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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    PTS has been updated with the following changes.
    Test Server installation can be found here: http://launch.daybreakgames.com/installer/PS2_Test_setup.exe

    The Shattered Warpgate (PTS Update 2)
    Restating some information in the last PTS update, in preparation for The Shattered Warpgate coming to Live, we'll be patching PTS multiple times over the coming weeks to ensure we're able to focus our testing on different areas of this massive update.
    • While on PTS, you'll find an interactable object next to the new campaign vendor on Sanctuary handing out FREE STUFF. Interacting with this holographic Flash will provide you with currency and certain campaign items for testing purposes.
    • Campaigns will be disabled in this initial update, and a limited pool of missions will be available to test.
    • Esamir (and all continents) will be unlocked 100% of the time for this testing.
    This weekend the following playtest schedule is in effect:
    • Sept. 12, 2020 - 10am PT / 7pm CEST
    • Sept. 12, 2020 - 2pm PT / 11pm CEST - A group of community members are coordinating a large-scale playtest between multiple outfits, and we'd like to see how the continent performs at scale during this event.
    Mission changes
    We've added three new mission types to the normal pool.
    • Supply Convoy Delivery - A rendezvous location will be placed at an allied Warpgate periodically where Sunderers/ANTs will gather. The mission will then determine a contested base to bring your convoy vehicle to, alive. This mission has an internal completion time limit that we'd like to surface in the UI in a future update.
    • Supply Convoy Protection - Earn completion by destroying or damaging enemy vehicles while near a Convoy vehicle.
    • Supply Convoy Disruption - Convoy vehicles are flagged with a special indicator. Earn completion by destroying Convoy vehicles.
    Adjustments and fixes have been made to the following missions.
    • Cortium Run - Now shows a waypoint indicator on the nearest allied Silo.
    • Transport Pilot and Transport Stormbound - Updated description.
    • Mining Elysium - Updated visuals on mining drill. Completing and starting a new Mining Elysium mission will no longer instantly complete it.
    • Message Courier - Progress should no longer get stuck after relogging or traveling to a new zone, and will instead reset progress.
    • Surveying the Land - Fixed some of the NPCs related to this mission on Esamir.
    Environment changes
    • Shattered Warpgate Shallows - Two "shallow" areas have been added to bridge the thawed river, allowing vehicles to cross without being destroyed by falling into deep water.
    • Mattherson's Triumph - This base now moves all three capture points into the mid-field between the two towers, and has received additional cover. Sunderer no-deploy area is currently bugged, but in a later update attackers will be able to deploy a Sunderer within the western tower.
    • Eastwake Harborage - This base should be closer to a finished state now, and has received additional cover and base turrets. Some cleanup, and changes to the capture point building still need to be made.
    • Eastern Warpgate - Changed the facing direction and spawn locations of aircraft. Now has a large no-construction zone that is visible on the map. Fixed visual distortions with the Warpgate shield.
    • Eisa Tech Plant - Made cover adjustments around A and B capture points. Containment shields surrounding Skylance can now be walked through, but not fired through.
    • Excavion DS-01E - Fixed being able to clip into the pit, added Sunderer and ANT no-deploy/no-construction zones, and no longer says "Wodenrest" on the minimap. Still needs additional work.
    • Saerro Listening Post - Minor adjustments made around A and B capture points. Removed lattice connection to Jord Amp Station.
    • Echo Valley Substation - Fixed capture point placement issue, made additional cover and flow changes, still needs cleanup.
    • Genudine Gardens - Some additional cleanup done here, but still needs additional work.
    • Jord Amp Station - Jump Pads and vehicle terminals should work at this base now.
    • Untapped Reservoir - Should once again be capturable.
    • Nott Amp Station - Can no longer see inside the geo.
    • Ymir Ruins - Now correctly uses vehicle capture points.
    • Mani Processing Plant - Now shows name correctly on the minimap.
    • The Shattered Warpgate - No-construction area has been made much smaller, allowing for construction throughout most of the area.
    • Cortium Spawns - Adjusted Cortium Spawns across the map to make more sense with the updated terrain, and added more to the Shattered Warpgate area.
    • Esamir Sky - Reduced harsh contrasts at night and during dusk/dawn.
    • Various cleanup of reported bugs.
    Known environment issues / yet to be completed bases.
    • Northern Shattered Warpgate shallow needs cleanup, and drops too low beneath the water plane in some areas.
    • Water kill plane is too low and functions incorrectly.
    • Grey Heron Shipping door collision is still too low to crawl beneath.
    • Jaegar's Fist trench entrance is too small in some areas.
    • The Traverse will likely be moved on to the bridge again with some additional changes.
    • Untapped Reservoir and Tapp Waystation will be getting hard spawns like BL-4 Recovery Point and Vidar Observation.
    • BL-4 Recovery Point is missing a spawn room shield.
    • Andvari Ruins will be converted into a 3-point base, similar to Ymir Ruins.
    • Excavion DS-01E needs spawn room pain field and vehicle terminals.
    • Eastwake Harborage is missing a jump pad and needs cleanup.
    • Genudine Gardens needs additional work.
    • Echo Valley Substation needs additional work.
    • Snowshear Fort remains unfinished.
    • Nott Communications remains unfinished.
    • Some abandoned bases still need snowcap covers.
    • Indar's Ceres Hydroponics is missing some assets in the capture point building.
    Electrical Storm and Derelict Vehicles
    • Drastically reduced movement speed of the Electrical Storm.
    • Bastion Interceptors will now be affected by the Electrical Storm's handling penalties.
    • Electrical Storm's performance hit severely reduced as of last weekend's hotfixes.
    • Fixed an issue causing Tempest to accumulate even while outside of an Electrical Storm.
    • You no longer receive navigation warning spam while piloting a Bastion in the storm.
    • Derelict vehicles that have been reclaimed with a Neutralizer Device are now called "Reclaimed" vehicles when spotted.
    • Reclaimed MBTs now have faction-specific top-guns.
    • Reclaimed vehicles are not affected by the handling penalties of the storm.
    • Reclaimed vehicles of all kinds now have a unique AoE damage ability that disperses storm build-up.
    • Reclaimed Sunderer can now deploy.
    • Reclaimed vehicles can no longer be shared between opposing factions.
    • Players can no longer (safely) use the Neutralizer Device on a derelict vehicle when they already own a reclaimed vehicle.
    • Observer Camera can no longer be targeted by an Electrical Storm.
    • Using a Lightning Grenade on your own Lightning Arrester no longer grants experience.
    • Lightning Grenade now displays the proper icon when purchased.
    • Energy Geysers now cause similar shield damage and overload buildup as an Electrical Storm while near them.
    Black Market
    Havoc Rocket Pods (ESF)
    • Converted Havoc Rocket Pods into Havoc Missiles, this item is available from the Black Market equipment vendor.
    • This weapon has been converted into an air to air lockon weapon.
    • Reload Speed and Ammo Capacity upgrades should now work correctly for all factions.
    • This should be considered a prototype for testing purposes and may receive additional changes/skill lines in the future.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Fixed an issue where Bastion construction could get stuck with the new update if you already have certain components constructed.
    • Reduced the performance impact of many UI elements.
    • Cleanup on various particles and mesh issues related to the Shattered Warpgate.
    • Removed outdated information from the Membership panel related to earning levels.
    • Fixed decal visibility on Old War armor set.
    • Adjusted camo tilerate on Armadillo Sunderer cosmetics.
    • Made adjustments to Instant Action in an attempt to target more balanced fights.
    • Fixed various Mission Tracker issues on the HUD, and refined visuals. The HUD tracker continues to be a work in progress.
    • NSO faction now has its own Heavy Assault Shield effects, visible when they are not assigned to another team, like when they're used in Sanctuary.
    • Removed "Open War Effort Page" hotkey, as it was redundant.
    • Fixed a typo shown while dying to an Energy Overload.
    • Updated audio for various elements of Esamir.
    • Fixed a floating NPC in Sanctuary.
    • Added new visuals for Representative Foster, located on the Sanctuary Observation Deck.
    • Fixed a typo in the air vehicle render distance description of the graphical settings menu.
    • Fixed a skinning issue with the NSO Cold-Weather Gear helmet.
    • Fixed an issue causing vehicle HUD overlays to be rotated for a frame before realigning themselves.
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  2. vonRichtschuetz

    Heat weapon regeneration speed isn't affected by condensate grenade. Will that get fixed to have the same 20% penalty as reload speed has?
  3. Larington

    I've been using the /bug for specific issues but I'll leave more general comments here:

    I suspect that cheeky players will, while on a convoy protection mission, use an outfit orbital strike to get their kill requirement while driving near the convoy. Not sure if that should be specifically addressed or not. When the convoy is due to set off, players who posess the convoy protection mission should be told how many ‘valid’ convoy vehicles are in the convoy. If no one’s shown up the player needs to know not to bother heading back to warpgate to join the convoy.

    Thank you for the list that discusses bases so I know which ones I don't really need to look at for now.

    Eastwake Harborage:
    I'm reserving judgement on this one until we've had a playtest that asks players to pour into that particular hex, the hill accessible from secondary spawn should provide a good route to fire AV down from if the attackers decide to flood the point building with Sunderers (A problem that plagues Chimney Rock Depot sometimes). You may want to consider putting the capture point building up onto an elevated block (Similar to Indar's Lowland Trading Post) to stop players from blocking the doors with the Sunderers. Alternatively, place a hard barrier across each of the doors to limit firing angles into the point building (I'm concerned about people being HESH shelled off the point), which would also serve to limit sunderer door blocking.

    Saerro Listening:
    Approve of the addition of tree cover on the A point, it's far too open to shelling on live right now. Light assaults can also haunt the trees giving them some extra utility there.

    There should be a small building just above the ammo tower to give people a hunter down position on that flanking route, maybe a corner building with the slotted windows (like the ones in the tech plants) for some sniper interplay between the tower and that building..

    Mani Processing:
    Consider sealing up one of the upstairs and downstairs doors on B point just to make that building a little more defensible. This building type is hard to defend due to the sheer number of firing angles (Especially downstairs where you’ve got the 4 doors, plus the length of the bottom half of the two ramps to be shot from).

    …Hmm, I figured I’d have more to say but I think that’s it for now. I’ve had two crashes since the new build was pushed to test so hopefully that’s 2 less crashes that will make it to live. Oh also, there's a VS scythe gun that still has the wrong audio on it and HO BOY were the banshee users on tonights playtest a right pain in the bum, no one ever pulls sufficient AA despite the increased rewards to XP that were added some time ago, always ends up being only me that does it, probably because of the frustration of watching them just saunter away after they've taken 2 sets of AA lock ons.
  4. DataGhost

    The in-game message does not reflect this properly. I vaguely read this before going into PTS and then encountered it so I knew it was a new thing, but didn't know the mechanics. I tried a couple of things and in the end redeploying seemed to "fix" it, but someone else reported that that didn't work for me so we (wrongly) concluded that it must be a timer. The message should be changed to make it more clear that it's caused by having another derelict rather than "the tool is overloaded" or whatever it says.
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