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  1. MD_Geist

    Planetside 2 is not a 'pvp' game, as you define the cancerous acronym. Nor is it in any way even remotely comparable to tennis. They don't change the rules in Tennis based on reddit upvotes. Imagine if they did, it would lose all credibility as a competitive sport. It didn't have any right out the gate as an asymmetrical combined arms shooter, it sure as hell doesn't have any now for a massive list of reasons. An NC heavy with an LA1 anchor, the latest implant cheese and a dirt cheap slavjank aimbot, running a circuit route between points mowing down everyone trying to actually cap objectives just SCREAMS competitive to you? Really?

    Its a wargame where everyone larps as one of three different flavors of space soldier for fun. That's about it. Anyone playing at otherwise is delusional to such a degree they should seek mental help.
  2. NotziMad

    Yeah I get that, and agree.

    My view is that if two opposing factions meet each other in a base to fight, but neither side actually tries to take or save the base, that's not pvp.

    (unrelated, and offtopic, but I thought this after, in many games, including in PS2, players who wish to be "competitive" put all their settings to minimum, to increase their performance. ie-> just an illustration of how sometimes players couldn't care less about the graphics)
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  3. Twin Suns

    Honestly I also could care less about graphics.

    Unfortunately, it's the fact that these costly cosmetics then get rendered in doggy poo doo. :)
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  4. That_One_Kane_Guy

    'PvP' is a pretty inflexible term. Claiming that it does not apply to the game that is the record-holder for the number of players fighting and killing each other in the same virtual space is...bold.
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  5. MD_Geist

    As defined in the gentleman's post I quoted, which is the second hot load of preachy self gratification from him here. I can't in good conscience just let him do that while trying to juxtaposition as some paragon of sportsmanly professionalism despite his best efforts to ignore my (largely) bait posts. It applies only in the most **** retentively technical of senses. What I take complaint with is the connotation behind 'PvP' of 'E-sports mentality.' E-sports have been a complete joke since they started going online, everyone who was in the scene in the earliest beginnings of MLG knows exactly why.

    That's reason enough to hate those three letters, let alone the Pandora's box of 'game balance.' Where the new norm associated with it is vocally complain about the things that kill you in a given game until it turns into bland homogenized kosher entertainment for.. Absolutely no one anymore. If the game doesn't die at that point its because its being propped up by whales. Whales that do love their echochambers like some idiotic modern take on Plato's cave. Now if we just played a simple MMOFPS as it was meant to be, there might still be someone left actually worth arguing with around here. Then again, I wouldn't have any reason to want to argue with anyone to begin with in that case.
  6. Zagareth

    Well, finally a mature gamer, who knows to articulate his statements in a "professional, competent and experienced" way. ;)

    Unfortunately, games are getting developed more to squeeze as much money as possible out of the game, before it gets shut down. While this is certainly a valid tactic for the gaming companies, it also requires the devs to follow the mainstream. Which is, in the case of Planetside or similiar games (in a broader view), the "free to play, switch of your brain, buy as much useless stuff as possible and follow the zerg" model. This is the "easy mode" of game developing and unfortunately not very appealing for the sophisticated player.

    While PS (1 and 2) were always been "zerg" games in many cases, PS1 was developed in a more strategic thinking, tactical gameplay with a good public commanding structure. The devs tried hard to copy that into PS2, but it failed big time.
    As for me, I think PS2 had good potential, but unfortunately it seems to be developed the wrong way. Too much mainstream, too much appealing the "fast paced, shut off brain, head through the wall" kind of player.

    PS1 was my game, PS2 only in a special niche (tactical sniper) and even that got almost destroyed (Killcam, but that cheat can't stop me from being successful :cool: )
    Well, for me, that's not enough to attract me to pay for it - so on their way to make PS2 a financial success, they at least lost one paying member.
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