Test Server Update - June 10, 2020

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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    PTS has been updated with the following changes.
    Test Server installation can be found here: http://launch.daybreakgames.com/installer/PS2_Test_setup.exe

    Colossus Tank
    • The Live crafting cost will be 150 Auraxium, 50 Synthium, 10 Polystellarite, and a 1 hour crafting time.
    • Colossus storage size (weight) set to 50.
    Tank Mode
    • We've significantly increased the speed and mobility of this vehicle.
    • The Colossus now auto-detects itself on the map at 350m, instead of 900m while in an undeployed state.
    • Mammoth Cannon projectile gravity from 5 to 4.
    • Mammoth Cannon pitch up angle from 15 to 17.
    • Colossus is now more resistant to damage from terrain collisions.
    • C4 resistance (type 11) from -100 to 0.
    Skylance (Deployed) Mode
    • When the Colossus is low on Cortium, players in nearby ANTs will see a special icon above the vehicle.
    • We've removed Thermal Optics from the aim down sights portion of the Skylance Cannon.
    • Skylance Cannon now uses a different reticle while deployed.
    • Skylance particle effect visuals have been adjusted.
    • Deployment Shield is now immune to small arms (resist type 2) damage.
    • Deployment Shield is now immune to flak explosive (resist type 12) blasts.
    • Deployment Shield anti-aircraft machine gun resist (type 22) from 80 to 85.
    • Deployment Shield aircraft nosegun resist (type 8) from 75 to 85.
    • Deployment Shield tank shell resistance (type 7) from -50 to 0.
    Colossus Misc.
    • C-AMS skill line now creates an equipment terminal behind the vehicle when deployed.
    • NSO characters now have MAD equipped on their Colossus by default like other factions.
    • Fixed various texture issues.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • !! Speculative fix for Bastion weakpoints going missing.
    • Hossin continent lock benefit now only affects allied vehicles and MAX units.
    • Re-ordered the Facility Module right-click menu for better usability.
    • The Advanced Vehicles facility module has been removed.
    • Liberators and Main Battle Tanks no longer rely on the Tech Plant benefit to be pulled.
    • Liberators can now always be pulled from Outposts with Air Pads available.
    • Main Battle Tanks can now only be pulled from Large Outposts and Facilities.
    • Fixed a typo in one of the Sanctuary display monitors.
    • The resist type for the minor damage inflicted by Flash and Concussion grenades has been moved from small arms (type 2) to common explosive (type 6).
    • Fixed an issue that would require players to relog after hitting BR6 in order to be invited to an outfit.
    • Fixed an issue relating to terminals showing as neutral, instead of faction colored.
  2. FunkFest


    I can not see the no deploy zones in my Colossus.
    Mammoth Cannon in Skylance Mode - Crosshair is miss aligned above the projectiles impact point at close and long range.

    Seems to climb a lot better, but I am not climbing the same hills. Currently on Hossin and was surprised what I was able to climb. Previously tried some hills on Amerish.

    Speed increase seems really good. 68-69 down hill. 30 reverse downhill, 23 flat ground. I wish reverse was a bit faster. Turns speed seems good, but I feel like it is going to need to be able to back out of situations at a decent pace. Not top speed but closer to top speed.

    I dig the Auto Spot radius reduction. I was unaware that it was 900m prior.

    Mammoth Cannon Gravity tweak seems good. Still has some drop and can be lobbed a bit, and will be a fair bit better trying to track a moving target. Definitely going to have to train myself on it.

    Can't say I could tell the extra 2 degrees of up elevation in normal mode. I do welcome the extra angle though.

    Terrain collisions seem dialed in fairly well. I am rolling around on Hossin and haven't taken damage from terrain yet.

    8 C-4 to kill in VR.

    Deployment Shield resistances seem to be working. I am sure I missed things to test though.

    Terminal with C-AMS is Awesome!

    I appreciate each and every Fix, even when they are speculative.

    Headlights/Horn! Is that something to come before hitting Live? Will we see Weapon Magazine/Reload/Ammo Cap on the Colossus gunner weapons when it goes to Live?

    I have a had a decent amount of time toying around with it now. Not a Colossus Master or anything, but I can see that if it is properly supported. That it could be contender planetside. I think it will add some frustration for learning and be fun to master.

    I really Dig the Lumi Trim!

    Not sure what is going on, but every time I try and change my view distance the game locks up for a good minute then crashes to desktop. no error page presented.

    .ini is NOT read-only on PTS.

    I have noticed that the .ini being read-only has a hand in some of the Voice Comm issues present on Live also.
  3. AntDX316

    It dies to 5 AT mines, 4x C4 does 50% HP damage but still 5 AT mines dropped in the front kills it. AV Turrets do Insane damage to the Colossus even at the front.

    It cost a lot of resources to fully outfit and pull something that doesn't even seem worth it to pull. I suggest some sort of well-thought out balanced rework before release. Make it cost less, a lot less in every area.

    A solution to start would be to make it cost 250 green, 100 blue no purple. It's going to die in no time to a team of valk droppers and/or harasser/cloaker groups with AT mines not even including AV turrets from a distance or other ground armor/missile launcher individuals. Outfits do this all the time to top deck bastions that don't move. They also do this all the time when they need to rush a hardpoint and take it out. An OS included will end it all unless people are too lazy to attack it but then you would get pretty much identical results with sunderer.

    You should be able to at least launch a strike like a mini flail to targets on the map if you don't want to kill the bastion in which trying to hit a moving bastion burns ammo and drops the HP by a lot and doesn't even kill weak points as quickly (when it hits) as a tank buster Liberator close-up.

    If we are going to go live with this update at least add 2 more weak points to the bottom of the Bastion.
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  4. kerath

    It's all good to buff the Colossus Tank but it's still generally going to be useless with good outfits on. It still dies from a double OS without much effort. I mean smart factions can just find the placement of the tank and wait for it to deploy then double OS it. The thing takes a bit to deploy, undeploy, and then get moving that it's just a sitting duck for Orbital Strikes.
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  5. TheFacelessCore

    Echoing what people are saying, as a Smallfit leader, I was really hoping the Colossus would be 'less restrictive' in terms of resource cost & the likes. I think the Health values are low IF the cost is this high - if the cost was lower, the health makes sense to me. That's just me though.

    Unrelated to the Colossus, but I really, really, really would like for the Daredevil chassis to 'cap' the amount of fall damage the Flash (probably the Harasser too) could take - I don't particularly care what number the cap is, as long as it's not an instant kill from full health. This alone would make tricks, maneuvers, etc so much more enjoyable & easier to actually do. It's not fun when a cool trick gets ended mid-way because, well, your flash just touched some geometry at ~40-50km/h at the *right* angle to cause instant death. It really would go a long way!
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  6. Dargadon

    10 Polystellarite is a bit high price for vehicle which can be destroyed by 2 OS. Changes for Bombardment shield are good ones. 350/900 permanent auto-detect range is an overkill - i suggest auto-detect not a vehicle, but location from where it fired for 2-3 minutes (with it slowly fading on map as time goes on).

    PS: 3 hits from Undeployed Colossus to kill default harasser? WHAT?!
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  7. Schlauke

    I agree that the costs seem to be a bit high for the Colossus, especially the 10 Polystellarite since that is very hard / tedious to get for smaller outfits. I think 150 Auraxium, 50 Synthium and the 1 hour construction time is good, even the 50 weight, but I think the 10 Polystellarite should just be removed from the construction cost.

    As was already said before, the tank is not that survivable if attacked by a couple vehicles and compared with the size and mobility its probably easily ambushed. Which would make it double hard for smaller outfits to field those, high costs and hard to defend the vehicle with a small number of available people.
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  8. TRspy007

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  9. Schlauke

    The gunner positions on the Colossus tank are still in the wrong order I think.
    At the moment its:
    • Front left is position 3
    • Front right is position 2
    • Rear left is position 5
    • Rear right is position 4
    But I think it should be:
    • Front left should be position 2
    • Front right should be position 3
    • Rear left should be position 4
    • Rear right should be position 5
    That way it would be more intuitive when switching positions and it would be more consistent with other vehicles like the Galaxy, Valkyrie or Sunderer.
  10. Dargadon

    No more Hossin weed, boys
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  11. TRspy007

    I'm gonna miss being an invincible heavy lool
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