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    The strory of the so called "Crusaders":

    It all happened a few dozens of years ago - when the new conglomerate began to rebel against the Terran Republic and recieved independence by repelling the colonizers and retaking the tech plants, farms and cities to thier own hands.

    The first few years of the rebels were extremely hard because they didn't have any modern weaponary and they lacked basic supplies such as food and medicine.

    Then somewhere in southren Indarian planet a young officer decieded that it's time to put an end to the new conglament's citizen suffering.

    He collected a decent group of men, around 200 - they were all farmers - docs and simple technicians, they were given with some weapons and sent to the Mao bio lab that was held by a mighty force of the TR - it was the only hope to establish a good place to produce foods and medicines.

    Eventually the group struggled and broke through the Terran main defences and captured the Bio lab.

    Of course, not many survived - most of them actually died but the operation saved thousands of lives amoung civillian life.

    The soldiers that survived were called "The Crusaders of Liberty", and the Platoon was called 1st Crusader platoon - later on it grew up into a devision.

    Only a few of the actuall "crusaders" are still alive and serving in the army, but they became the icon of the New Conglamente's army.

    Nowadays the "Crusaders of Liberty" are those who serve in the 1st Crusader Devision - the most experianced and leathal men of the New Conglamente, they're the army's "tip of the spear" on the Cobalt galaxy.

    The outfit - {TCL}
    The goal of the outfit is to collect a decent ammout of guys and develop some spiecy teamplay.
    The outfit will offer special operations and events which would be recorded and placed here.
    Of course you're free to enjoy randomly playing with each other as well.
    Ventrillo room.
    Having a mic is required during operations/events.
    You're able to join if you don't have a mic, but you wont be able to practicipate in operations/events.
    Not having a mic means lack of communication - which is odd, so I recommend grabing one from the store.


    Operations - (starts when outfit hits 15 active players)

    What are these "operations"? : Information coming soon.

    Pending operations:

    Succesful operations:

    Operations that failed:

    # Of operations done: 0.
    Boot camp (Training sessions and guides)

    Will be added shortly.


    Basic rules:
    Try not to swear much and keep it mature.
    Stay updated with the important notifications(Below).

    Member list (With to-profile link.)
    Member list will be updated on the 28th of December.
    (!) Important notifications
    Feel free to ask questions by PMing me or adding me on Steam ( Caterpillar38 )
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  2. FireFog

    This theard, it's perfect.

    Count me in!
  3. Ducale

    I smell some good sh*t coming in the future of this outfit (;

    Steam: MilanDucale

    I've sent you an inv on steam

  4. Caterpiller

    Thank you guys.

    I hope to achieve 15-20 good members until the 20th of December to begin with the operations and to "start up" the outfit.

    These comments are very appritiated :)
  5. Ltmbmax

    This sounds delicious!

    I'd very much like to join this outfit :)

    Added you on Steam as well ;)
  6. spartamn117

    I am so in
  7. Caterpiller

    That's nice, I'll invite you both today.
  8. Caterpiller

    What's your steam?
  9. Caterpiller

    The theard is updated, new sections have been added.

    I believe that we'll have our first training session at the end of the week and the first operation at the beggining of next week.

    Stay tuned.