Thanks for the shoot-out, Cobaltians ;)

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  1. PLooschacK

    So, I'd like to take a break from all those "Ner MAX X ability" thread and take this opportunity to applaud NCs and VS for the fight that took place on Cobalt server, Indar - between Skydock and Red Ridge today at late \ early hours from 2:30am to 3:30am. It was hell-of-a-fun being repelled from Sky Dock and thendefending the Red Ridge. It was even more awesome since VS had air advantage while NC had to counter it with Armor pulled from Tawrich Recycling. Of course the fact that during whole battle neither side had more than 55% of pop in the area. It would be even more fun if the server could handle it w/o desynchronizing or lagging for some of us.