[Suggestion] The absurd Infiltrator suggestion, suggestion thread.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Scan, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Flashtirade

    It's not a grappling tool or anything of the sort.
    The infiltrator's left hand is replaced with a claw, Inspector Gadget-style.
    Knife is replaced by punching, cosmetic change only.

    Acme Trap
    A large, elaborate anti-infantry device that deals 2000 damage to a single target.
    Regardless of who sets it off, that target is always the user, without fail.
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  2. Snoozzzer

    Crossbows are actually a good idea. Silenced weapon, crazy long reload, slow projectile speed and lots of bullet drop, but does lots of damage.

    It's a shame that unless it'd be 1HK, we already have suppressed rifles that do such a job
  3. redsevenski

    Sounds a bit like the flare gun! Oh, wait...

  4. Zerran

    I think in all honesty this would be a buff. :D
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  5. Svetna


    -Hack your rifle so when it fires it says 'Shoryuuuuken!'
    -Facehugger launcher cert for your rifle. Under-barrel - for close encounters
    -chance to overload a terminal you are hacking which then vapourises you
    -Holoinf - like the Holoduke from Duke Nukem 3d
    -Point hack - hack any point to make it unable to be captured for x-minutes by anyone
    -Anti-Personnel mine cert - 50% chance to have it shoot out streamers and 'bang' flag that pops up
    -Revolver cert - codpiece functionality (think Desperado)
    -all vehicles driven by an inf are cloakable
    -ability to summon Sandworms on Indar (also cloakable)
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  6. MrMurdok

    New Hackable- Squad Beacon: The Infiltrator can now hack an enemy Squad Beacon, once the hack is complete, the beacon switches over to the Infiltrator's squad. Added bonus: Predator Pod- The Infiltrator can use a hacked beacon to launch a single empty drop pod over the target area to be used as a one-hit-kill weapon against whatever the pod hits.
  7. K2k4

    Pump action shotgun for infiltrators.

    Icarus jump jets for infiltrators.

    3 shot semi auto rifle with sr-7 equivilant bullet velocity and damage. (3 round clip, 18 round starting ammo)

    Shotgun pistol (2hk body shots 1hk head)

    1 round clip anti-vehicle sniper rifle (damage equiv of a rocket launcher, bullet speed of a SASR, 3 second reload)

    Commissioner with a scope.

    Infiltrator C-4
  8. Jkar

    VS infiltrator use only:
    Butt probe, replaces knife. Only works from behind disabling enemies for 10 seconds and applying another 10 seconds of slow movement and funny walking where he has to hold his butt. On friendly application has a 50% chance to heal your fellow VS, you know they like it.
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  9. Scan

    Lol.. Twas the idea to post one at the time!

    Next suggestion:

    Cloak field projector: overloads your cloak to create a field that cloaks EVERYTHING around you, in a 10 meter radius, for 10 seconds until your cloak generator selfdestructs, and kills off everything that's still affected by your cloak field. Let the chaos ensue!
  10. ZephyrBurst

    Nanite Deconstructor Knife: Killing a player with your knife will disconnect them from the server and lock that character for 1 hour.

    Oh man, I want it. I'll disguise myself as a Bio Lab.
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  11. Snowkea

    The grappling hook from Just Cause 2, with the infinite parachutes and ability to hijack anyone's vehcile, including friendlies.
  12. Svetna

    Seven of Nine would reply: Inefficient.
  13. Scan

    Janeway would reply: You must comply!

    Next suggestion (and I've once seriously suggested this):

    Tranquilizer gun: Replaces the recon tool, but works in a similar fashion. Instead of firing recon darts, you'll now be firing tranquilizer darts that cause the same effect as a stun grenade on the target it hits. The idea would be to offer Infiltrators abit of crowd control, and more viable way of escaping heavy assaults/MAX suits that you'd otherwise be unable to kill, or just to harass and annoy the enemy.

    allrite this wasn't that absurd I suppose..... but people didn't like it for some reason, so I'm posting it again, which might seem absurd to some people after all!!
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  14. Judicator

    Option to go prone and ignore scope drift.
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  15. Topher

    Lol at that last one, but you can change hold breath to a different key, I have mine set to Q since I normally don't spot targets unless they're armor and I'm looking to, because infantry just go, *pop* dead. As for quieter cloaking sounds, I agree, as well as faster movement while cloaked.
  16. Frostical

    Ghost leap

    The infiltrator activates a short range teleport module built into the suit which instantly moves him 10m forwards. Allows him to pass through walls/other solid objects. Uses 50% of cloak power.

    Rank 1 - Can be activated once per minute.
    Rank 2 - Can be activated every 50 seconds.
    Rank 3 - Can be activated every 40 seconds.
    Rank 4 - Can be activated every 30 seconds.
  17. Daimaru

    - replace current cloak sound with actual farting sound. all enemy within hearing distance dies from laughter.
    - caveman club for melee. 1HK headshots like BASR, bypasses nw armor.
  18. Black Humor

    Give Infiltrators AT grenades. End the eternal rage of having no AV.
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  19. Sidecar77

    Hold on, hold on!

    How about a low-damage grenade launcher, on a pistol platform!
    Aand.. AND, give player the option to shoot them into the air and produce real pretty sparkles.
  20. MrMurdok

    To sum up in three words?

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