The 42nd Assault Legion is now recruiting.

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  1. SKULLZOR2014

    Do you need a effective coordinated outfit that will mould you into a pro and has your back? Well you're in luck, buddy, the 42nd Assault Legion is now recruiting! Message SKULLZOR2014, Zombizzle_Slaya, or Unarmed Blac_Man for more information to join now!

    We're a small PS4 Clan that trains and refines veterans and newcomers alike. We sort people based on skill but transfer requests are welcome.

    Log on and play with the clan at least once a week
    Have a MIC
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  3. SKULLZOR2014

  4. BjornUlfr07

    Im interested in the purpose of this Clan. Ive got a bit of a plan, if you guys are interested in hearing me out.