Thank you for supporting Black Widow Company's 24hr Marathon. We raised over 10k for St. Jude's!

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  1. Phrygen

    This post (along with its title) is a repost from this reddit post.


    Big props to the guys at Black Widow Company that organized the event.

    Aleksiel's reddit post: Thanks for your help fighting against us for 24 hours! BWC raised over 10k for St. Judes Children's Cancer Research! We appreciate everyone on Matherson always bringing the fight! Much Respect to you all and many thanks!

    Edit: The event was streamed on twitch. VODs are available here:
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  2. jihon83

    Awesome, both with regards to the event and the cause you're supporting! Though I hope that you'll have plenty of energy left for when Child's Play and Extra Life marathons begin, hee. Still, that's an amazing effort and it's wonderful you garnered so much help from people.
  3. XRIST0

    wow that's awesome , good on you guys that's really nice you raised money for the kids <3
  4. Czuuk

    Awesome! Wanted to do this as well, glad to see somebody pulled it off. Congrats and good work.
  5. Spude

    Is. . . Is . . . Is you'r sig taken with CAM !??!?!?!
  6. XRIST0

    I took it with my iphone camera , the one time i needed a screenshot it wouldn't work -.-
  7. Phrygen

    Free fraps is a good option. i have never made in game work either.
  8. Phrygen

  9. DeathTollDavid

  10. EliteEskimo

    Thanks to everyone that helped get the word out about this event and everyone that participated to make this event a big success! Playing Planetside 2 for your own satisfaction is one thing, but when gamers get together and work towards something that is bigger than themselves great outcomes like this can happen. In the future hopefully we can get the word out to even more people and make an even bigger impact for our next charity event. :cool:
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  11. Phrygen

    That would be awesome.
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  12. ViXeN

    Oh wow, great job everyone!
  13. uhlan

    A genuinely wonderful thing accomplished here.

    Great work guys.
  14. Killuminati C

    A well done job for a good cause. Congrats :).