efficient is one C4 apiece, both simultaneously detonate them with their UBGL. If speed is required 3 C4 will do the trick.
  17. Wolfwood82

    He has a point actually, better then yours in fact... Oh wait, you didn't have one... I'm sorry...
    Now his point has been countered, thank you Laraso.

    Personally I'd rather have AP mines then C4, far more useful for what we do when it comes to base assaults. And we'd be able to lay the AP mines and provide area denial to enemy LA which I've often wished I could do. The only real counter to LA dominating rooftops is LA, or conveniently positioned snipers which are far easier to avoid then LA are.

    That being said, C4 is fine.
  18. blzbug

    Does any post where the author claims LA is useless really need a detailed response proving otherwise?

    I see why your forum icon has such a gloomy face. You really are a sad individual...
  19. Wolfwood82

    Any response should consist of more then a weak comment regarding another individual in a negative manor. You contribute to the problem, not the solution. Which is pretty much your M.O. isn't it? Nothing important or constructive, just a weak remark with nothing to back it up.

    And you call me sad when you don't even have the self esteem to capitalize your own forum name. See I can make weak comments regarding social profiles too, not that it really means anything. Seriously, you poked fun at someone because of a pre-generated avatar image... Clever...

    The point of posting in forums is to contribute opinions and ideas to the community regarding the game or aspects of it. You usually just gripe about minor problems, start up arguments, poke fun at people, and generally behave like a stereotypical high school jock. Brainwayne raised an opinion and had reasoning to back it up, you have the right to disagree to it. However unless you have reasoning and/or evidence to back up your own opinion, you should just keep it to yourself. Otherwise you get cranky people like me riding your case for 3 pages in every thread, all because you never learned how to shut up as a kid.
  20. MattGL

    Nice. I do this on my heavy with the dumbfire. I try to get it on the back to get the most damage from my rocket. If they aren't using whatever the armor option is called, it will put it on fire with just the c4 and one rocket.